MiM Admit at SUNY Buffalo for Electrical-Electronics Graduate: Feedback by Parent

Though Europe has always remained the main hub for the Master’s in Management (MiM) course over the years, the demand for the course has grown significantly higher over the past few years. Several top B-schools in the US, like Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Management, Duke’s Fuqua School of Management et al have introduced MiM courses, keeping in mind the surge in demand for them, particularly among fresh undergraduate degree holders from various disciplines. 

MBA vs Masters in Management (MiM): which one should you choose?

The demand for MiM in the US can be gauged via a recent survey conducted by a consultancy firm called Carrington Crisp; as per the survey, two-thirds of the respondents revealed that they prefer a MiM course instead of an MBA, as a MiM course is shorter, cheaper, and the associated employment opportunities are equally better. This is further proven by the fact that 85 percent of the students graduating in the year 2017 were employed within six months, in top companies like McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, IBM, Citi, and Oracle

When Janet Joseph approached me with a desire to pursue an MiM in the US, I took it up as a personal challenge to enable her to get placed in her dream university. The onus of placing her in the University of her choice was greater, particularly because I had previously placed her brother in an Ivy League university. Therefore, her family, particularly her father, once again decided to avail my admission consulting services. 

Converting Janet’s Dreams into Reality

The journey was easier said than done. Janet had completed her Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, with a CGPA of 8.09. Her GRE score of 310 was decent. However, compared to the universities Janet was targeting, her profile was a little average and the competition was stiff. Janet had pursued only two mini-projects, apart from her final-year project and a couple of in-plant training, which were clearly not enough to put her in the university of her choice. I remained undeterred and after thorough brainstorming with Janet, I provided her a shortlist of universities suitable for her profile, which were highly rated in terms of MiM courses in the US. I also assisted and guided Janet in preparing her resume, letters of recommendation, and Statements of Purpose (SOPs)/Essays for each university she applied to and helped her present her interests and goals. She targeted the Fall 2019 intake.

I provided Janet a list of universities such as SUNY Buffalo, North-eastern University, University of Illinois-Chicago, Texas A & M College Station, San Diego State University, University of South Florida, University of Maryland-College Park, Iowa State University and Georgia State University. At the end of a grueling application process, I was overjoyed when Janet bagged an offer from not one, but three universities, viz. SUNY Buffalo, North-eastern University, and Georgia State University. The admit from SUNY Buffalo was particularly satisfying as it was a dream university for Janet and the most difficult to get into, as SUNY Buffalo required work experience for admission to their MiM program, which Janet did not have. Not only that, but I also helped Janet to obtain a student visa, which enabled her to travel to the US on time and commence her studies there. 

Thus, I am happy to present to you the feedback shared by Janet’s father. 

MS Admissions Consulting Services by Sashti Priya

Feedback & Review by Janet Joseph’s Father, Joseph Amirtharaj

Here is Janet’s father Joseph Amirtharaj’s feedback on the Admissions Consulting Services since he was directly involved in the entire process:

1) What made you contact me in the first place? 

Joseph: We had previously availed your services for our son Michael Joseph in 2017. Due to the outstanding services provided, spearheaded by you, my son bagged an Ivy League admit. This prompted us to avail your services once again for our daughter Janet Joseph

2) How was the overall experience of MS Admission Consulting? 

Joseph: Excellent!! You were always very responsive to our queries and requirements and guided Janet extremely well, from start to finish.

3) What’s your feedback on the personalized university shortlisting? 

Joseph: Very good! You gave excellent support in long-listing and short-listing the universities based on our requirements, after thorough brainstorming. Thanks to your shortlisting, Janet made it to a dream university of her choice.

4) Your feedback on the SoP/Essay/LORs/Resume Editing Services?

Joseph: Though we had not availed the editing services, the guidance provided by you was very helpful in the preparation of the documents and in bringing them in line with the admission requirements of various universities. 

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5) My consulting fee is not among the most expensive ones in the market, but not too cheap as well. Did you find it reasonable? 

Joseph: I think, given the quality of services provided by you, the consulting fee was money well spent and thoroughly justified.

6) According to you, what’s the advantage of working with an expert advising company? 

Joseph: Collaborating with an expert advising company allows one to choose the right universities for a particular course and gain valuable insights about the admission process, which maximises the chances of obtaining an admission in these universities. Managing such a process on our own would have been highly tedious. 

7) The whole process has been carried out remotely (Phone and Email). Did you face any problem with it? 

Joseph: No, not at all. You were always there to respond to and resolve our queries. 

8) Any advice that you would like to share with the future applicants, especially the folks who might be confused about whether to work with an admission consultant? 

Joseph: I would say that it would be better to avail admission consulting services as they act as a funnel to feed the right information at the right time. Otherwise, with so many sources of information online, one would find it too much to handle.

We would like to thank you Sashti, for your stupendous and exemplary service for our daughter. We wish you all the best!

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Author Bio:

Admission Counselling for MS

Sashti carries 9 years of extensive experience in the industry. Apart from pursuing her Master’s in the US, she also worked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for one year. She has extensive knowledge of university shortlisting, and visa. She is a specialist in converting visa rejects into success stories.

Her placement record encompasses top universities including the Ivy League such as Columbia University, UCLA, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, UPenn, University of Michigan, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, University of Waterloo, and the University of Alberta.

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