Modifying Your Personality Could Be As Simple As Changing Your Handwriting

By Vinit Bansode, Founder of The Graphology Research Institute

To the untrained eye, a piece of paper with some note scribbled on it may seem to be innocuous and only the content of the note may be of any significance. But a recent study from the University of Haifa, Israel shows that your handwriting actually says more about you than you think. You may notice that in days that you are sad or tired, your handwriting maybe just a scrawl and then the days that you are chirpy you can seem to understand it from your bubbly curvaceous and uplifting strokes. Though the basic steadiness of your natural writing remains the same the mood of your writing undergoes differences which only a keen observer may notice. Researchers have already developed a computerized system that measures & analyses even the smallest detail of an individual’s handwriting such as the amount of pressure applied while writing or even the space between the letters/words.


Do many people ask whether a person can change their personality with a mere change in their handwriting? Is it that simple?? The answer is yes! And it can be done through the science of Graphology or Graphotherapy in this matter. Graphology is a different science compared to other sciences. The deeper you study, better results of the highest quality will evolve and many new and hidden aspects of the disposition of a person will be revealed to you. The handwriting of a person reveals the pattern of thinking and psychological state of a person. And Graphotherapy is the scientific way to make alterations or changes in your handwriting which can directly impact your personality. Your handwriting is a reflection of who you are and it is, in fact, your mind writing. While practicing Graphotherapy the hand sends signals to the mind to make conscious desirable changes based on specific objectives. Then over a period of the regular practice of 30-40 days, these adaptations start reflecting in your behavior.


A simple tool

People can get rid of their low self-esteem, their aggressive behaviors…and such behavioral anomalies. I have seen complete introverts, having a more balanced self with disciplined practice to becoming at least ambiverts. It is actually a very simple tool which wields an amazing amount of power. The theory of graph therapy is to keep practicing way until your subconscious accepts it as normal. Our personality traits are represented by neurological brain patterns and each of these patterns produces unique neuromuscular movement that is same for every person who has that nature. Our handwriting reveals specific personality characteristics which can be 95% correct. According to researchers, handwritings can reveal even a suicidal tendency and morals of a person. As children grow and mature their handwriting changes and become a unique representation of their individual personality characteristics. The more a person’s writing varies from the model they were taught, the more their morals and attitudes move away from the conventional model of the world they were taught as kids.


Graphology cannot tell anything about a person’s future

Graphology does not recommend any change in your name and it is not a science to improve handwriting. Graphology only reveals the thinking process and nature of a person but it cannot tell anything about a person’s future. Just like a doctor can understand the present status of a person’s heart by reading a graph on his Electrocardiogram (ECG), which depends on your past lifestyle, food habits, etc. Similarly, a graphologist understands a person by studying the strokes of his handwriting. Every person has two types of habits, physical habits and mental habits. Since only physical habits are visible to us, we expect to improve by modifying or changing physical habits. However, many of our mental habits are unknown to us. We do not understand how to change our mental habits, because we can’t observe them. This is where a Graphologist works like a doctor or a consultant to help you to identify unrevealed negative mental habits and logically guides you to take precaution to avoid them. Graphology can play a remedial role.


What handwriting shows?

Handwriting shows qualities and defects of a personality; for e.g. we suffer from many physical ailments like headache, fever, nausea, etc., where only the symptoms are visible but the deep-rooted cause is somewhere else. When a doctor diagnoses it after detailed examination that the person was suffering from problems in stomach the root cause is detected. Graphology is also a scientific art which enables a Graphologist to understand why a person acts in a particular manner under given circumstances and further investigates the root causes of his behavioral pattern. These root causes are called ‘Blind Spots’. Thus, Graphology is an important science for the benefit of people in our society.





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