MS Business Analytics (MSBA) Admit at SMU Cox for Fresh Graduate with Low GRE

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics endeavors to analyze a wide range of information drawn from a dataset to make smart business decisions as well as suggest/effect necessary changes based on those decisions. Business analytics makes use of insights drawn from data analytics to identify business problems and look for solutions. 

What do Business Analytics Professionals Do?

  • Evaluate past and current business data to aid in improved business decisions
  • Work with stakeholders to glean and analyze data that relates to the organization
  • Act as a link between the management of an organization and the technological ecosystem/data that the business uses
  • Analyse and communicate data to identify business-relevant trends and recommend solutions
  • Improve the efficiency and impact of business operations such as technical processes and review of programs
  • Formulate conclusions on business performance
  • Understand and evaluate business processes of an organization for efficiency, costs, and results
  • Recommend adjustments of processes, adoption of and adaption with new technology 
  • Engage with business leaders to communicate how these changes impact business goals     

How important is Business Analytics in Business?

The world is producing more data every single minute than it has done at any time in history; it is growing exponentially. These data are being produced when we use smartphones, social media and search engines such as Google and Bing. A very great swath of this data is used by businesses. Industries are increasingly relying on such quantifiable data lake to gain insights into their business to make smarter business decisions. Businesses use data to gain insights into consumer preferences, habits and trends.

According to a 2015 Forbes report, “81% of enterprises rely on analytics to gain greater customer insights.” Expectedly, mastering tools and techniques of Business Analytics has fast become a hot-button in business and thus Business Analytics is a preferred specialization for scores of graduate applicants.

Here we recount briefly the success story of one of the students, Harshita Gupta (name changed), and her journey with me. Harshita Gupta got admits for MS in Business Analytics to three US universities: Santa Clara University, Stevens Institute of Technology, SMU Cox Business School.

Harshita’s Story:

Harshita Gupta, hailing from Dehradun, is a student of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) Program at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani, Dubai Campus. She was slated to graduate in January 2020 and decided to undertake an advanced master’s abroad.

However, there was a catch. She was undecided about what to study. With a background in computer science, Harshita was not very keen on pursuing a program that would limit her to a purely technical domain. She wanted a far wider ken that would allow her greater options. She was not keen on choosing her university. She needed advice on honing on the Program. 

Undecided about her program of study, Harshita had toyed with several options: Engineering Management, Financial Engineering, Data Science, Fresher MBA, and MS in Management. About a year before, still undecided, she and her parents had approached me. I was quick to spot her strengths and weaknesses. However, before that, I needed to help her arrive at a firm but an informed decision about what to study. As Harshita was keen on diversifying her academic path, I continued to discuss options with her. After several months of close discussions and multiple brainstorming sessions, Harshita and I could—happily—agree on the golden middle path for her: she wanted to work at the interface of technology and business. From there, it was not difficult for her to decide on pursuing an MS in Business Analytics.

Harshita’s USP:

It has always been my endeavour to help students showcase what they can be and not what they currently are. With Harshita, this was no different. Harshita had a competitive academic profile with a strong current CGPA of 8.17 and impressive academic projects that included a prototype of an e-commerce application using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL. Her technical skills were sound with good skills in C, Java, SQL, Assembly Language, as were her scholastic achievements.

Her extracurricular activities too displayed her leadership and organizational capacities, although not the most glittering. However, the weak link in her profile was an average GRE score of 301 taken in March 2020. And she was already late in applying for a 2020 intake, I insisted her to apply and impressed upon her to write an impactful Statement of Purpose, which she did with the help of her Admissions Editor, and submitted strong Letters of Recommendation.


Nothing could have been more rewarding for Harshita and me when she got to know that she got an admit from in MS in Business Analytics from SantaClara University, Stevens Institute of Technology, SMU Cox Business School, of the five universities she chose to apply to.

Harshita’s Admissions Consulting Experience with Rukmini

Here is how Harshita describes her engagement with me. Let us hear in her own words.

1) Why did you decide to work with an Admissions Counselor?

Harshita: I had been planning for graduate studies in the USA for quite some time. However, I was pretty confused about deciding on my course of study. This is when one of my friends suggested that I contact you. This friend had got admission to a US university with your help. I am really happy that I did.

2) How was the overall experience of MS Admission Consulting? 

Harshita: The Admission Consulting Service has been instrumental in coursing me through the cross-currents of the MS application process. It has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience.

3) How did you find the personalized university shortlisting process? 

Harshita: You helped me with university selection according to my profile and also the process of applying became very easy with your constant help. Your valuable experience helped me to identify my universities.

4) Your feedback on the SoP & Resume Editing Services?

Harshita: You always impressed on me the value of good admission documents. You shared with me your experience of how a strong SOP, LOR, and Resume have turned the table unexpectedly many times before. This was completely uncharted water for me. With the help of my Admissions Editor, I could produce strong admission documents; my resume and essays were edited several times without any hesitation and I was given constructive feedback on how to brainstorm my SOP’s. You and the editor were very polite and patient and were always there to help me out, even on your week offs.

5) Any feedback on the consulting charges?

Harshita: The service has been above par, sometimes even exceeding my expectations. You and my Admissions have been by my side. Given the service I have received, I have never found the consulting fees above the top. 

6) According to you, what’s the advantage of working with an independent consultant?

Harshita: The study-abroad application process is a long, torturous road with lots of X factors on the way for the uninitiated like me. Here is where I found how an able Admission Consultant like you can hand-hold one through those treacherous currents. I have already started recommending you to my friends and will continue to do so in the future.

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7) The whole process has been carried out remotely. Did you face any problem with it? 

Harshita: I had no problem with the remote process at all as my messages and e-mails were answered promptly and I could call anytime if I had any confusion regarding universities or applications. Even my minutest of concerns were dealt with very carefully.

8) Any advice that you would like to share with future applicants? 

Harshita: With my experience with you, I would like to tell prospective applicants that it is important to take the help of an expert during their application process. Do not hesitate to seek out one good study-abroad admission consultant!

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Author Bio:

Rukmini is armed with over 12 years of proven experience in the service industry. Apart from being a study abroad knowledge expert, she is skilled at service delivery operations, training, and audits. She exhibits enormous flexibility to adapt to new processes and policies.

Rukmini’s university placement record includes Brown University, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan Ann Arbour, TAMU, University of Bath, Durham, etc. Rukmini has been acknowledged and awarded as the best performer (under Service Category) in all the organizations she has worked for to date.

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