MS in USA: Universities Waiving Off GRE for Fall 2022

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an essential admission requirement for MS in USA and Canada. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and other reasons), several top universities are now offering MS in USA without GRE. Latest Update: MS in USA without GRE for Fall 2023.

List of Top US Universities Offering MS without GRE Requirement for Fall 2022

MS in Computer Science without GRE

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*Boston University is the only university in the above list that accepts 3-year Bachelor’s degrees for MS Computer Science.

MS in Data Science without GRE

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List of Top Universities That Do Not Require GRE (or GMAT) for MS Business Analytics

  • MIT Sloan – GRE/GMAT Optional
  • USC Marshall – Not Required
  • Washington Foster – Optional
  • NC State – Not Required
  • Northwestern McCormick – GMAT/GRE Waiver available
  • Indiana Kelley – GMAT/GRE Waiver available
  • DePaul University – Not Required

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Role of GRE in Evaluation for MS Admissions

Traditionally, US universities follow a holistic admission approach. Ideally, admission officers (or universities) give certain weightage to the following parameters:

  • Undergraduate GPA and Class Rank: 25 – 30%
  • GRE (or GMAT): 15%
  • SOP/Essays: 15 – 25%
  • Letter of Recommendation: 10 – 15%
  • Relevant Projects, Internships, Work Experience: 10%
  • College / Employer Brand Name: 5%
  • Extracurriculars: 5%
  • Demonstrated Interest: 5%
List of Top Universities Offering MS in USA without GRE

What will happen if a University Does Not Require GRE for MS?

Now, if a University is not asking for GRE, that will automatically put more weight on GPA (and Class Rank), SoP (Personal Statement and Essays), and the Letters of Recommendation. Factors like Demonstrate Interest and relevant work experience will also play a bigger role.

At this stage, you can’t change your GPA or influence other factors like your College Brand Name or Work Experience. However, you can certainly polish your Statement of Purpose (SoP) and influence the Letters of Recommendation. It would be only wise that you put serious effort into your essays/SoP.

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What to do if a University is GRE Optional?

Now, this is a tricky situation. Should you take the GRE if it’s optional?

When a school announces that it is ‘GRE-optional, this simply means that GRE scores are not required to complete the application. But, you need to remember that most of these schools still do factor in GRE scores should you choose to include them in your Master’s application.

After all, the graduate schools and programs use GRE to evaluate candidates for scholastic potential. Hence, if a particular school is following a test-optional policy, it’s only wise to submit the GRE scores unless you have done exceedingly well in other parameters.

Read this Reddit thread on what to do in case of GRE being Optional.


If you decide to take GRE and score well, there is a higher chance of getting merit scholarships as most of your competitors will decide to apply without GRE, and your high GRE score will stand out among your competition.

However, if your GRE score is not great (or below-average for that particular school), do not submit the score for the universities that are GRE-optional. That might backfire.

Making the University List for MS in USA without GRE for Fall 2022

So, if you haven’t appeared for GRE or if you have average or below-average GRE scores, making the final university list will be tricky. You have to mix and match schools that do not require GRE at all (and not going to consider GRE score, if submitted) and a few GRE-optional schools. Additionally, you should also have the usual gradation – Ambitious (Dream) Schools, Reach (Target) Schools, Moderate, and Safety-Net Schools.

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