New-Age IT Courses To Uplift Your Skills


By SiddarthBharwani, VP – Brand & Marketing, Jetking





Digital revolution in India has been immense in the last few years and it has resulted in the creation of new career options and job roles. With more and more students shifting to the IT sector for employment opportunities, the education industry has been forced to evolve and include specialised IT courses to ensure that they are job-ready. Instead of learning these skills through corporate training, students now prefer to have access to them even before they have stepped foot in the job market. New age IT courses are therefore, becoming a necessity in the industry and thus, extremely important to stay relevant in the industry. Here are a few of the most popular ones that one should include in their repertoire.



Hackers are one of the biggest problems in the industry today. The more advanced technology gets in terms of firewalls, the more ways hackers find to circumvent them. So, cyber-security is an extremely important aspect of any sector in our digitised economy. It has become pertinent for organisations to update their security measures with changing times. Hence, cyber-security is a vital course that has become increasingly popular among students so that they are updated with measures to prevent and counter-attack hackers.


Cloud Computing

Data is the biggest buzzword in the industry today. From bytes to terabytes, the amount of data that now exists in every organisation is immense. Whether it is in the finance department or the sales department or the operations department, each and every working unit of an organisation collects a vast amount of data on suppliers, vendors, employees and customers. Due to this large size, physical devices are now unable to hold and storage the data effectively making cloud computing an essential part of any organization. With popular career options like Cloud Computing Solutions Architect, Cloud Management Sales Specialist, Cloud Corporate Sales Representative and Cloud Solutions Executive among others, specialised courses in Cloud Computing is one of great importance and value.


Digital Marketing

The advent of internet has given birth to a new medium for brands to showcase their offerings and to reach out to their customers. Almost all brands today have a well thought out and distinct online presence. Digital marketing is thus one of the most preferred subjects for students aiming to make a career in business with specialised job roles like SEO & SEM specialists, content marketing and social media marketing gaining popularity. From budding entrepreneurs to business and commerce students, perhaps the most sought after IT course in the field is Digital Marketing and is therefore an integral part of curriculums today.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

The gaming industry introduced to the world the excitement and novel experience behind the usage of VR, AR and MR. However, the usage of these technologies have grown since then and have permeated into other industries as well. The industry has only scratched the surface of the potential of the implementation of such technology. Currently, VR and AR are gaining popularity in the form of experiential marketing ventures and in the education industry to evolve teaching pedagogies. Having a certified course in such upcoming technologies is being perceived as advantage for job-seekers and is thus gaining popularity among students.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Like the gaining popularity of social media, adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning has also become extremely popular due to the increasing internet consumption of people. This rapid consumption has led to the popularity of apps like music streaming, OTT platforms and e-commerce websites. Such organisations actively update their AI & ML systems to provide a better user experience to their customers. If you factor in the excess of data available to these organisations, converting this data into useful information has become harder to do for humans and thus the need for AI & ML mechanisms have increased. It is an integral part of the IT Sector and thereby, a crucial skill to acquire for students across industries and fields.


The education industry is constantly evolving and many other significant IT courses like Hybrid Cloud Migration / Edge Computing, RPA – Robotic Process & Automation, IoT, Drones & Data Analytics and Data Science have also garnered popularity among students. The IT sector and IT related job roles are becoming extremely popular and till the time that machines and internet are in the centre of the economy, more such courses will keep arising in the industry.


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