Building Career in Nutrition and Dietetics: Q & A With Luke Coutinho, Chief Programme Mentor, at LSI – Lifeness Science Institute

Some facts in Nutrition and Dietetics domain first!

  • The Global Nutrition Market size is expected to reach $44,003 million, by 2021. 
  • According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc the global sports nutrition market size is expected to reach USD 24.43 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR 9.7% over a forecast period and the global dietary supplements market is expected to reach USD 278.02 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2016 to 2024. 
  • The nutritional analysis market is estimated to be valued at USD 4.04 Billion in 2017, and is projected to reach USD 5.99 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2017 to 2022. 

Importance of Diet and Nutrition

A balanced diet plays a critical role in the overall well-being of the human body and mind. By providing necessary nutrients to the body food helps it to develop and function properly. An array of distinct food is required by the body to provide a proper quantity of nutrients to ensure utmost wellbeing. Moreover, an unhealthy diet increases the risk of diet-related illnesses. And post-pandemic the world has now woke up to the concept of a healthy diet like never before.

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How do you define a career in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics?

The nutrition industry has stretched its perspective to a preventive lifestyle which aids in leading a healthy way of life. The demand for integrative nutritionists and lifestyle coaches has currently grown on a global scale, due to the pandemic. In a fast-paced world that we live in, nutritionists are focused on categorizing root causes and imbalances and remedying the same to improve patient health outcomes. Starting a career in integrative nutrition and dietetics can be a rewarding option as you watch patients and clients improving their quality of life.

Nutritionists are required across domains like the healthcare and educational sectors and also have an integral role to play in deciding the nutrition quotient as per preferences in cafeterias and fitness centres. With the increase of awareness in the importance of nutrition for our well-being, manifold career opportunities have emerged that support and make use of the fundamentals of the field of nutrition.

What is the right time for a student who wants a career in Nutrition and Dietetics to start learning or building skills?

The space of integrative nutrition tends to carry a highly-transferable skill set and boundless range of probable applications like identifying nutritional requisites for disease prevention and treatment and to make specific meal plans and dietary programmes particular to the individual’s needs. It would be right to state that the domain of nutrition and wellness tends to encourage reflective learning and practice.

You will develop nutritive skills as you start relating what you learn to yourself and practice the same with the people you are dealing with. While you understand the crux of being able to coach people for wellness, you will quickly recognize aspects of life you yourself need to do the work. Integrative nutrition as a career choice will present an understandable process that emphasizes on the dietary requirements, communication skills and methodologies that can be used to facilitate in generating transformational results in people’s nutritional behaviour.

What are the courses/study programs available in India?

Bachelors of Science, Master of Science, UG & PG Diploma in Integrative Nutrition &Dietetics, Certificate Course in Health &Integrative Lifestyle

What is the curriculum in Nutrition and Dietetics like?

Our coaching methodology is fixated on enhancing skills through the application of knowledge. The institutes’ contemporary curriculum has a mix of immersive industry exposure supported by training and internships, intensive personal and professional development through the classroom sessions, master class, digital learning, case studies and workshops, combined with CSR activities to create an experiential learning process. The educational services offered by LSI are for postgraduate and undergraduate courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition and Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

LSI’s PG programmes facilitate students to take on leadership roles in the wellness industry while the Integrative Nutrition programmes trains them to assess clients on an individualised basis by analysing their health history, dietary intake, lifestyle habits and emotional connections. The UG programmes amalgamate modern science with holistic health and wellness principles enabling students to delve into the modalities of lifestyle modification and holistic nutrition.

Students from which educational background are most suited to make a career in lifestyle, health and wellness?

A graduate from any discipline can qualify to make a career in integrative dietetics and nutrition. LSI’s integrative nutrition and dietetics UG &PG programmes offer a fulfilling profession choice in nutritional health and wellness. Their UG and PG programmes are a fine blend of science with holistic health and wellness principles enabling students to take on leadership positions in the wellness industry.

What skills are required to build a successful career in their field?

To become an integrative health coach in our country, one needs more than a certification and leadership skills. To build a successful career in this space, one must also be an excellent speaker, must have a passion to be a game changer in the coaching industry, one must have an influential personality and must be capable in offering pertinent topics as per the client’s nutritional requirements and also must be an expert in marketing the skills.

Your clients are bound to have unique personalities, mindsets, and inclinations to commit themselves to nutrition programmes. To deal effectively with a wider set of audience you must be competent enough to blend the art of coaching with the science of nutrition. Sustaining results as per the client’s diverse needs will require health coaches to build profound skills, knowledge, and understanding about nutritive aspects.

Other key abilities include goal setting while building self-awareness, sharp observation, ability to listen, people management, good communication skills, and a creative bent of mind. Because coaching models and techniques are not one-size-fits-all, an aspiring life coach must be proficient in several skills.

Why would you recommend such a career to millennials?

Gone are the days when people were bound to the conventional professions. Coming out of their comfort zone and taking the leap of confidence on more personalized, professional openings to achieve their goals is all about the Gen Y.

Integrative nutrition and dietetics is coming out as the most preferred vocational choices among the millennials in the last 10 years. Health has become a crucial factor in current times owing to the rise in faulty lifestyle patterns. Hence the need-of-the-hour is to have on board holistic nutritionists trained to identify nutritional requisites and dietary patterns.

Moreover, the millennial integrative coaching industry is growing at a skyrocketing pace. By mentoring about dietary requirements, a millennial holistic coach has a significant role in streamlining the health and nutritional requisites, thus building determined millennials by using appropriate nutritional healing tools. Moreover, the ability to empower the millennials’ holistic growth by being their role model is what sets them apart.

Best places to work as a specialist/professional in this field?

By honing your skills in the nutrition and dietetics segment, the industry can lend you a chance to widen your horizon with manifold career prospects. The verticals in which professionals can reconnoitre their abilities are health and wellness, public health nutrition, food and hospitality, private health care industry, nutrition, education and research and international food organizations to name a few. Speaking about career prospects fresher’s can work as lifestyle coaches in inpatient and outpatient settings like hospitals, clinics, OPD’s and special care units. They can work closely with federal and non-government organizations by aiding them in their nutrition-driven programmes.

In the F&B space, these experts can facilitate in charting out wholesome menus for hospital canteens alongside offering nutrition-based intervention in educational institutions and food chains. They can also seek vast opportunities in the burgeoning domain of medical tourism and aviation by providing clients with wellness therapies. They can further explore prospects in areas like marketing, public relations, and research development. Life coaches can function in tandem with the academic sector to offer nutrition awareness. Alongside a mushrooming domain in the landscape of nutrition where-in, these professionals can qualify is assisting global food organizations for the purpose of food safety.

What is the present demand for such specialists in India?

Nutrition consultants, integrative nutritionists and wellness coaches offer guidance and counselling to people keen on seeking nutritional advice for health, fitness, healthy lifestyles and weight management.  These specialists who have completed educational training programmes in nutrition have career prospects in a large array of capacities. These comprise of education, healthcare and hospitality segments, community health centres and corporate arenas and can also write, teach, and provide nutrition counselling with a large amount of flexibility.

The on-going pandemic having thrown emphasis on health and boosting immunity has also helped in accelerating the industries growth wheel offering nutrition coaches with multiple future prospects. Additionally, with the internet shrinking the world, making it easier to build connections, professionals in India can also globalizes their practise. These skilled experts are also in demand among celebrities, athletes, entertainers, leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to help them build their health vision through nutritive healing methods.

What are the things required to start a business/startup fin this field?

Integrative coaching is a billion-dollar industry that has been flourishing rapidly. The current awareness of physical and mental health issues and vitality towards taking charge of one’s health offers the perfect opportunity for integrative coaches aspiring to start a business. The secret to a profitable coaching business is opting for the right clients and focusing on aiding people to get to the next level through your services.

To succeed in your enterprise, one must also be proactive, must have profound knowledge about the various nutrition and dietary trends, set a vision and take strategic action to make things fall in place. You must comprehend who exactly you are serving, how and why you are serving to them and should follow a single marketing plan that caters those clients. You must be able to optimize every part of the process. 

Lastly, always remember your hold on language is the most powerful dynamic that differentiates your business. Be very clear about your messages and values you want to offer and wisely productize your service into a compelling offering that is unique and felt.

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