Online Pre-College Biotechnology/Biomedical Summer School 2020 for Grade 10 – 12 Students

Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, etc. sound very exciting for high school students. But, the difference between the high school curriculum and the college curriculum is pretty wide. Additionally, Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology are pretty research-oriented career paths. Hence, it’s only wise to learn the basic concepts and explore college-level molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology before entering college. Evaluate courses after 12th and career options to make a well-informed decision by attending an online summer school on biotechnology and biomedical sciences for high school students (2022).

Online Pre-College Biotech & Biomedical Science Summer School 2020

Conducted by SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. in Association with

Our flagship Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer Program was a huge hit last year. However, due to health & safety concerns, we have decided to cancel the offline summer program 2020 and conduct a summer program on biology & biotechnology in the virtual (online) mode.

Due to the COVID-19 issue, many high school students and parents are now looking for online summer programs. We have already launched an online summer program for high school students on bioinformatics in association with SHRM Biotechnologies. That program has received tremendous response and the first of the three batches is almost full (the program involves hands-on biostatistics & drug discovery software training; hence, it’s maximum capacity is 15 students per batch).

Many parents and students also reached out to us to design a broader and pre-college summer program around core biotechnology and biomedical sciences. So, here it is – a 7-day online summer program for high school students on biotechnology and biomedical sciences.

Why should High School Students attend Summer Schools?

biology summer course for high school students

In today’s competitive world of academics, the benefits of attending a summer school program are abundant for young and aspiring students.

There are so many social, cultural, and academic benefits, which are more far-reaching than one can expect from a normal course of study.

Summer programs have become very popular among curious and ambitious high school students.

How is Online Pre-College Summer School Going to Help?

The concept of Summer Schools is like crash course programs from experts of their respective fields of specialization which can immensely help the students with their varied experience and knowledge.

This in return helps students to focus and prepare for their respective careers. The interaction with the students and faculty members helps in developing communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

The best parts about these programs are students can go beyond their syllabus and grasp knowledge which they can endure for a lifetime. It provides fantastic exposure to academia and industry as the experts share their life experiences, which come really handy for the students.

Finally, it’s online. Right now, that’s the best possible option.

Worried about the hands-on experience part? Keep reading!

Why Biology, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Sciences?

The field of Biology is very exciting, extremely dynamic, and ever-emerging. Though disciplines like biotechnology and biomedical engineering have been getting a lot of interest, the career scopes of biology after 12th remain largely esoteric and unexplored.

Too Many Career Options in Biology

There are many exciting career options in Biology. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

  • MBBS / BDS
  • Biotechnology / Specializations in Biological Sciences (e.g. Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, etc.)
  • General Courses (e.g. BSc Botany, Zoology, Biology, etc.)
  • B.Pharm and other Allied Health Sciences
  • Food Science and Agriculture
  • Forensic Science
  • Emerging Options – Virology, Bioinformatics, Marine Biology, Astrobiology, etc.

Exploring College-Level Biology and Evaluating Career Options Early is Beneficial for Long-Term Career

There are many kids who enjoy Biology. But, they are not always sure of which career path to take. Be it MBBS, Forensic Science, or Biotechnology – nothing is easy.

pre-college summer program online 2020

Read Key Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Medicine and Common Problems Faced By Biotechnology Students in India. So, it’s only wise to evaluate all the options, and then taking a well-informed decision.

The choice of a subject may define your career and your life thereof. From a wide range of study and career options in the biotechnology and bio-sciences domain, you need to identify your core strengths and choose an avenue you are confident of.

Various factors deter students from pursuing this particular stream which is perhaps the most sought-after domain. For those who love science, but are apprehensive of pursuing a career in engineering or medicine, this one’s for you. Take all liberty to choose from a range of alternative career options in biology and biosciences.

Schedule and Course Content of the Online Pre-College Summer School 2020

Day 1 & Day 2: Molecular Biology

  • Introduction to DNA Structure and replication
  • DNA Isolation Experiment (hands-on) – we will teach you how to perform this at home
  • Understanding what is PCR and its application

Day 3: Biochemistry

  • Introduction to Biochemistry: pH and Buffers
  • Soap Preparation (hands-on) – isn’t that cool?
  • Determining the Alkalinity of Milk (hands-on) – sounds fun, right?

Day 4: Microbiology & Virology

  • What is a virus?
  • Short introduction about COVID-19 (Why is it named so? Why is it so dangerous or how does it spread rapidly compared to other viruses)?
  • Working principle of sanitizer against general microbes and COVID-19
  • Prepare an alcohol-based sanitizer at home – yes, let’s learn some useful tricks!
  • What are the functions of individual sanitizer components?
  • How does PPE protect against COVID 19?
  • Why soap is considered a more powerful alternative than sanitizers against COVID 19? (Hands-on practical)

Day 5: Personal & Community Hygiene and Public Health

  • What do you mean by good hygiene? What are the basic principles to keep yourself safe in various societies (schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and at home)?
  • Design a model to keep your society from COVID 19 – Practical Assignment

Day 6: Diagnostics and Therapeutics

  • What are the tests done for COVID detection?
  • RT PCR, ELISA, temperature and symptoms screening
  • MCQ test
  • The action of currently approved medicines and therapies against viral diseases
  • Schematic diagram of RT PCR or ELISA or plasma therapy
  • How vaccines are developed/manufactured?

Day 7: Career and College Admission Guidance

  • Guidance on Subject and Course Selection
  • Introduction to Various Course Curriculum in College (e.g. BSc Biotechnology vs BSc Microbiology vs BSc Forensic Science)
  • College Admission Guidance (India & Abroad)

Participation Certificates and Research Publication in Journal

Certificates will be provided to the students (by SHRM Biotechnologies and Stoodnt) only on the successful completion of the program and assignments.

As a mandatory assignment, all the students will be required to write a short research abstract. The best abstract (one from each batch) will be published in a peer-reviewed research journal.

About SHRM Biotechnologies

SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Biotechnology & Life Sciences Training & Education Company. They have been providing laboratory and skill-based training to UG & PG students from 100+ Universities & Colleges in India that include IIT, NIT, BHU, Amity, SRM, Adamas, LPU, etc.

SHRM has one of the finest laboratory facilities and with the latest advanced equipment’s to work on all the aspects of Biosciences like Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Analytical, etc.

Biotech Summer Training
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Virtual Summer Internship 2020
Media Coverage for Providing State-of-the-Art Training to High School Students

Who can attend this Program?

The course has been designed for Grade 8 – 12 students who wish to learn the advanced concepts of Biology.

It’s an excellent course for the students who want to pursue Biotechnology, Life Sciences, MBBS, B.Pharm, Forensic Science or Biomedical Engineering after 12th.

This online program is highly recommended for high school students who are keen on applying to top colleges and universities in India and abroad.

Learning and conducting experiments at home during a lockdown and managing along with school studies will help applicants to stand out by demonstrating passion and determination. Besides, the rigor of this program will also impress the admission officers.

Dates & Timings

  • 1st Batch: June 15 – 24 (Grade 8 – 10)
  • 2nd Batch: July 2 – 14 (Grade 11 – 12)
  • 3rd Batch: July 17 – 29 (Grade 10 – 12)

2-hour sessions per day

Max 20 participants per batch

Program Fees

Rs. 10,000 (including taxes)

Scholarships for Meritorious Students with Financial Constraints

  • 2 students per batch will be awarded a 50% scholarship
  • 4 students per batch will be awarded a 25% scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the responses on the application form (applicants will be required to write two short essays and answer one additional question)

Faculty Members and Mentors

  • Dr. Deborshi De, AVP, SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (Ex Colorado Technical University, MIT, Presidency University)
  • Dr. Nilanjan Banerjee, Senior Research Fellow, Bose Institute
  • Pallavi Mitra, SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (WHO Certified and Ex St. Xaviers [Gold Medalist], Lady Brabourne College)
  • Mayukh Bose, SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (Ex-West Bengal State University and WHO & UN Certified)
  • Tanmoy Ray, Stoodnt, Inc. (Ex Oxford, Utrecht University, UNSW, Aston University, WBUT)

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Lavanya Bhagavatula, Faculty Member, SAGE University (Ex Imperial College London, IISER, CCMB & Pondicherry University)

How to Apply?

Refer to the Summer 2022 program.

Featured Image Source: Sharda University

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