Global Challenges & Social Justice: Online Summer Program for High School Students on Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

It all started with a simple question: how can we create a better world?

TribesforGOOD is a new-age platform that helps you discover; learn and contribute to issues that you care about while bridging the talent gap for social enterprises. By combining training from grassroots innovators, we help you make a positive social impact. In this post, Mandeep Kaur, Founder & Managing Director, TribesforGOOD, writes about their new online summer program for high school students on leadership and social entrepreneurship.

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Global Challenges & Social Justice

Online Summer Program for High School Students on Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

By Mandeep Kaur

How can you change the world in 30 days?

We at TribesforGOOD staunchly believe that you can create a positive impact in this world in just 30 days.

How can one go about it?

The Global Challenges and Social Justice Programs designed by TribesforGOOD brings to you an opportunity to change the lives of those in your community for the better. By putting in your share of effort for a social cause, not only you sharpen and develop your skills with expert guidance but also evolve into a better human being.

The Program – Virtual Summer Program

Global Challenges and Social Justice is our summer program that will help high school students to fill the gap created by the lack of applied learning in Education systems. Our programs are tailored to respond to pressing social issues in the country. It introduces students to innovation and social entrepreneurship through a series of expert-led workshops and hands-on experiences. With the guidance of experts, the students will learn to structure and break down their project into smaller parts which will pave a way for them to become a changemaker.

The Program  is a mix of online group classes and one – on – one sessions ideal for small groups of 10! The programs introduce students to the concept of sustainability, social impact, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship with a hands-on approach and learn-by-doing modules. In the past, our students have worked on climate change, women empowerment, mental health, animal welfare, and more. 


High School Students (Grade 9- 12)

Interest in working for a social cause and making a difference

Online Summer Program 2021 Details

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Total Time Commitment: 16 hours – 40 hours
  • Sessions: Every Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday for 2 hours
  • Starting Dates: 15th March, Every 1st and 15th of April, May, June, and July 2021.

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Online Summer Program 2021 Themes

Reduce Inequality and inequity in the world

The COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to push an additional 88 million to 115 million people into extreme poverty this year, with the total rising to as many as 150 million by 2021.

Take urgent action needed to stop /reduce the rate of climate change

Mumbai just beat Delhi with a poor AQI of 313. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2020, hitting 417 parts per million in May

Create new product designs for a Sustainable Fashion brand

Create new product lines or create line extensions for sustainable fashion brands. Buy products from local businesses that have been set up by women.

Lift societies by empowering women

Train low-income women in your locality on Finances- savings, investing, bank accounts, using ATM cards etc

Work towards Eliminating the Gender Gap

Join an initiative that is focused on teaching girls STEM and encouraging them to take up STEM fields like robotics.

How can you make a difference and stand out in your university applications?

The program focuses on picking a theme that the student strongly feels about and linking it to their goal of profile building and college admissions. Apart from the program, the student will work on a report that helps document their entire journey!


The following are some of the benefits that students will gain from our course:

  • The ability to apply concepts in the real world.
  • Skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Increased Emotional Quotient

Thirty days is a lot of time. Our summer program is the best way to make use of your holidays if you truly want to change the world for the better and be a proud changemaker! Not only will you get to work with similar yet different young minds, but also get opportunities to network and establish connections with experts in the field. The program is a rare opportunity for you to ideate, implement and efficiently channel your time and skills.

How to Apply: Please fill in this Application Form

Highlights: Workshops, Live Project & Build your own Social enterprise

Fee: Rs 25,000

Mentors for Online Summer Program 2021

The students will be mentored by a global team of experts (TEDx Speakers, Harvard, Stanford, IIM, ISB alumni) covering interlinked topics that will relate back to their interests, passions, and skills, providing them with once-in-a-lifetime experience and skills acquisition.

2021 online summer program on leadership and social entrepreneurship


online summer program 2021

The last one month spent working with Tribes for Good has been a steep learning curve. Starting out as an unsure kid in the virtual summer program with limited social interaction outside the bubble of immediate family, friends, and accustomed strata of society, I have become more assured, socially conscious, and highly energized young change maker, well aware of my societal responsibilities.

The outcome for me is a ray of hope, and inspiration to develop greater powers to reach out and support the community that envelops us and in which we thrive.

Tarini Malhotra, Grade 9, The Shriram School, Moulsari Campus, Gurugram


This summer, though the circumstances were difficult and Mr./Mrs. COVID had us locked indoors, I was still able to benefit from these circumstances, learning about myself and making a difference in the lives of others with the help of Tribes For Good. It was a very innovative, interactive, and impactful session and I am very happy that I took part in this program. I have learned so many new things by being a part of this program. I learnt about crowdfunding, social media campaigns, and digital marketing. Most importantly, I have learnt that change can happen, but that it can be slow and that we should have enough patience and an open mind for it.

Mallika Garimella, Grade 11, Greenwood High International School, Bengaluru

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