Preparing to study in the United Kingdom? Things to do and know!

The biggest reason everyone wants to study abroad and must most definitely consider this opportunity as a golden one as nothing is more important and attractive than witnessing the whole world. By traveling overseas, it’s not only the academic offerings that will be of significance in the near future, but it’s also about experiencing a brand new country with spectacular outlooks, a wide array of activities, ethnic and cultural diversity, and various customs.

The task of figuring out which country one wants to pursue their higher studies from is daunting yet exciting. The whole process of planning and detailing, selecting the course they think is the most appropriate, and then strategizing the budget, thereby paving the way for the plan forward, is filled with excitement and anticipation.

In this blog piece, we’ll be talking about student life in the United Kingdom, the top universities a student should consider applying to, the departments and their offerings in these schools, and of course, the large number of places that can be explored by a youngster here.

The most prestigious UK universities and the important departments under them!

Among a large number of reputable schools in the UK that bag a significant position in the world university rankings, mention must be made of:

  1. University of Oxford – The most noteworthy university known for its collegiate research and continuous operation, Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. It’s a tremendously selective and competitive place to get admission in with an acceptance rate of 17%. Even though the acceptance rate for international students is 9%, nearly the majority of the people studying here are from outside the country. Oxford boasts world class facilities, research and academic excellence. It is not only known for its innovation prowess, but also is the home to some of the most esteemed researchers of all time.  The widely known departments of this university which attract students every year, all around the globe are medicine, history, law & legal studies, humanities, natural & biomedical sciences, anthropology, archeology and engineering.

Few preparation guidelines: Every student stationed in any corner of the world dreams of studying at Oxford. How to achieve that dream? It’s challenging, but definitely not impossible. One must focus on getting dazzling grades and utmost importance is paid to grades. Additionally, the student must show interest in reading, thereby portraying themselves to be much more aware. Other bonus tips are creating a solid statement of purpose, preparing well for the interview after studying thoroughly about the course they want to enroll in, showing enthusiasm for that particular subject during the interview, staying ahead of others in the entrance tests and being firm.

  1. University of Cambridge – Founded in 1209, Cambridge University is the second largest in the English speaking world which was also granted the royal charter in 1231 by Henry III. The acceptance rate here is roughly 17% even though just like every other popular school in the UK, Cambridge too has a holistic admission policy. A home to an average of 23,000 students from over 140 countries worldwide, the university is reputedly known for undergraduate degree courses in a broad range of subjects such as social sciences, engineering, arts and humanities. But, before all that, there are these majestic buildings which will steal every person’s attention visiting this place. With greenery in abundance and royal ancient architecture erected all across the Cambridge campus, this happens to be one of the most breathtaking spots in merry England.

Some basic admission guidelines: In order to apply in Cambridge, one needs to submit a UCAS application followed by the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA). Right after, they have to complete the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) sent by the University itself and then, as per the requirements of the course, submit their academic transcripts. Most candidates require taking a written admission test pre or post-interview while few need to submit their written work samples.

  1. University of Edinburgh – Officially established in 1583, University of Edinburgh is one of the four oldest universities in Scotland. The acceptance rate of about 50% makes it moderately easier for students to get admission here, in Edinburgh. Meanwhile, the undergraduate students’ acceptance rate is 46%. If one is planning to do higher studies in medicine, this is their place to be. Not simply that, it has been ranked as one of the most prestigious institutions in the world for arts, humanities, psychology and law as well. Additionally, students have the privilege of studying in some of the most ancient and enchanting buildings in Scotland.

Qualifications and admission requirements: In order to get through Edinburgh University, students require a UK degree at 2:1 or an equivalent international degree. For UG programs in Humanities, candidates must have an aggregate of 80% with 75% in three subjects. For Science and Engineering, one must have 80% and 75% in English in 10+2.

  1. Imperial College London – Grown out of the vision of Prince Charles for a prominent cultural center in South Kensington, Imperial College in London is a world class distinct university with a mission to benefit students all over the world through research and academic excellence in medicine, science, engineering and most importantly, business studies. And yes, goes without saying, as renowned as it is, so is the competitiveness – the acceptance rate is only 15%. However, there is no reason to lose hope. Even if the entry grades are towering high, one can crack the admission process being subject specific and genuine in their personal statement of purpose, prepare for the interview followed by partaking in a mock interview, revise the course guidelines properly and sit for admission assessments.

Admission procedure of Imperial College Business school: Perhaps the most popular school under Imperial College is the business school offering higher education on international business studies. In order to apply for the same, candidates need to submit the application form with detailed academic records of high school, college, and official transcripts, IELTS scores, verification of financial support, and a copy of their passport.

These are merely a few schools among a sea of world-famous universities in the United Kingdom. The admission procedures are by and large the same in almost every place you’re preparing to study in.

Places to explore as a student in the UK!

Besides the conventional university life, in order to have a dynamic and memorable experience as an international student in the UK, a student must definitely explore the royal streets of London and Manchester, the country alleys of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the majesty of Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge, the classic history of Hadrian’s Wall and the nightlife of cultural hotspots scattered all over the country. The UK is safe and student-friendly, so the sooner one can embrace the diversity and royalty of this place, the better it is for them.

Hope this helps you chalk your plan out and prepare better for studying in the UK. For more insights on student life in the UK, finding an ideal accommodation for yourself, and having a seamless university experience, visit University Living – a global student housing marketplace offering student accommodations and services alike worldwide.

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