Pursuing Your Legal Career In The Age Of COVID: Important Factors To Consider

The pandemic had (and still has) a negative impact on everyone and everything. The economy is in disarray, people feel isolated and lonely, healthcare institutions are under attack, and the private sector is fighting hard to hold its ground. 

However, if you are a law graduate, things may not be as bleak as they are for everyone else. Sure, you may be a bit scared since the private legal sector is also negatively impacted by the pandemic, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (so-to-speak). 

As it turns out, law firms are among the most resilient actors on the market. Plus, with the development of new technologies and the entire controversy surrounding privacy regulations and cybersecurity leaks, lawyers do have a range of opportunities from which to choose. 

So if you are a law graduate and feel anxious about your future career, here are a few tips to make sure your career doesn’t take a detour because of COVID. 

Position Yourself in the Best Possible Location(s)

Lawyers don’t win the same across the country. In some states (usually the ones with the best law schools and universities), the median starting salary can go over $150,000! Of course, there are other factors into play such as the size and reputation of the firm and your position and types of projects you interact with. 

Therefore, it’s best to do a bit of research and learn the best states to start your legal career. For instance, some of the best states for lawyers right now are the District of Columbia, California, or Massachusetts.

Focus on a Niche

The world went through an accelerated period of change. From businesses forced to adopt remote work a bit too early, to individuals forced in unusual settings, everything flipped on its head in just a few months. 

Furthermore, the new normal, as the media likes to call it, comes with a series of changes that are quite visible in the law world. Here are a few to keep in mind if you’re looking to find your niche:

  • Increase in employment law cases – there will be a surge in disputes over work from home capabilities, back in the office safety measures, and more.
  • Legal tech – as the use of digital technology increases so does the need to regulate it and keep the big players under control. This field is already registering an increase in cases and the future is looking incredibly bright for those with both legal and tech knowledge. 
  • Mental health law – before the pandemic, mental health was discussed here and there, but nowadays it’s quite a popular subject. Employees and customers alike want to see their rights to proper mental health respected, and this will make this a very lucrative niche. 
  • Family law – in the midst of the pandemic, many people found themselves in unhappy family situations. The lockdowns and the anxiety piled on top of an already unhappy situation, which means that divorce lawyers will get pretty busy in the following months. 

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Keep an Open Mind

While the legal field is generally rigid and unyielding, the industry is facing unprecedented times. The involvement of technology in the lives of individuals and the pandemic brought forth a new way of working and doing business. 

Plus, remote working and video conferences and meetings exposed the personal lives of lawyers (their homes, their families, and even their pets), showing their human side to the world. 

And this has changed the way law firm hierarchies work and feel. Plus, it is expected that the future generation of lawyers will be more focused on emotional intelligence and connection with the customer.

Also, the use of technology in the field of law requires people who can easily adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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Wrap Up

As you can see, things are changing. In fact, things have changed so much that nowadays you can find jobs for law graduates that don’t require you to pass the bar exam. So you can still experience life as an employed law graduate even if you didn’t get to pass the bar exam yet. 

Overall, it’s important to stay positive and open to new ideas. The legal field is on the verge of change, and the ones who have to gain are the ones who can easily adapt.

Hope this article will help you.

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