5 steps to get into the right career direction

As a student, there will be a time when you will have a question about whether or not you are moving towards the right career direction. Choosing the right career direction will help you to make good career decisions based on your skills and experience. 

Several times it is seen that students work towards a career goal that isn’t right and later on they plan to change it. Finding yourself a perfect career path will not happen overnight; it will take some time for you to understand the right direction for yourself. 

As a student, it is understandable if you feel stuck and confused about your career choices but don’t worry we are here with five steps that you can follow to find the right career direction for yourself.


Take up career assessments and tests:

Initially, it might be slightly difficult to determine the perfect career choice for yourself so you can try to give a career personality test that would tell you what your possible career options and interest areas are. These tests are specially designed to help the students understand their skill set and personal attributes like data interpretation analysis, logical reasoning, motivations, aptitudes, and other skills that might affect their potential and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. 

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These career assessments and personality tests might seem silly to you but they are really helpful in analysing your career interests. You can also take these test results and go to a career counsellor to guide you better.

List all your options:

Finding it too stressful to choose the right career direction? It can be slightly tricky to understand what you want to pursue professionally. To find your perfect career option, you will need to carefully go through all your available options and then pick the best way you can achieve your goal.

You should make a list of all your options, be it job opportunities or career paths. Once you get everything written down on a piece of paper then you can point out exactly what is right, and focus on your goals. Try to think about all the possible options for yourself, so that you have plenty of options to choose from. 


Interact with people from different fields:

As a student, you should try and interact with professionals from different fields. This will give you more information regarding the job profiles and daily responsibilities required in that field. Talking to professionals will also open your mind about various career opportunities in different fields and broaden your perspective. 

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Interacting with experts and professional counsellors is essential because they will give you a real insight into their work. Example: You might be interested in working in the advertising industry but talking with a professional working in the field might give you a clear idea about how to work towards your goal or you might also end up changing your mind after knowing the pros and cons. 


Choose a mentor:

To get a clear understanding and guidance about which career option you should go for, you should choose a mentor or go to a career counsellor. Education counsellors would look at your career or personality test results and give you a piece of advice based on that. 

A mentor will give you a clear idea about which career option you should go for and what path you need to follow to achieve your objective. Talking to a mentor or a counsellor will also give you constant motivation of moving in the right career direction.    


Try to do internships:

Now, once you decide on the career option you want to choose by taking tests and talking to your mentor, then it is advisable to do internships. While doing internships in your area of interest you will understand if that career is a suitable option for you or not. You might feel that a particular career option is good for you but after interning with an organization you may not like it. 

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Also if you are planning to study abroad, then doing internships or part-time jobs will really help in your career growth. You will get pocket-friendly student housing in Sheffield and Belfast in the UK and find great work opportunities there as well.

It is essential to gain practical experience through internships to give you a real-time experience of working in the field then decide if you have chosen the right career option for yourself.

We hope that this article will help you in going towards the right career direction and choose the best career option for yourself. Following these tips will definitely give you a much better and clear understanding of your goals. We advise you to seek help from an education counsellor to get a deeper knowledge and a better guidance. 


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