Snowflake Announces New Features to Bring Together the World’s Data in the Data Cloud

The Data Cloud organization Snowflake announced its recent product advancements, which push the boundaries of what is feasible in Data Cloud. The firm revealed improvements in platform optimizations, global data governance, and data programmability at its annual Snowflake Summit, empowering enterprises to get more information all together in a Data Cloud, resulting in greater worth from data and strong business insights.  Accredit this certification on Snowflake Training which assists you in learning to work with Snowflake products.

Innovations in data programmability

  • Snowflake’s Snowpark, developer experience, permits developers, data scientists, and data engineers to develop using their choice language and acquainted programming principles, then run these workloads from within Snowflake, with early support for Java and Scala. Private preview is currently underway, with a public preview to follow shortly.
  • Java UDFs. Customers may move their business logic and custom code to Snowflake for greater performance and extended use case abilities, all while lowering management complexity, due to Java user-defined functions (UDFs). Private preview is currently underway, with a public preview to follow shortly.
  • Data that is unstructured: Snowflake enables clients to store, regulate, process, and distribute file data alongside their semi-structured data and structured data, resulting in faster time-to-value and additional business prospects. Private preview is currently underway, with a public preview to follow shortly.
  • SQL API: Without the need for client-side drivers, SQL API for Snowflake allows Off-the-shelf and custom and custom apps for calling Snowflake directly over a REST API, minimising the administration and complexity overhead. This is a public preview.

Customers like Sainsbury’s are already taking advantage of Snowflake’s data programmability. “Snowflake allows us with a versatile, scalable toolset as well as processing capacity, allowing us to pull granular data together and expand on what we have already,” Steven Henson-Tyers, Senior Automation Manager and Data Viz of Sainsbury, said. “Our data scientists now have more real-time data access they need to construct and refine models more rapidly and efficiently due to Snowflake’s Data Cloud.”

Snowflake continues to extend and strengthen its ecosystem of partners in addition to its fundamental advancements in this area. The new Accelerated Program of Snowpark offers access for technical specialists and increased Snowflake customers’ exposure to partners who integrate with Snowpark. The partners of data science, such as DataRobot and Dataiku, are also improving their integrations. Snowflake connection with Data Wrangler by Amazon SageMaker has also been launched by AWS. Snowflake is now available as a data source in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, allowing you for quick data preparation in Snowflake for machine learning.

Capabilities of Global governance:

  • Snowflake’s classification functionality finds PII in a table and annotates it using the framework of tagging, enabling policies that are based on roles to govern data access. The preview of Classification was in private.
  • Views that are anonymised: This new functionality can be utilised to preserve a dataset’s identity and privacy while keeping its value of analytics. The anonymised views’ private preview would be available soon.

Optimizing the platform

  • Enhanced Storage Economics: Snowflake’s data storage representation has recently been improved, resulting in improved compression and lower cost storage. This improved storage technology is open without requiring any user activity, configuration modifications, or changes to applications or queries. This has already been rolled out for every Snowflake client and would apply to data that has recently been written.
  • Interactive Experiences with Improved Support: The new collection of updates for low latency and high volume workloads could result in a 6x increase in throughput of queries on a single cluster computing, as well as an 8x reduction in Query duration on average for such workloads. These improvements are in private preview.
  • Dashboard Usage: The new dashboard usage makes it easier to handle the accounts of Snowflake across the whole enterprise by helping clients better understand usage and pricing throughout the platform. The dashboard usage was in public preview.

“Snowflake’s design hasn’t only reinvented what is feasible with data in a Data Cloud, but it has also provided us with a solid basis on which to innovate and build.” Christian Kleinerman, Product SVP at Snowflake. “Snowflake’s leadership is powered by this foundation, which provides hardened security, minimized operational complexity, and blazing performance across six major workloads, as well as the ability to provide the experience globally across regions and clouds.”

Statements to look Forward

This news article includes express and inferred forward-looking statements about the business strategy of Snowflake, services, technology, and products offerings, featuring those in trends, market growth, development, and considerations of competition, and availability, interoperability, and integration with and on platforms run by third parties. These statements that are forward-looking are subject to a no. of risks, assumptions, and uncertainties, which are detailed beneath the heading “Risk Factors” and somewhere in Snowflake’s Form 10-Q Quarterly Report for the fiscal quarter ended on April 30th, 2021, which was filed with the Exchange and Securities Commission. Actual outcomes might differ adversely and materially from those implied or anticipated in the statements of forward-looking as a result of these risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. As an outcome, any forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as future event predictions.

Regarding Snowflake

Snowflake’s Data Cloud makes it possible for any organization to deploy its data. Customers utilize the Data Cloud to bring disparate data sets together, securely and discover exchange data and run a variety of analytic workloads. Snowflake provides a singular data experience that spans various clouds and countries, regardless of where data or users are located. Snowflake Data Cloud is used by customers in thousands across numerous firms, including 187 of the Fortune 500 for the year 2020 as of 30th April 2021. Visit for additional information.


In this article, we have discussed various aspects of snowflake’s data programmability innovation, global governance capabilities, optimizing the platforms, etc.

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