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In the last few years, France has been gaining tremendous popularity among Indian students as a study abroad destination. Of course, the presence of top schools like INSEAD, HEC Paris et al., and the post-study work permit are two major driving factors. But, there are a few other reasons as well. In this post, we will have look at the student life in France – education system, study & living costs, top universities, admission criteria, visa, and the growing French job market.

France offers students a full spectrum of academic and professional opportunities at affordable fees: 73 public universities, more than 200 engineering schools, 150 business and management schools, 20 schools of architecture, and 3,000 other specialized institutions. All in all, they enroll about 300,000 international students.

France has a total international higher education market of just over EUR 1 Billion. That means that over 1 billion Euros was either spent on tuition fees and related costs, or there were just super many international students that came to study in France.

In 2017, 18,285 Indian students showed interest to study in France – as per MastersPortal. Out of them, 172 Indian students got enrolled in French institutes through the portal itself. In 2018, around 7, 500 Indian students chose France for pursuing higher education – as per the French Embassy in New Delhi.

Data Analytics, Big Data, International Law, Business Studies (MiM, MSc, MBA), Hospitality & Tourism Management, IT & Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Life & Biomedical Sciences are some of the most sought-after courses in France for Indian students.

To give you more idea and first-hand information about Studies and Student Life in France, we invited Milind Singh, MSc International Business Alumni from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB) and the current India Head of Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci. By the way, Milind also happens to be my former colleague and a friend. Over to Milind.

Study in France for Indian Students

By Milind Singh

On the off chance that you require to consider in a state that is assorted and has fantastic scholastic notoriety, France is the land for you. It is a standout amongst the various prominent examination goals, making it perfect for universal studies.

There are at present more than 250,000 international students in France. Truth be told, around 10% of enlistments at French schools are global understudies and a considerable lot of these examinations at alumni level (experts and doctoral investigations). The country allows an unimaginable domain for every comprehensive understudy. It has the extraordinary essence of coaching, lectures and analysis availabilities.

Education System in France

To say it, the French liberal education structure is thoroughly outstanding on the planet. It is furthermore a standout amongst the multiple public ones. With profound educational expense charges, studying in France is more money for global understudies. French universities are close to the highest point of eminent institute rankings every year. Their foundations offer a foundation that effectively competes for different nations.

France is particularly an adequate choice for those needing to think about business or similar degrees. The nation is a hub for universal business and the executive’s instruction and has heaps of business colleges in the overall rankings.

France has seventy-one state-funded colleges and they are altogether supported by the national government, offering great training at a truly moderate cost to all understudies, local or worldwide. There are likewise various private colleges (grandes écoles).

The scholarly year starts in September or October and finishes in May or June, contingent upon the program and organization. There are two semesters, separated by a break following last examinations toward the finish of the main semester.

There are two principal sorts of courses offered at French colleges: extensive address courses, where the educator talks, and understudies take notes, and areas and labs, intended for little gatherings of understudies where the material canvassed in addresses are investigated in more prominent detail. Often, participation in segments and labs is compulsory. Some vocation arranged projects additionally require temporary positions and down to earth preparing.

With regards to degrees, French colleges utilize a configuration prominent all through European Union: permit, ace, doctorate. Permit alludes to undergrad studies and it goes on for six semesters, with one eighty European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System earned. Ace examinations keep going for an extra four semesters, for an aggregate of five years of study and three hundred European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System earned. The doctorate can be gotten after the extra six semesters. Discover what the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is from Anna, our investigation abroad master. It’s likewise vital to realize that each college has an entry-level position referral framework and a profession administrations office. This implies you will dependably know about the latest temporary job and openings for work accessible to you.

Study Costs in France

France utilizes the Euro for its money. Educational cost rates at open organizations are set by the administration and they are entirely reasonable. Indeed, educational cost rates at France’s open establishments of advanced education are indistinguishable for household and global understudies.

Educational cost costs are set each year. Normal yearly educational cost costs for undergrad ponders were under two hundred. For ace’s investigations, the rates are around two fifty-nine Euros and for doctoral examinations, it’s around three ninety-three euros. Understudies are frequently required to pay certain organization expenses which raise educational cost costs somewhat. Regardless of these charges, examining in France stays a standout amongst the most moderate alternatives for global understudies who look for a quality advanced education.

These rates apply to open foundations as it were. If you wish to learn at a private foundation, the rates will, in general, be a lot higher and go up to ten thousand euros every year.

There are likewise sure grants and portability plans accessible for the individuals who wish to think about abroad in France. The absolute most famous ones incorporate stipends from the grants from Erasmus Mundus programs financing made by the CNRS National Center for Scientific Research, Erasmus and territorial committees French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Living Costs in France

Dissimilar to educational cost rates, expenses of living in France will, in general, be higher than neighboring nations. Fortunately, understudies are regularly qualified to sponsored rates at eateries and transportation. There is likewise particular lodging for understudies which is accessible to universal understudies who wish to think about in France. Expenses of living are brought down in little towns, so this is something to remember when settling on where to think about.

Universal understudies will have a few options for settlement in France. You could live in college settlement for around one hundred and twenty euros per month. The interest for these is high, be that as it may. The determination depends on social criteria and given to trade or grant understudies. Leasing a private studio flat will cost around 450 Euros-550 euros. Homestay is another choice for global understudies. This will cost around two hundred- eight hundred euros per month relying upon the area. Homestay additionally incorporates no less than one supper for each day gave.

Understudies have the choice to apply for a concede from their neighborhood (CAF) Caisse d’Allocation Familiale. It can apply for, and on the off chance that you are qualified you can get up to 35% of your lease back month after month.

Numerous exhibitions and galleries can individuals younger than twenty-six. France is extraordinary compared to other nations for understudy limits, so it constantly worth getting some information about this when you go out.

Grants and Concedes

Grants for global understudies are offered by a few colleges, by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the French government office from your nation.

A few colleges offer ten thousand euros grants for each year to understudies that are greatest thirty years of age the time of acknowledgment, and who fulfill criteria of scholarly brilliance.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers grants through The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, basically for understudies who enlist in PhD courses – fourteen hundred euros per month and master’s eleven hundred euros per month.

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Most concede are granted based on a monetary need to understudies that are under twenty-eight years old. The sum granted for the need-put together concede depends with respect to the evaluation of social criteria and shifts somewhere in the range of 1500 –  4500 Euros every year. In the meantime, those qualified for a give get exclusion or decrease in wellbeing inclusion.


On the off chance that you wish to think about in France, it’s imperative to educate yourself pretty much all the conceivable visa necessities. French government directs these issues and controls rely upon your citizenship.

Candidates from outside the European Union: You should get a visa, which incorporates a (VLS-TS) living arrangement allow (VLS-TS). It is legitimate for one year and can be restored later if important. With the end goal to acquire this visa you need to finish an application shape too give (the French Office of Immigration and Integration) OFII, a police testament bearing witness to that you don’t have a genuine criminal record,   confirmation of your capabilities, proof you have adequate monetary means, international Identity photographs, a proof you can communicate in French (if required for the course) . When you touch base in France you should contact (the French Office of Immigration and Integration) OFII (you may need to take a restorative examination).

On the off chance that you are from a nation within the EEA (European Economic Area) and a holder of a (European Health Insurance Card) EHIC card at that point you don’t have to get medical coverage. You will have the capacity to get to medicinal services at indistinguishable spots and same expense from nearby occupants. If you are from a nation outside of the EEA, you should buy medical coverage for your stay in France. This will cost around Twenty to fifty Euros every month, contingent upon the cover.

Global understudies should demonstrate that they can fiscally bolster their examinations. You ought to have around €615 per month with the end goal to demonstrate they can bolster themselves without working. Be that as it may, global understudies can work up to twenty hours every week, so there are chances to win more cash.


Many French individuals talk dialects other than their own. Be that as it may, for compelling correspondence and concentrate in France, you should know French. Universal understudies who are familiar with French have a lot simpler time with their examinations and regular daily existence. If you feel your French isn’t sufficient, there are numerous dialect courses accessible for the understudies who wish to consummate their dialect abilities. Associating with local people and attempting to communicate in French is a decent method to enhance your dialect capacity.

In the meantime, you can consider and convey in English. Notwithstanding, global understudies are yet urged to learn French and enhance their dialect aptitudes. Try not to accept this as a snag, however, a test. Any kind of familiarity with French will look incredible on a resume or CV!

In case of your course being instructed in French, you should demonstrate that you are adequately familiar by taking one of the endorsed tests:  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR, Demande d’Admission Préalable) DALF, (Test de Connaissance du Français, (diplôme approfondi de langue française) TCF DAP, or. On the off chance that your course is in English, you ought to demonstrate English dialect capability.

Major Cities and Urban Areas

Numerous urban areas in France are homes to colleges and different organizations of advanced education. French urban communities are delightful and air, so they give interesting knowledge to every global understudy.


It is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Paris is known as the city of adoration.

Study in France costs

Paris is a noteworthy social focus, with numerous attractions, for example, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and world-well known displays, for example, Musée d’Orsay or the Louver. Understudies will have an opportunity to encounter Paris without bounds: stunning bistros, beautiful avenues, and its nightlife. Being the capital, Paris additionally profits by amazing colleges and foundations, many which represent considerable authority specifically subjects. Living in Paris gives an astounding chance to every global understudy who wishes to learn at an esteemed foundation while encountering the city in the entirety of its excellence.

Lyon is situated close to France’s outskirt with Switzerland and Italy. This delightful medieval city is known as the culinary capital of France. It is likewise the most moderate city for understudies. The city has the staggering design all guests appreciate, especially as Lyon’s all around saved engineering has picked up UNESCO World Heritage Status. The city is close to the French Alps, hence there will be winter sports and nature. The city is known as one of France’s primary budgetary focuses and notwithstanding many fascinating destinations, Lyon has a considerable measure to offer for the individuals who look for advanced education. It has four outstanding colleges: Université Jean Moulin Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

Lille is in the north-west of the country, and it fills in as an incredible base for investigating whatever is left of the nation and in addition nations of Northern Europe. Lille was once known as one of the fundamental modern focuses of France. In the ongoing years, the city has elongated its business angles and social scene. On the off chance that you wish to contemplate in France, think about Lille: it offers numerous focal points of living in a little town. It has a lot of chances for training and it fills in as a decent base for universal understudies. In the meantime, it isn’t as occupied or costly as a portion of the bigger urban communities, for example, Paris.

Bordeaux is a familiar harbor city in south west of France. This city is known as the capital of the wine business. Also, there is a world-famous wine festival named as Vinexpo happening every year.  There is a rich history of wine producing and is exported to every corner of the world. Furthermore, there are many world heritage sites. Bordeaux is considered as the City of Art and History and its home to one of Europe’s biggest eighteenth-century building urban regions. Bordeaux offers a lot of chances for worldwide understudies looking for advanced education. The acclaimed University of Bordeaux was initially made in the 15th century. Today, it has an understudy collection of almost seventy thousand and it’s isolated into four parts:  Law, Economy, and Management, Life Sciences and Medicine, Technologies, Physical Sciences, and Maths.

Top Institutes in France

The French advanced education framework is truly outstanding in Europe and the world. Many French colleges are consistently set high in global college rankings. Among the outstanding colleges are Pierre and Marie Curie University, University of Paris-Sud École Polytechnique and the École Normale Supérieure.

There are likewise copious unimaginable options to examine for a study in France: The country is home to a vital number of the best-positioned first-class business colleges in Europe. Among them are HEC Paris, EDHEC Business School, ESCP and INSEAD etc.

Here is the data aggregated by Tanmoy on Top Universities in France along with their Eligibility Criteria:

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For Tier 1 institutes:

  • Bachelor Criteria: 80 – 95% (Science), 75 – 80% (Business), and 70 – 75% (Arts)
  • Masters Criteria: 75 – 80% (Science), 70 – 75% (Business), and 65 – 70% (Arts)

For Tier 2 institutes:

  • Bachelor Admissions Criteria: 70 – 80% (Science), 70 – 80% (Business), and 65 – 70% (Arts)
  • Masters Admissions Criteria: 65 – 75% (Science), 55 – 65% (Business), and 55 – 60% (Arts)

Student life in France

The way or standard of living in France is surprisingly high, and one thing is sure: Completing a degree in France will be an incredible, extraordinary ordeal for you.

France considers each taste – and that does not just only wine and cheese devotees. Regardless of whether you lean toward calm mountains, a clamoring urban condition, or the casual environment on the Mediterranean shore, you will locate a fitting goal for yourself. Paris offers an exceptional cosmopolitan vibe in an enchanting situation. Montpellier and Marseille are straightforwardly off the Mediterranean drift; summer shorelines included. Nantes or Rennes are near the grinding Atlantic coasts. Furthermore, from Lyon or Grenoble, the Alps are inside reached.

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Post-degree situation

The French language is additionally one of the significant barriers on the off chance that you intend to remain after your graduation from a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the country. To discover an occupation, you will unavoidably be close or possibly close conversant in French. Other than that, when contrasted with different nations in Europe, it is moderately simple for universal understudies to begin their profession in France after graduation. Learn more about Post Study Work Permit for International Students.

Study in France for Indian Students - by Milind Singh

Author Bio: Milind is from an Electrical-Electronics background and an MSc International Business (MIB) Graduate from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Business School (France). Currently, he is Country Manager (India) for the French Business School, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci.

In the past, Milind has worked with as Admission Counselor. Additionally, he also worked closely with prominent European Universities like Trinity College Dublin, EDHEC Business School, Cranfield, Frankfurt, HAN, Grenoble, EMLYON, Liverpool, Brunel, IESEG, SKEMA, Audencia, Montpellier, Toulouse Business School, Dublin City University, University College Cork, Maynooth, and Jonkoping University.

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