Study in UK Experience and Job Search Tips by Indian Students & Alumni

The UK has always been a hot favorite among international students. Rich academic heritage, presence of centuries-old prestigious institutes, research & innovation-driven economy, multicultural society, and new stay-back options are some of the key driving factors for Indian students as well to choose the UK as their preferred study-abroad destination. Even I happen to be a UK alumnus.

In this post, we will look at the experience of studying in the UK by current students and alumni. Additionally, they have also shared their job hunting experience after studying in the UK.


Study in UK and Job Search Experience by Ashwin Mathur (Alum, MEng Mechanical)



Study and Jobs in UK - Experience by Indian Student

I am Ashwin, and I am originally from New Delhi. But have lived in various places across India, one of which was Jamshedpur, where I had the opportunity to meet Sunita (Bose) Ma’am and the Let’s Talk team, who have been very supportive throughout my journey as an international student. 

I went to the University of Southampton where I studied MEng Mechanical Engineering with Engineering Management. I am currently working with PwC in London, as an Associate in Technology, Data, and Analytics. 

Experience as an International Student in the UK

My experience as an international student was absolutely wonderful. I was lucky to get a great flat in my first year and I’ve made lifelong friends who I still regularly meet in London. The university was amazing, with a strong focus on research which provided me with plenty of opportunities to experiment and learn from the best. The campus and faculty were great and very supportive and I’ve made memories I will always cherish. 

Job Search Experience in the UK as an International Student

The job search process is tough. One advice I have is you can never start too early. So, shortlist the companies to apply to, learn about their process, and apply as soon as possible. The process usually involves a series of interviews followed by an assessment center. The university organised a number of careers fairs with different industries throughout the year, so that is a great place to network. They also have a university careers service which is very helpful in getting the CV right. 

Part-Time Jobs and Internships in the UK

Part-time jobs and internships at big firms is a great way to build your CV. Generally in your penultimate year of study you can apply for a summer internship and in the majority of the cases, the summer internship gets translated into a full offer for the following year. Another great programme is the Year in Industry scheme, where you work for a year in the industry, it also provides great job experience and moreover helps you understand whether or not it’s the right industry for you.


Dissertations are extremely important as it’s a vital part of your course and also help in the job process if that’s the industry you’re applying to. Also, with a great university like the University of Southampton, if you get into the research you get the opportunity to work alongside and learn from industry leaders. 

My Two Cents

My advice would be to enjoy your time here, get involved in various different societies at university which gives you great exposure and a chance to make lifelong friends. Get involved with the research department and faculty, if you like that, as the universities in the UK have great faculty and plenty of projects and opportunities to get involved in something interesting.

For the job search process, you can never start too early, so start planning as soon as possible. Keep on the lookout for spring and other small internships as they help greatly to build your CV. 


Study in UK Experience by Abhilasha Datta (Alum, MSc Business Finance)


About Myself

Jobs in India after Study in UK

After completion of my schooling from Kolkata and Under-Graduation from Amity University, Noida with BBA-Finance. I decided to pursue MSc Business Finance from the UK.

Study in UK Experience

It’s during my search for UK universities Let’s Talk introduced me to the Queen Mary University of London. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1-year MSc Business Finance course. The course is very well built with not just theoretical concepts and in-depth exposure to different dimensions of Finance; but also provides the opportunity to implement the knowledge through the Finance Trading Programme. Additionally, I had the privilege to be a part of the QUMMIF Investment Fund. QUMMIF is a student-university run investment fund, where one conducts market research, analysis & prepare pitch books for investors.

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Career after a Degree from the UK

Post the completion of MSc, I came back to India and joined BNY Mellon, where I worked for 3 years in Financial Reporting for Alternative investments, and presently I am working with JPMorgan Chase & Co. for almost 2 years now as an Alternative Investment Fund controller.

My Advice for Prospective International Students

As an international student, I had the opportunity to experience diverse cultures, knowledge, thought processes, and make some wonderful friends across the globe. Initially, things may look intimidating, but it’s a new place for the majority so having an open mind and a convivial attitude can really help in blending well with diverse individuals.

I would advise one to be ready to grasp as much knowledge and experience possible, not just from classroom lectures but through various events and opportunities provided by the university. There is immense opportunity to learn, one just needs to be excited enough to explore. 


Study in UK

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Study in UK Experience by Anshuman Das (Current BEng Computer Science Student)



Life as an International Undergraduate Student in UK

I am originally from Bhubaneswar, an ancient city in the state of Odisha. Despite leading a very sheltered life, I always aspired to go overseas for higher education.

I believed that the exposure one gets as an international student is something that helps one throughout life.

Exploring Options and Counselling by Let’s Talk Team

When I first started exploring the options, I was very confused. There were so many universities and I didn’t know how to navigate through the information. However, I was lucky to come across the Let’s Talk Team and Sunita Ma’am who were instrumental in getting me where I am today. They assisted me with the application process as well as understanding why computer science is the best option for me. I wouldn’t have been able to manage the process without their assistance.

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Admission through Pathway Program

I gained admission in the International Year One through INTO (a Pathway Program provider) which enabled me to study at the Queen’s University Belfast, where I am currently in my 2nd year. Read more about Pathway programs for International Students.

QUB is a prestigious Russel Group university with accredited degrees. One of the things that attracted me to the university was its campus. I wanted to truly experience the UK academic life as an international student and having a campus university really helped. In addition, the high standards of teaching and the career support given to all students was a further plus point.

Life as an International Student in the UK

I have had a wonderful experience so far at QUB. The professors I learn from are knowledgeable and help us understand concepts with ease. We routinely discuss case studies and real-world issues which gives us an insight into how the arena of computer science functions. The school of computer science has links with over 500 IT companies in the UK and abroad, giving its students a plethora of opportunities for work placements and internships.

My Advice for Prospective Students

I strongly recommend students to study overseas if they get an opportunity. The kind of exposure one gets in terms of meeting people from across the world as well as interacting with academicians with varied experience, is something that can only be gained through stepping out of your comfort zone. The quality of education is superb and the teaching methodology is such that it makes one think out of the box.

In just two years I feel I am developing into a confident person who is clear about the career he wants to pursue and I attribute this to the experiences I have had at University.


Study in UK Experience by Rachita Duggar (Current BSc Business Economics Student)



Experience as an International Business Student in UK

I am currently in my third year of BSc Business Economics at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.  When I first started thinking about studying overseas, I was skeptical because it involved leaving my family and getting out of my comfort zone.

However, after meeting Sunita ma’am and understanding the pros of studying abroad, I can now proudly say that this was by far the best decision I have ever made.

Life as an International Student in UK

As an international student, I have been given a lot of exposure to different cultures, societies, activities, and have come across a spectacular academic structure. I truly believe that the learning I have received at University will stand me in good stead through the course of my life and career. The friends I made here are like family and coming to study here has changed my lifestyle, boosted my confidence, and molded me into an independent person.

Pathway Program Leading to Bachelor Program in UK

One of the best things about the University of Exeter is the way the teaching takes place. Along with the usual lectures, we are taught through workshops, practical exercises, and field trips. I entered the university through the International Year One, which meant that the class sizes were small facilitating greater interaction between professors and students. This was the best way to ease into university learning and life. I would also like to mention that the faculty is extremely approachable and I never faced any problems in getting doubts solved or putting forth my queries.

My Advice for Prospective Students

My advice to other students contemplating studying overseas would be to not miss the chance if they get it. Education abroad can change your life and shape you into a better person. Living in the UK shall expose you to so many new doors in life, enable you to meet people from all over the world, and teach you valuable life lessons.

Of course, be prepared to work hard; I literally survive on 5 hours on sleep on an average but I don’t regret a single minute of it!


Got any queries regarding studying in the UK? Please post them in the comments below.

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