Summer is Almost Here – What should High School Seniors Be Doing?

As high school seniors prepare for the next chapter of their academic journey, the summer months can be a critical time to get ahead of the game in terms of college admissions. With college applications just a few months away, it’s essential for students to use the summer wisely and effectively. Here are some things high school seniors can do during the summer to prepare for college admissions:

  1. Visit Colleges Visiting colleges is an important part of the college application process. By visiting college campuses, students can get a sense of what each school has to offer in terms of academics, extracurricular activities, and campus culture. During the summer, many colleges offer information sessions and campus tours, so it’s a great time to schedule visits to the schools on your list.

When visiting colleges, try to make the most out of your time on campus. Attend an information session, take a campus tour, and speak with students and professors. Take notes and ask questions about anything that interests you. This information will be useful when it comes time to write your college application essays and prepare for interviews.

  1. Work on Your Application Essays Many colleges require students to write an essay or personal statement as part of their application. Use the summer months to work on your essays. Brainstorm ideas, draft your essays, and ask for feedback from teachers, counselors, and family members.

When writing your essays, it’s important to be authentic and engaging. Use specific examples to illustrate your points and showcase your personality. Don’t be afraid to take risks and be creative. Remember, your essays are a chance to show admissions officers who you are beyond your test scores and grades.

  1. Prepare for Standardized Tests Standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT, are an important part of the college admissions process. Use the summer months to prepare for these tests. Take a prep course, hire a tutor, or use online resources to help you study.

When preparing for standardized tests, make sure to take practice tests and review the material thoroughly. Identify your weaknesses and work on improving them. Remember, your test scores are just one part of your application, but they can make a difference in the admissions process.

  1. Research Scholarships and Financial Aid College can be expensive, so it’s important to be aware of your financial aid options. Research scholarships that you might be eligible for and start preparing your applications. Speak with your school’s guidance counselor and financial aid office to learn more about available options.

When applying for scholarships, make sure to read the requirements carefully and submit all required materials on time. Scholarship applications can be time-consuming, so start early and be organized.

  1. Volunteer or Intern Colleges look for well-rounded students who are involved in extracurricular activities, such as volunteering or internships. Use the summer months to volunteer or intern in a field that interests you. This can be a great way to gain experience, develop skills, and show admissions officers that you’re passionate about something.

When volunteering or interning, make sure to document your experiences. Keep a journal or take photos to help you remember what you did and what you learned. This information will be useful when it comes time to write your college application essays and prepare for interviews.

  1. Read Reading is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and improve your writing skills. Read books, newspapers, and magazines that interest you, and use what you learn in your college essays. Reading can also help you develop critical thinking skills and improve your ability to analyze and interpret information.

When reading, make sure to take notes and write down any ideas or insights you have. This information can be useful when it comes time to write your college application essays and prepare for interviews.

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