Technology/IT Trends for 2019 As An Emerging And Booming Industry


By Varun Bhutani, Managing Director, Tangish – A Trihund Product





Technology is often considered the nerve center of growth and has empowered various industries. Technology has evolved at a fast pace over the years, from expensive enterprise software to an easy optimized consumer technology. Indian IT leaders are now experimenting with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, cloud migrations and more.


IT leaders are driving the force with new upgrades and implementations. Technologies like AI, Blockchain and RPA can be the deciding factor in IT fortunes; all these technologies will ride on existing platforms and add another layer of approach in it.


According to NASSCOM, the sector aggregated revenues of US$160 billion in 2017- 2018, with export revenue standing at US$99 billion and domestic revenue at US$48 billion, growing by over 13%.Technology growth is here to stay, the ability to adapt will decide who will perish or who will flourish.


Education sector

On one hand, there is a growing focus on learning outcomes, while on the other, technology is being adopted quickly. Content is being rewritten and redesigned to adapt to a variety of emerging media. Among all latter-day developments, ‘technology’ has clearly emerged as the single biggest factor to impact education. While technology is changing very rapidly, what’s more important is to keep a learning attitude rather than actually sticking to a particular technology. For example, when you look at students, by the time they become a part of the work force, in all probability technology would have changed, therefore adaptability is one of the key trends we are seeing in the IT sector.


Education is another key trend in the IT sector. We are seeing the traditional classroom teaching model slowly metamorphosed into the digital education learning platform. Access to information anytime, anywhere is becoming the defining mantra for educational digital learning solution providers in India, which is fast becoming one of the biggest education markets in the world.


Online learning has opened new career avenues for young professionals who are driven to imbibe new skills – at the luxury and comfort of their own pace and time. With the evolution of technologies, the digital education ecosystem that we foresee is not a distant reality. There is a growing affinity by Indian youth for new technologies and products such as tablets, notebooks, educational institutes, and schools as there is a huge potential for technology to be integrated into the education industry. Similarly, a number of rural schools and teachers are embracing the self-learning teaching models, serving as a significant communication bridge between students and teachers.


On the corporate front

On the corporate front, with a vision to make education more contextualized, relevant, edgy, and agile, there are quite a few companies that have carved their businesses on one common theme: to make education expandable, accessible, offline and online, affordable, and relevant for today’s quick-witted students.


Another key trend that is being seen this year, is the emergence of women in technology. The IT sector has begun to make some strides forward, and the gender disparity has slowly been correcting itself; with more women beginning to look at IT based courses for higher learning, and IT sector jobs. On a broader level, India too, culturally, is much more focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), where we are beginning to see a lot of girls not just boys opt for this field.


New classes and courses for women

New classes and courses are being created that cater exclusively to women, from which technology companies can look to recruit. There are also some emerging tech-focused seminars and conferences that are focused on women IT and engineering professionals, thereby providing incentive for women to build their technical expertise and skills and make themselves more desirable and hirable in the IT sector.


Like Nelson Mandela said, ‘if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart’ and technology companies like us are very much appreciating this emerging trend. Skilling up, combined with the right aptitude and attitude is the stairway to any lucrative job.As many as 58 million jobs would be created in Artificial Intelligence by the year 2022 and the IT sector would see the creation of 2.5 lakh fresher jobs in 2019-2020. The IT sector is looking like a promising one for the year ahead.





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