This Edu-preneur Explains Why Smart Is The Next Revolution In Education


Technology has enabled education to open up a world of opportunities. All the digital facilities when paired with tech savvy teachers, learners get an evolved and enriched learning experience.  There are many ways technology is going to alter the ways of education in coming days. To understand the impact of tech enabled learning in India, got in touch with Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom.




According to Dham the increasing impact of e-learning is providing flexible, personalized and accessible learning without any demographic boundary. Cloud based courses; data and content are giving wings to learners.


“The involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning is elevating the education standard and also providing the ease of learning at one’s own pace. Similarly, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are coming up with different ways to deliver engaging & interactive education like never before.  Technology is turning education in to a fun & interesting experience and helps break down the walls of classrooms encouraging students & teachers to think out of the box” she adds.


Globus Infocom is a facilitator providing best of the technological solutions to education fraternity for a holistic learning and teaching experience. The vision was to create technologies which are accessible to one and all without any kind of geographical or technical barrier.


Smart is the next revolution in Education

“Smart is THE revolution in education,” asserts the edu-preneur.


“The use of Smart products with digital platforms when coupled with a digitally equipped teacher, the learner can access to a whole new avenue of information & knowledge delivered in an expert manner. Smart technologies offers personalized learning tailor made for different kind of learners. It does stimulate collaborative & interactive learning, enabling the students to understand the subject by different interesting methods,” she elaborates.


How innovative education can transform India’s destiny

Dham defines innovative education as creating maximum value from minimum investment which should be impactful and productive.


“Innovative education helps to foster a creative & productive mindset from a very early age which helps in transforming different aspects of a society. It can push India toward the path of being a developed nation from a developing country. The innovative & interesting tools & technologies in classrooms, attracts the students towards education & brings their creative & focussed side out. It provides them theopportunity to enquire, explore &learn without ant kind of boundary. Innovative education is creating a visionary & strong India with it’s curious, experiential & learned young crowd,” she explains.


Edtech trends of 2018 that will continue to impact education in 2019 

Dham’s take-

Smart technology in education has transformed the way learning is shaping up. The current trends which will be leading the industry in 2019 are e-learning, use of Artificial Intelligence & Experiential learning techniques, Augmented Reality incorporated in the course structure to make learning holistic and productive.


Smart Classrooms changing the way students learn


Smart Classrooms have turned the learning into an engaging and interactive experience. Indian Government has realised the impact education technology has on learning trend and has launched numerous schemes to encourage Digital learning. Globus Infocom, joining hands with government schools, has delivered Smart classrooms solution in major reputed schools and colleges pan India.


“With our exemplary sales and service support, we have been successfully delivering best of the solutions in the remotest locations possible within record completion time. The learning solutions have been designed as per the geographical & advanced educational needs to provide a holistic approach to learning process. Apart from them, our list of government schools across India with Globus Smart Classroom solution is vast with the remotest locations possible on Indian territory,” enthuses Dham.


Challenges in making tech enabled education inclusive in India


Technology implementation in education can have its own challenges as well. The primary concern is based on the fact that even now many remote places don’t have access to internet facility.


“With growing network and technology interfaces, it’s now easier than before to use technology-based education in the remote geographies on Indian map. In many areas people are still reluctant and are not open to imbibe technology in education. Evolving their mindset to learn and adopt technology for a more powerful teaching learning experience is also a challenge,” feels Dham.


“The sudden surge in internet usage has taken the education system off guard. The infrastructure for using internet for educational purposes is somewhere still week. It is still difficult to monitor the online usage of children on smart devices. Easy access to smart phones/tablets and internet availability is giving children the chance to reach inappropriate & violent content available on web. Unmediated usage of digital platforms has made children more susceptible to online bullying and private information leakages,” she adds.

Another challenge could be the non-availability of regional language content which is a problem for linguistic minority.


Addressing regular challenges of education industry


A Make In India brand, Globus Infocom wanted to develop such quality products and solutions which are based on the futuristic technologies catering to the modern education requirements and are designed as per the varied and harsh environmental conditions prevalent in India. Today, they have worked with approximately 5000 schools and colleges all over India, delivering comprehensive education solutions which are affordable, accessible and constructive.


“Our innovative solutions have been designed to address the regular challenges education industry faces. Also, they are based on the best of the technologies which make the education engaging, interesting & interactive. Our latest most impactful solution/s being ITS(Integrated Teaching Solution) and DTS(Digital Teaching Solution) lab which have been designed keeping in mind to put together best of technology along with the product safety features,” concludes the edu-tech evangelist.


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