Top 10 Time Management Tips for College Students

Time is a finite resource. Balancing responsibilities at your job, home, and college or school is not easy. More often than not, the college will be the first time in your life you will have the flexibility and independence to set your own schedule. Earlier, we have discussed how to utilize your time effectively in college. In this article, we will look at the top 10 time management tips for college students.


Top 10 Time Management Tips for College Students

By  Kelly Pethick



At present students should make a lot of efforts to cope with all the educational tasks they have in order to become graduated. And they may not always succeed in this, looking for research papers for sale from reputable academic writing services like EssayShark. Such tasks are home assignments, additional courses, or participation in public organizations. In addition, students need to have time for rest and communication with friends. Therefore, young people, who are at college, can effectively complete their tasks and have a social life using ten tips about time management from this blog post.


  1. Create a schedule


Creating a schedule is one of the most effective and easiest ways to manage the time when you are a college student. For this purpose, you can use a piece of paper and make it the way you like. It can be colorful or without any bright components. The main point in a schedule is to write down all your sessions and regular tasks. As well, put your created schedule near your working desk or bed in order to see it every time you need it. Thus, you will never forget about any plans or significant events that are worth visiting.


  1. Set priorities


From the article, published on HuffPost, it is possible to emphasize such tip as making prioritize among all educational and personal tasks. Thus, when you are already aware of your assignments, try to divide them into several lists. For instance, the most prioritized tasks can include ones with the shortest deadlines, or which requires a lot of time to complete them. Another list can include easy tasks or ones that you can complete later without a rush. The third list can include your personal plans, both significant and not. Setting priorities among tasks can decrease the time, spent on their finishing.


  1. Write down everything


This tip goes about making notes on every essential task you have. For this purpose, a college student can use a notebook or planner and write down all assignments and additional information for them, including deadlines. You can also write your meetings with friends or educators there, as well as make notes to have some rest. If you take your notebook everywhere, you will never forget about your tasks, and there will be no rush to complete them. It will be better to have a small notebook. Make it bright and interesting for you in order to have a desire to use it.


  1. Technologies can help too


Since at present, almost all young people often use smartphones, these devices can also be used in time management. Thus, you can just use the calendar in your smartphone and create a schedule of classes. If the task is significant, do not forget to make a notification about it. Moreover, today, you can find a vast number of applications for time management. To exemplify, Todoist is available for both iOS and Android. One more application is Forest because when you complete your tasks, your virtual forest becomes bigger. The case with the smartphone is similar to the one with a notebook, namely, you can take it everywhere and remember all your plans.


  1. Remember about the rest


This point is also recommended by HuffPost. The author of the article has noted that without the rest, the productivity of an individual can decrease. As a result, it will be difficult for you to complete all the tasks on time. At weekends try to rest as much as possible. Do not leave your assignments for these two days. Besides, leave some time for a rest after classes and in the evening. Thus, you will have enough energy to complete all assignments according to the deadlines. Also, while completing homework, you can make pauses for ten minutes and rest.


  1. Be organized


On the web page of Rasmussen College, it is worth emphasizing such tip as the organization of your working desk. When your desk is full of various stuff like papers, notebooks, textbooks, or other items of stationery, it is quite difficult to find the thing you need. Moreover, this process can take time. Hence, organize these items on your desk, putting papers to one side and books on the other. Divide your classes with different binders or folders. It will be beneficial to use colorful folders for each class. As a result, you will not spend time on cleaning the desk from clutter.


  1. Make a checklist


When your schedule is created, or all the tasks are written in the notebook, you need to make a checklist with assignments and see whether they are completed. In this case, you will be able to estimate what tasks still need to be done and how much time you need to complete them. For instance, you can take a piece of paper and write down all your assignments for each week and then check your progress.


  1. Make bright notes


Apart from making notes in the planner, smartphone, or drawn schedule, try to make signs using post-it notes. You can put them near your bed, in the kitchen, or even in the bath. Colorful post-it notes can be used for significant events (yellow color), and home assignments (red color), meetings (blue color), and tasks (green color). As a result, you will not forget about them and will not hurry up because the deadline is almost exhausted. In time management, apart from balancing time, it is also essential to remember tasks and the time they should be complete.


  1. Avoid distraction


One more significant tip for managing time effectively in college is to get rid of distraction items. This task goes about putting your smartphone aside when you do your homework, switching off a TV, laptop, or PC. All these items can significantly turn your attention away from main assignments and take your time for more essential tasks. In addition, try to put away small toys or any other bright figures from your desk. Such stuff can negatively affect your attention as well. If you know that nobody will call or text you for an important cause, switch the sound of your phone off.


  1. Reward


The last tip goes about making rewards for the completed tasks. There are no doubts that creating a schedule and making notes can contribute to your effective time management. However, these actions can not impact your desire to complete assignments on time. Therefore, create small rewards for each significant task that you complete. For instance, if you finish your homework on time, you can buy new clothes as a reward. One more option is if you complete a significant project, you can go traveling on weekends as a reward. Thus, such pleasant points can increase your desire to complete all tasks according to the schedule.




Author Bio:  Kelly Pethick is a loving mother of an amazing girl and an excelling writer at academic writing service. She takes pride in being able to balance her professional endeavors and motherly accomplishments, doing her best to disseminate the knowledge on how to do this properly. Kelly is tending to her kid, her epic writings, and her devoted audience willing to read about her insightful yet ordinary life!




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