Top 10 Skills To Succeed In 2019 As Data Science Experts

As organizations continue to make the most value from their growing data and information banks, demand for data scientists witnesses an all-time high. Skilled data scientists are those with high capacity to control a huge quantity of data by means of refined statistical and visualization techniques and having a firm insight to derive forward-looking insights. These insights are extremely helpful in foretelling prospective results and alleviate impending threats to organizations.


Here are 10 updated skills which can help you succeed as a data scientist in 2019-


1) DevOps


Media reports suggest that DevOps job-positions have seen 106% grown in the last couple of years. DevOps is all set to emerge as the most in-demand skill, hence it is advisable to get an industry-recognized DevOps certification. Popular DevOps tools include Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios, GIT, Splunk, Docket, Build, Release and Maven.


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2) Big Data Hadoop


Hadoop used to capture a certain amount of big data market and continues to be an important platform for data storage. Experts predict the Hadoop market to grow to $40 billion by 2021. This growth will generate demand for skills to develop, run and manage Hadoop implementations.


Go for technical training in Hadoop architecture, features, and ecosystem. In these courses, you can go deep into the Hadoop system and comprehend the different tools along with their functionalities. To manage big data capable, advanced technologies have also made headway which has facilitated distributed data storage and parallel data processing.


3) Python Django


Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework, which follows the model-view-template architectural pattern. It is maintained by the Django Software Foundation, an independent organization established as a 501 non-profit. Django’s primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. (Wikipedia)


One of the most sought-after and fastest growing programming languages is Python Django. Python has considerably outshined other languages when it comes to community base of active developers. The language is one of the pre-conditions for an entry-level job, Python’s popularity has increased manifold.


Opt for a job-related python course in Django to acquire a thorough understanding of using Django which will help you get started on developing software applications and learn the techniques of developing Django template systems.


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4) Data Science with R & Python


For youngsters aspiring to make a career in data science, R & Python is one of the fundamental requirements. Today many software developers and IT professionals are eager to update their skill in R & Python but the vital thing is to hone one’s learning experience with industry exposure and case studies.


Go for a course where you are exposed to hands-on training and case studies and projects and get to handle use of anonymized data from organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, Walmart among others.


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5) Machine Learning


With an unprecedented rise in machine learning demand many companies –both old and new – are investing in specialized training and certifications to advance machine learning skills and utilize advanced solutions to scale. Powerful Machine Learning Courses help IT professionals acquire expertise in the basics of Python, Spark, R, SQL, and basic statistics. These courses Learn will help one learn the main workings of feature engineering and help in the understanding of the real-world applications of Machine Learning including – face recognition, speech recognition, and text mining.


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6) Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is all set to disrupt the business world and everyday organizations are integrating AI into their products. Known as the most sought-after skill, IT professionals are enthusiastic to upskill and established AI professionals are drawing salaries between $300,000 and $500,000. AI courses are meant for experts having a sturdy background in CS and Maths covering the essentials of AI, machine learning, parallel and distributed systems, data mining and algorithm engineering.


7) RPA Tools


RPA and other automation technologies are fast enabling companies to embrace digital transformation. RPA tools, along with AI and cognitive computing are emerging as a vital skill sets essential to improve operational efficiency and help create the better customer experience. Try to acquire gain practical experience with RPA tools from UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism. Effective RPA Training includes an array of industry case studies from financial services, healthcare, human resources, and insurance sector.


8) AWS Certification


AWS, a cloud computing platform has now gained a global market share of 40 percent. In the age of cloud, businesses are contesting to build use cases that depend on cloud platforms.


It is now critical for aspiring and in-service IT professionals to learn more and more about AWS in order to make the best use of their organization’s cloud environment and evade skills gaps. Such professions should opt for hands-on training in AWS and know more about the core areas including – Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), database services, storage services and get through knowledge of IaaS and PaaS.


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9) Tableau


As Business Intelligence tools gain the support of new companies, Tableau’s fame and user base have rushed forward drastically in the last few years. Today BI traders are rapidly adding up a range of features to automate data analysis. As innovative upgrades and automation features are being inserted, Tableau is allowing developers to link the gap between data and business leaders and in assisting them to envision company data in an enhanced way.  Real-time tableau training includes subjects like filters, graphs, table calculation, aggregating data, data blending, and dashboards.


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10) Digital Marketing Analytics


Today, every organization, big and small, is aspiring to go digital. This being the trend founders and CEOS are hunting for digital marketers to get the customer data analyzed and to obtain insights from such analytics thus creating a gripping digital strategy and gauge the Return on investment (ROI) achieved against the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)s.


Experts now feel is a need to go beyond the metrics and numbers and recognize the main issues including website optimization and social media analytics. Effective certification digital marketing courses will include areas like Google Analytics and social media analytics which will be required to dig for user sentiment.


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