Top 4 Creative jobs in US with a good pay

In the era, where Science and Mathematics have taken over the world by storm, many people find it hard to cope with the ongoing competition. They often follow the crowd in order to seek success and lead nowhere, because they majorly lack two most important elements – Passion and Interest. But then the real question is, what should one do, if not choose to go mainstream for financial success. Well, the answer is too simple – “Seek a creative job with a good pay”. Wondering which jobs?


Top 4 Creative jobs in the US with good pay




Some people love playing with building designs and structures with their creative minds & in that case being an architect is the field for you. The architect should always come up with a creative design with a wow factor in it and you should be an impressive communicator while delivering your visual idea to your client. Remember the building should be functional, save and must suit the requirement of the people needs. For being an architect you should be well qualified with a professional degree. According to this year stats, the highest pay earned over $119, 000, and median pay for all architects were about $72, 000.


Game Designer:


The game designer is the person who applies his/her artist design and graceful mind to create a game which should be entertaining or educational. This person should be high on innovative skills, think out of the box and unquestionably in the terms of technical skill – So, when all these artistry talents come into play, the designer should deliver a game which leave a massive impact on people’s mind. As well as have the capacity to spellbound people in his/her game.


To do this work, degree in computer science is must. Video game designer can earn in either of the way, yearly or hourly. The hourly wage of video game designer is $40.98 and it typically start from $21.79 and go up to $62.36 and when it comes to yearly base a video game designer can earn median salary of $85, 240 per year. Salaries typically start from $45, 320 and go up to $129, 700.


Film Director:


A film director should be exceptionally amazing in visualization because he/she is the one person who showcases his/her vision, thoughts and creativity in form of film. Being a film director, it is essential to be a great influencer and portrait your creative vision with honesty and leave your audience mesmeric. Most importantly your creative mind should deliver an impact message, which brings change in society mind-flow.


The film director is a multitasking or multi-talented person, this person handles everything from film’s artistic to dramatic aspects, even guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision. This is one of the most highly paid creative careers. Although no specific degree is required to become a film director, a formal training in directing can be an added advantage for people aspiring to become a film director.




The fellow should have magic in his/her hand which make people fallen in love with his/her food – The basic duty of a chef is to make people happy and mesmerize them through his/her food internally as well as externally. The chef should have the power of coming up with unusual flavor combos, arranging food beautifully on a plate, inventing whole new cooking methods which make his/her customer stun. This person should consist a professional degree in hotel management. The salary starts $24, 000 and goes up depending up your position.


These are some of the creative career option which an individual can opt for with a good pay. These career option gives you full freedom to showcase your creative mind and make true bond with your audience.


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