Top 5 Apps To Improve Your Maths And Science Grades


Even though it is not yet an established fact, there is a strong belief that educational apps do help children in learning better. With technology fast becoming mainstream it is being incorporated into the learning process. Schools now use computers and tablets and the use of tech in education is gaining recognition almost every day.


There is no denying that apps are interesting and exciting and using education apps is now believed to be an effective way to encourage interest in subjects that students might otherwise disregard. Also with an app students can learn at their own speed instead of having to follow the teacher’s pace of instruction in a classroom with 30 or more students. Besides, the prospect of learning individually, without a teacher’s interference, helps students to value independent learning.


With exams going on and some around the corner, students and parents are stressing out and finding ways to score well. Whereas, subjects like Social science and languages can be learned, the concept-driven subjects such as Maths and Science are a different ball game. Maths and Science requires more practice than theory and excelling in these subjects means hitting the jackpot as they are known as scoring subjects.


Learning apps are great solutions to study Maths and Science in an interesting way. The utilization of artificial intelligence, machine learning in these apps helps students to learn at a personal level and at their own pace which is often missing in classrooms.


Here are 5 apps which should be on your phone to score well in Maths and Science subject –


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization which started with an objective to provide education to everyone, anywhere at free of cost. It has a set of online tools that help educate students.  Experienced Science and Maths tutor have prepared explanatory videos covering all the concepts to help users learn their subjects better.



Brainly is a global crowd-learning platform which encourages inquisitiveness with a never-ending flow of questions. Brainly gets many queries on subjects like Algebra, Chemistry, biology, Algorithm, Geometry, etc which are answered by other experts. Learners can upload a picture of the problem they are they are trying to solve and ask for help wherever they are stuck. Not restricting to just students, it is been helpful for Parents and Teachers also who want to gain in-depth knowledge in these subjects.



Toppr is a personalized learning platform providing 360 degrees learning through 4 methods of learning i.e. online classes, adaptive learning, Mock test and Live Doubts. The customized syllabus is prepared as per the learning requirements of the student. The training starts with the skilling test to analyze the knowledge acquired already and the area of improvement to bridge the gap. The platform has prepared more than 1500 videos clearing up the concepts on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology for students.



Byju is Bangalore based educational technology and online tutoring firm who focuses on conceptual learning with personalized learning programs. They have tailored engaging videos on subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics supported by chapter-wise tests, games, interactive lessons and quizzes. Parents also gain access on their phones to keep a check on their children’s progress.



Vedantu is another online platform where students can interact and learn from teachers’ over the internet. This tutoring company enables live interaction to accelerate students’ learning curve. They have customized long term course on Maths and Science which offers 500+ hrs of Live classes with dedicated academic mentors, 100+ hrs of video lectures, 100+ tests and assignments and doubt solving 24*7.


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