Top 5 Creative Careers in India to look forward to!

Does the idea of making something new light up your eyes and even get you out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning? Options are abound for career options for the creative soul!

These courses offer students a peep into the creative world, which is innovative, stylishly judicious, artistic and gives more weightage to creativity, rather than just qualifications.


Top 5 Creative Careers in India to look forward to!


1. Diamonds and Jewellery:


The Gems and Jewellery field assumes a noteworthy part of the Indian economy, contributing around 6-7 percent of the nation’s GDP. One of the quickest developing areas, it is to a great degree exported and labour intensive. Understudies study about material behaviour, filing, piercing, forging, soldering wax modelling, enamelling, casting, stone setting, polishing and finishing.


The research in this field shows you fundamental abilities like stone cutting, etching and cleaning and testing the nature of valuable metals and pearls. Topics like electroplating, metal shading, anodising, enamelling and stone setting are additionally instructed to understudies of gems designing. Work opportunities are available in the accompanying segments like a) Jewellery desginer b) Export house c) Fashion house d ) Self-business e) Freelance planning. 


Organizations to seek after a course in Gems and Jewellery are:


  • NIFT Campus, New Delhi
  • Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Training (SNDT) Women’s University, Mumbai
  • Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, Jaipur and Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Jewelry, Mumbai
  • Jewelry Design and Technology Institute (JDTI), Noida
  • Pearl Academy


2. Leather and Footwear Designing:


India is the biggest worldwide maker of footwear after China representing 13% of world footwear generation. Primary zones of employment are handling of crude to finished leather; design, production and promoting of fine leather merchandise. It incorporates courses, for example, B.Tech Leather Tech, Diploma course in footwear tech.


Foundations to seek after a course in Leather and Footwear Designing are:


  • Central Footwear Training Institute, Uttar Pradesh
  • Footwear Design & Development Institute, Noida
  • NIFT
  • MSME (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises)


3. Materials and Garment Designing:


Garment construction, pattern making, texture science, equipment production, planning and control, quality assurance, product careers opportunities such as production assistants, merchandisers in apparel, quality control executive are the specific areas of study. It additionally fuses professional or diploma oriented program of 1 year length, which is identified with retail promoting and design administration.


Organizations to seek after a course in Textile and Garment Designing are:


  • ATDC
  • NIFT CPT ( Clothing Production Technology), 1 year course in Delhi , Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata
  • Pearl Academy
  • Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
  • IAM, Gurgaon


4. Photography:


This field was made for you, on the off chance that you appreciate catching a cut of life. This calling offers a wide assortment of enhancements, in light of your enthusiasm, you can go for photojournalism, wildlife photography, still-life photography and some more. You can grow a lot in this artistic sector as an understudy to an expert photographer; Just complete a formal training with some magazine or daily paper or enlist with a foundation.


Organizations to seek after a course in Photography are:


  • NIFT
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi
  • Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi
  • School of Open Learning, University of Delhi
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • Light and Life Academy, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  • Express Institute of Mass Communication
  • India International Photographic Council, Delhi
  • Apex Institute, Delhi


5. Interior Designing:


If you fixate on how your furniture is orchestrated, your visitors can’t take their eyes off your show-pieces and your companions continually compliment your taste in designing, at that point this calling will be your heaven! This field includes the designing and coordination of the beautifying components inside a house, lodging, office, loft, school and so forth. You direct the color scheme, fittings, decorations and even certain building highlights.


Institutions to seek after a course in Interior Designing are:


  • JJ School of Art, Mumbai
  • Pearl Academy
  • Exterior-Interior Institute, Delhi
  • Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai
  • Vastu Kala Academy


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