MBA education evolves with the changing needs of a competitive economic environment, and over the past decade, international management and the need to understand management within a global context has grown significantly in importance.

Top business schools have seen the necessity of creating international MBA classroom environments that reflect the ever increasing international working environment. But most of the students are still concerned about which MBA program to take up and from which school. So, we have accumulated a list of 5 MBA schools which have the best MBA programs for international students to choose from:

1. Harvard Business School (HBS) is an obvious candidate on the list because it is the best in trade for an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Operations Management and Strategy. It is one of the schools that provide the best return on investment for MBA programs graduates. HBS is not a final destination, but an important transformational experience that prepares students for the opportunities that lie ahead in the Corporate world.

2. The Kellogg School of Management is another obvious front-runner. Its innovative portfolio of MBA programs help the students to find the ideal balance among professional, educational and personal goals. Wherever you are in your career – and your life – there’s a Kellogg MBA program that will help you grow professionally and personally. The most critical key to success in the business world is working with other people, and Kellogg integrates that into every facet of its curriculum. It boasts of amazing diversity with almost 40% international students and this only adds in its favor.

3. The Wharton School is a yet another pioneer in producing business prodigies. The current American president, Donald Trump and the business magnate, Warren Buffett, both are Wharton alumnae. Wharton MBAs are in high demand because they create immediate and sustainable value for corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations around the world. The best part about Wharton is than its MBA Career Management team helps 650+ companies make offers to Wharton students.

4. Stanford School of Business has made a lot of good name in the past few decades. Stanford is home to many Nobel Laureates and it excels not just at business but at almost all other fields. Nike, Trader Joe and Chuck E. Cheese are just a few examples of what came out of this school’s alumni.

5. Lastly, if you do not wish to go to the United States or the UK for your MBA degree there is another top notch institute with a stellar MBA program in Singapore. INSEAD consistently finds a place among the world’s top five MBA programs by Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes. Business case studies prepared by INSEAD professors are the second-most widely used in the world, after those authored by Harvard Business School professors. The ROI of its 10 month program is exceptionally high!  Another unique feature is the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) which includes a programme-long schedule of group coaching, 360-degree assessments and team activities, designed to develop a leadership style that is authentic to you, thus accelerating your career progress even further.

Joining these MBA schools will not only exceed the chances of you getting better employment opportunities, but also give a greater ROI. So, if you are looking forward to study in the best MBA schools all over the world, then get in touch with us for personalised guidance.

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