Top 5 Reasons to Study in London

Deciding where to study can be a really complicated process, as you’ll need to strike the right balance between the course and the location. The course/programme is certainly the most important point of getting into a university in the first place, but it would be really difficult to stay at a location or city that you do not like because you will be spending the next few years of your life here only.

So it’s extremely important to look through your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each potential destination. It’s no wonder London is one of the hottest spots for students as it is home to several elite universities, a unique blend of foreign influences and a desirable mix of Fortune 500 companies. 

But these things might not be enough to persuade you, so we decided to compile a list of some of the top reasons why studying in London could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. Diversity

Because London is such a huge city, it attracts communities from around the world. From religion and ethnicity to language and political views, this city continues to be a melting pot of cultures and influences. About a third of its population is born outside of the UK and you will be surprised to know that there are more than 300 languages spoken throughout the city!

And not just this, the city hosts numerous festivals ranging from the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown to Notting Hill Carnival. These celebrations exemplify the city’s diversity as you’ll get a taste of each culture. 

2. Museums and art galleries

There are as many as 200 museums in London only, which means at least a few of them might be of your interest. If you are a science enthusiast, you can surely spend your free time exploring the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum, where you’ll see plenty of dinosaur skeletons and the famous blue whale model.

On the other hand, history buffs can visit the Museum of London that will take you back to the city’s fascinating history, from prehistoric rule to Roman times and up to the modern-day. Art lovers will also like to live in London because it has several art galleries which have classic works of art from artists like Van Gogh and several more artists. 

The best part is that most of these museums are free and those who charge for entry, also give student discounts. 

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3. Educational opportunities

The educational opportunities in London are huge as it is home to more than 45 universities out of which 18 universities featured in the QS World University Rankings 2021. Not only are there a lot of universities, but these universities also offer plenty of specialist courses, many of which are ranked as some of the best across the world. For example, the London Business School is known worldwide for its business and management studies. 

A short walk from Regent’s Park will take you to the capital’s financial district where you can find the headquarters of major banks like Barclays and the Bank of England. Most of the students love to study in London therefore there is a high demand for Purpose-Built Student Accommodations(PBSAs) in various zones of the city.

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4. Travel hub

If you love to travel then London is the best place to travel from. It is extremely well-connected via various modes of transport which not only help you get around the city with ease but also help you explore countries outside of Great Britain such as France, Ireland, and more. Belgium and Switzerland are also just a train ride away. 

You can reach Manchester in less than 3-hour by train and watch Manchester United or Manchester City play on their home ground. Also, if you want to enjoy your weekend relaxing on a beach, the train journey will only take you an hour to reach the beautiful beaches of Brighton. 

5. Vibrant nightlife

The capital city of England is renowned for its thriving nightlife, offering world-class theatres, best clubs in the West End, an alternative Camden scene, and plenty more. From rowdy beer-quizzes to craft brews and slick decors, there is a bar to suit everyone’s taste. There are some outstanding old pubs, some of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Head to Camden if you like live gigs and Soho which is popular for its trendy restaurants, live music venues, cool bars and clubs. This city never sleeps; so you can expect bars, clubs and pubs to open until around 1 a.m. on weekdays and around 3:30 a.m. on weekends. 

So, these 5 reasons are more than enough to answer the question — Why study in London? It will be a great experience to live and study in such a magnificent city. As London has an expensive property market, Purpose-Built Student Accommodations(PBSA) have made it possible for students to enjoy and be able to afford to live in the capital. University Living, a student housing platform offers a whole range of PBSAs in various cities of the UK so you can now fulfill your dream of studying abroad. 

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