Top 5 Reasons to Pursue MSc in Data Science from Ireland

“We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom”. If we don’t perceive valuable insights from the resources at hand, it doesn’t add value to our lives. Data science is the closest we could get to solving this radical problem. It’s hard to make sense of the tonnes of statistics and illustrations flooding the academic and industrial regime if we don’t have a system to segregate and reflect on the data in hand.

A simple attempt at turning data into knowledge has pioneered smart devices like Alexa or self-driving motor vehicles. Though there’s much more to it than a mere analysis of plots, data science is the collective field of collecting relevant data, analysing it to draw conclusions, studying it to make credible predictions and presenting it to a larger audience in a helpful manner.

If you wish to build a career in the hot topic of the decade, you need to start from the right place. Apart from choosing the best universities for learning and training, you need to select a location that presents opportunities for you to showcase your skill and excel in the field. That’s why you need to pursue data science in the dreamy campuses of Ireland. If you’re not convinced yet, please allow us to enlighten you.

1. Data science is the next big thing.

Many industries thrive on data analysts and data scientists to add actionable acumen to upgrade their expertise and be on top of their game. Data science helps entrepreneurs understand the current and upcoming trends in the market and devise plans to overcome any barrier in the future. It gives a direction to medical research and helps stay updated on the industrial front. Data-driven policies will find effective in driving the financial and marketing domain to another level. The current growth of the profession indicates that 11.5 million data science-related job opportunities will evolve by 2026.

2. Ireland has promising opportunities for a data science career

Since the reach and scope of data science are widespread, people from multiple disciplines like engineering, computer science and technology, marketing, software, mathematics and statistics can build a career from scratch. Data scientist is not the only job you can go for after completing the degree. Depending on your interest and skill set, you can take other roles like data analyst, data engineer, database administrator, business analyst, or quantitative analyst. In Ireland, a data science graduate is paid around 40,000-80,000 euros per annum. Graduating from Ireland gives you the option of working in other European countries as well. Ireland is also among the top countries with a growing shortage of data science talent.

3. Ireland is the headquarters of industrial tycoons

Apart from the excellent pay and a respectable job, studying in Ireland brings you close to the industrial tycoons like IBM, Apple, Google, Infosys, Facebook, and more. Since many big companies have their European headquarters in Ireland, you get a chance to meet and learn from the best early in your career. You can apply for internships or summer fellowships in those companies while you are a student. Many Universities like the University College Dublin and Trinity College encourage their students to visit the industrial sites for projects, where many students get absorbed for a long-term collaboration.

4. Ireland offers affordable data science courses with an option to stay back

Most of the data science courses in Ireland are friendly to your pockets and last a maximum of one year. Compared to many popular Universities in the USA and the rest of Europe, Ireland offers a cost-effective course starting from just 10,000 euros. The salary after graduation will be at least thrice of the tuition fees. Along with that, Ireland allows you to stay back for two years after the course. You can use this time to widen your network, send out job applications, and find a rewarding job in a well-known firm. Since the scope of data science is only going to shoot up in the coming years, it’d be a wise decision to set out on your data science career in Ireland.

5. Ireland is a dream for international students.

Apart from being the dreamy island on the West coast of the United Kingdom, Ireland sets the stage for students and professionals around the globe to lead an exciting life. With the whole population speaking English, any international student can easily blend into the lifestyle and culture of the country. Unlike many cities where students struggle to find a neat and secure house, student accommodation at Trinity College and the student halls of residence near University College Cork provide homely comforts at a reasonable price. Ireland is among the top 20 safest countries globally, where you can secure a happy abode and savor the best phase of your life.

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