Top 5 Universities in the world with the best educational policies for International students

From best universities for engineering to the best for research, we have compiled the list of such top 5 universities which are a front-runner in the world of education.  If you really want to be among the best of the best, these are the 5 universities you should attend:

1. MIT – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has always been a front-runner when it comes to engineering. With an astonishing 3:1 student to faculty ratio, this college does not only provide quality education programs but also a student centered learning environment. MIT does not even has class rankings for its students, for the simple reason that they do not need to. MIT was the first to discover a cancer gene, start an Architectural program in the US and they were responsible of building the first computer in 1928. This sure is a premier institute for the best in lot.

2. Caltech – California Institute of Technology is one of the most well known research facilities in the world. The secret to Caltech’s great success is a small size. Caltech only takes in a very small amount of new admissions as compared to other popular colleges with amazing research programs. This university has produced many prodigies in the form of astronauts, nobel prize winners, etc. Caltech undergraduates enroll in core courses in physics, humanities, social sciences, math, chemistry, and biology, while a broad array of academic programs provide an opportunity for tailored educational experiences.

3. Stanford – Everyone around the globe knows names like Sundar Pichai and Elon Musk. These are a few of the many notable alumni in Stanford’s roster. Stanford has everything, nobel laureates, an immensely capable and highly decorated team of faculty members and a multitude of opportunities. Stanford’s undergraduate program is the most selective in America and has only 4.8 % acceptance rate as of 2016 year.

If wondering again, why Stanford? Then:
19 – Nobel laureates currently on faculty
4:1 – Student-to-faculty ratio
6, 000+ – Externally sponsored research projects

4. Cambridge – University of Cambridge is a public university which is very focused on its research programs. Sir Isaac Newton, the most popular physicist in history went to Cambridge. That is the kind of knowledge and resources one can expect from Cambridge. Candidates interested/shortlisted must take a pre-interview assessment test to first qualify for the interview. Since this is a UK based university, the SAT scores are not valid here.

5. Oxford – University of Oxford is certainly a tough contender on the list of best universities. The most widely celebrated genius of our time, Stephen Hawking, is an alumnus of this notable institution. Oxford is also known for it’s diverse student body. A little less than half the students are international students. This place is highly competitive, but that is one of the few things about Oxford that make it one of the best in the trade.

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