Top 8 Trending Careers in Technology and Steps to Choose a University

With the crash of economies and decline in jobs amidst lockdown, technology is the only thing that kept the world together and moving. This settles the question as to why a career in technology never runs out of demand—because it’s ever-growing and evolving, as shown below.

Now, let us look into some of the careers that are taking on the market by storm, most of which unequivocally need a formal degree in computer-related fields.

Top 8 Trending Careers in Technology

1.  Machine Learning Engineer

Considered one of the most innovative jobs with the blend of artificial intelligence and programming, a machine learning engineer uses big data to create complex algorithms and program a machine to carry out tasks without human intervention. Machines are upskilled regularly by incorporating natural language processing, forecasting, and image recognition.

2. Data Scientist

Despite being an old friend of the job market, an exponential demand in sectors like IT, entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare rightly makes it the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century. Postgraduates in computational and applied math are bagged for the job where they compile, process, and analyze data for the organization. 

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3. Robotics Engineer

Going promptly with the above two, a robotics engineer helps to level up the manufacturing, mining, and automotive service industries by analyzing and regulating prototypes, robotic components, and integrated machines. 

4. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain technology allows the secure sharing and distribution of content via the internet. With a projected growth of 22% in the next 8 years, a Blockchain engineer builds and executes digital solutions using the latest technology. 

5.  Database Administrator

With a sound knowledge of management systems and database languages, a database manager ensures an efficient and secure database for an organization through proper organization and data storage.

6. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer plans, monitors, and manages an organization’s cloud system. The relevance to migrate processes, implement necessary infrastructures, perform cloud-related tasks has peaked further in the new normal.

7. UX (User experience) Designer

They are the ones who ensure the best user journey with the behind-the-scenes design of software, websites, and app designs. A career in UX and UI design calls for a lot of creativity, knowledge, and experience in interaction design, graphics, usability, web design, and more.

8. Market Research Analyst

Among the top 10 jobs listed by ThinkAdvisor, a market research analyst helps companies devise a customer-specific strategy by collecting data on the kind of products consumers want and how much money they are willing to pay. University of London offers an extensive course on Marketing research and analytics which assures an exciting career.

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Knowing the career you want to pursue; the next step is to choose a course and a University that groom you for a future job. So choose wisely. The key is to be clear with your goal-both personal and professional. Here are the steps to choosing the right University.

Steps to Choose your Ideal University:

1. Choose a discipline: 

Check the availability, content, and career prospects of the discipline you want to major in. Be open to options and explore different domains to see where you fit in. Compare the curriculum followed in various Universities to get a clear idea.

2. Fix a location:

Focus on a location when you search for a University. Decide how far you want to be from home, bounding to the comfort and affordability of moving. Do some research on the general climate and social settings of the place, especially if you are sensitive to such changes. Stay local if there is a University nearby that has everything you are looking for.

3. Know more about the University: 

Stalk the University websites, LinkedIn profile, and other social media handles to know what to expect. Attend open days and interact with both students and teachers to get an overview of academic and social life there. Consult the international ranking of a University, since this may decide the kind of job you land upon. Reach out to alumni on LinkedIn and learn about their experience and current career status.

4. Learn the ABC (accommodation, buses, countryside):

Learn about the general lifestyle of students there. Explore the student housings near the University in major countries like the UK, US, and Australia within a friendly budget. Visit the social media handles to know more about the activities out of academics. Watch student vlogs for a first-hand review. Have a rough estimate about the cost of living in the city and read about the place. 

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5. Investigate the support networks at the campus:

When you are away from home, you need a reliable support system to turn to when things get rough. Be it the general physical and mental health care or the presence of an active expat community; consult ways to nourish a positive and homely environment. 

6. Have a clear understanding of administrative tasks:

Check the admission requirements and criteria thoroughly. Check if the tuition fee complies with your budget. Know your options for financial aids; some Universities provide scholarships to all the students while some ask students to apply to funding agencies. Make sure you satisfy all the requirements, including any language test scores. 

7. Consult career prospects:

Does your University offer any internship or placement opportunities? Are there prospective companies near the University where you can gain experience from? Is the University situated at a place where you have scopes to reach out and grow? These are the questions to ask yourself before you choose a place to study.

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