Top AI-Based Job Search Sites for Indian Students and Professionals

Searching for the perfect job can cause a lot of stress. But, now, there’s a technology in the job search field that can save you – Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligenceaka AI, is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. In this post, we will look at the top job search portals that leverage AI.


Every day people are evolving with this technology that is changing our world. Gifted by AI, we have mobile phones that open with facial recognition, handheld speakers that answer every silly question one can muster, videos that take users to another world of virtual reality. Now, artificial intelligence has appeared in the recruiting world. According to a Korn Ferry Global survey, 63% of respondents said AI had altered the way recruiting happens in their organization. While AI changing one more Industry it’s a smart thought to figure out how to adjust to this new player and have it work to further your potential benefit.


AI-based job search helps job seekers, as well as organizations, in various ways. Candidates can use such job search tools to find vacancies in any particular organization based on their skillset and academic qualifications. This alone can save candidates an incredible amount of effort in an already time-consuming activity.


Similarly, AI can conduct candidate outreach much more efficiently for companies so they can find candidates actually suited for the role. AI conducts the automated CV screening process,  which is much more efficient for professionals in the HR department since they won’t get bogged down in the CV review process, they have more time to nurture relationships with candidates.


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Before going to see top AI-based job portals I would like to share some tips for job-seekers leverage the AI-based job search sites.


  • Use keywords in your CV and cover letter that would be relevant for the position you seek
  • Write like a human (Don’t assume that since a bot will be reviewing your materials, you must prepare your CV with keywords to get pass their algorithms.)
  • Have an online presence (Make sure your Linkedin Profile is well Presented)
  • Be sure your contact info is public (Don not ever hide your Email)
  • Be prepared for digital interviews(Work on Body Language, Communication and Facial Expressions)


Top AI-Based Job Search Portals for Indian Students & Professionals



Instahyre artificial intelligence-based advanced hiring platform, enabling recruiters to hire top talent effortlessly. Instead of wasting hours on applying filters to search for the right candidates and then checking if they are interested, Instahyre provides the recruiter with curated list candidates ready for hire from its database. This enables the recruiter to spend more time on providing a top candidate experience, while Instahyre does the heavy lifting of providing quality profiles.


If you are looking for jobs, Instahyre connects you with curated opportunities based on your profile. No fake jobs, mass emails or spam-like you’re used to on other platforms. You can also read a short interview with Aditya Rajgarhia, Founder & CEO, Instahyre here.


Top companies: Amazon, Uber, Myntra, Target, Microsoft, Paytm, Paypal, Walmart Labs, and more





CutShort makes it simple. There are just two steps. Just describe your need and get matched with the people to connect with. Your existing network helps in getting introduced or recommended to others. CutShort has alone saved INR 10 crores in recruiting costs in India.


Top companies: Google, Amazon, Uber, Myntra, Paytm, UpGrad, Snapdeal, PhonePe, Flipkart, Microsoft, Twitter and more





LinkedIn is a social media platform designed especially for professionals. It enables you to network and to build your professional portfolio, but you can also use their AI-based Job Portal to get accurate and suitable job suggestions that match your qualifications and skills. It is also used by employers and recruiters who are looking for job seekers. Having an account here you can use the site to research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers, which is helpful before submitting applications and showing up to interviews.


Top Companies: All Large/Medium/Small Companies in the world!





Vasitum is an AI-based job portal which serves candidates and recruiters with great results. Armed with AI, ML and sheer hard work, Vasitum matches the right talent to the right opportunity and accelerates the hiring process. Here you can apply for top trending company, Industry, location, and skill jobs online.


Top Companies: Bureau Veritas, Prolitus, Snapdeal,, makaan, Avantha, Buddy4Study, Zentrum and more.





Hirist is a platform that connects job seekers and recruiters. Their tools which built for both job seekers and recruiters make it easier for the two to discover and connect. Their tools allow recruiters to post their (or their clients) requirements on Simultaneously, the platform also helps candidates to discover those opportunities and apply to those jobs. Finally, recruiters sort those applications and pick the best-fit candidate.


Top companies: OYO, Swiggy, Ola, Flipkart, Redbus, Mobiwik, Hike, Make my trip, American Express, Amazon and more.





Dice provides insights, data and career opportunities for technology professionals while putting state-of-the-art tools in the hands of recruiters and employers seeking tech talent.


Top companies: Dell, Charles Schwab, United Health Group, Chase, etc



Simply Hired


SimplyHired helps millions of people find great jobs. Recruiters can Post within a network of 100+ job boards in minutes and Job Seekers can find jobs in each city’s most popular industries, top companies and job types. Simply Hired is an online recruitment advertising network based in Sunnyvale, California. The company aggregates job listings from thousands of websites and job boards.


Top companies: Snapdeal,, makaan, Avantha, Uber, Myntra, Paytm, etc.




There Few Other Popular Job Searching Websites in India like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Shine, Naukri which have become prominent names in the recruitment industry.


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