Italy hosts thousands of students from several nations across diverse disciplines. The higher education system of Italy comprises:

  • Universities
  • Higher Technical Institutes
  • Institutes pertaining to Fine Arts and Music

Why study in Italy?

  • It is a hub for international students. One of the first countries to pioneer in the concept of exchange students, tens of thousands of students shuffle in and out of here
  • A good number of courses are taught in English
  • It is the mecca for creative studies
  • Home to some of the oldest public and private universities, yet encompassing a multicultural environment
  • Affordable destination for international students
  • Good quality education and research with optimal work-life balance
  • Italy is a cultural superpower, the birthplace of Western civilization
  • Pizza and pasta (authentic to the core)!

Top Courses to Study in Italy

Science and Technology

Italy has along-standing history of discoveries and inventions in basic sciences and that legacy still holds. Top universities to consider for a degree in science and technology in Italy are:

  • University of Bologna
  • Polytechnic University of Turin
  • University of Trento
  • Sapienza University of Rome

Art and Design

Going to an arts and design school in Italy is probably the only dream of any creative soul. Here is a brief list to choose from:

  • Istituto Europeo di Design
  • Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze
  • University of Pavia
  • Rome Business School

Social Sciences

In the field of social sciences, the following universities withhold traditional strengths in global justice, Philosophy, Economics, International Affairs, Political sciences.

  • Bocconi University
  • University of Trento
  • University of Bologna
  • university of Turin

Health Sciences

Health Sciences degrees offered to international students include Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Psychology Nutrition and Cognitive Studies.

  • University of Milano
  • University of Padova
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • University of Palermo


International students can apply to Italian Universities provided they qualify with the requirements.

  • For Laurea or Bachelors degree, one needs a school qualification of at least 12 years. For applicants with less than 12 year of school education, access to Italian universities is not permitted unless they satisfy other requirements.
  • For Laurae Magistrale or Masters degree, a 3-year undergraduate foundation is required in a relevant discipline
  • Credential evaluation if the degree obtained is from a foreign country

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