Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs – Engineering, Big Data, IT and Analytics: Part 1

The US is by far the most popular study abroad destination among the international students, especially for the STEM subjects like core engineering, IT & technology. Today, technologies like Big Data, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning are not only limited to the Tech Companies. The tech jobs are now spreading out. Additionally, after holding the numero uno spot for decades, the Silicon Valley is no longer the mecca of technology. So, which are the other top cities in the US for the international students for engineering, technology, analytics & start-up jobs? In this post, we will look at the Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs.

Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs

Irrespective of the location, studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience. But, if you want to get the most out of your study abroad experience and want to increase your job opportunities abroad after the course completion, it is important to make an informed decision about the location.

While it’s important to look at the university rankings, costs, culture & social life; location of the university is also a very critical component of the whole study abroad piece. After all, employability is a key concern among the international students while studying abroad in the US.

With more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the US, the options are almost limitless (and sometimes even confusing). You might think that the location of the university doesn’t matter as long as the quality of education and training is good. Yes, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the education and training at all.

University life is not only an educational experience anymore, but a means of preparing for the future and the challenges of the job market. In order to stand out in the 21st-century job market, and to improve your job opportunities abroad, you should choose the city strategically.

Whenever it comes to Engineering, Computer Science & IT, Silicon Valley stands out as the clear winner. But, there are hot tech jobs outside the Silicon Valley as well. Moreover, living in/around the Silicon Valley is also becoming more and more expensive. So, it won’t be a bad idea to look beyond San Francisco & California.

Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs
Tech Hubs in North America with Average Salaries for Seasoned Professionals

A decade ago, most tech jobs were concentrated in the “tech” industry. Today, according to Glassdoor, every company is trying to transform itself into a tech company, and roles related to software engineering are spreading into retail, finance and other industries as employers rely on big data, mobile apps, and automation to deliver value to consumers.

You can have more opportunities to gain work experience alongside your studies, as well as the chance to find a job nearby when you graduate. Hence, studying in a tech hub could be a huge bonus for you.

Now, we will look at the Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs – Engineering, Big Data, IT and Analytics.

Atlanta, Georgia

QS Best Students Cities Ranking 2018: 62

Atlanta is fast-paced, cosmopolitan, and a thriving center of commerce with three distinct skylines. The city also hosts the world’s busiest international airport and home to television network CNN, Coca-Cola, Delta airlines UPS, Home Depot and many other innovative companies and tech startups.

Atlanta has 18 Fortune 500 companies, is a tech hub with an affordable cost of living, is the ninth-largest metro area in the country and is one of the fastest growing states for women-owned firms since 1997.

Top universities and colleges in Atlanta are Emory University, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and Savannah College of Art & Design.

Average salaries in Atlanta:

Junior developer: $US68,330

Developer: $US86,214

Senior developer: $US112,573

IT Manager: $US120,695

Project Manager: $US102,390

Sales representative: $US113,576

Baltimore, Maryland

QS Best Students Cities Ranking 2018: 90

Known for being a major seaport, Baltimore is affectionately referred to as ‘Charm City’ and the ‘Land of Pleasant Living’. Baltimore consistently ranks among the top tech cities in the US. Additionally, the city also hosts a lot of tech start-ups.

Baltimore’s top tech jobs include project manager, software engineer, network engineer and software developer. Year-over-year growth in tech jobs here is 109%, along with $62,500 in early career median pay, $105,000 in mid-career median pay, $1,375 in median rent and a $196,900 median home price.

Top universities and colleges in Baltimore are Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland – Baltimore County, University of Maryland – Baltimore.

Here are the average salaries in Baltimore:

Junior developer: $US70,925

Developer: $US96,290

Senior developer: $US124,201

IT Manager: $US115,927

Project Manager: $US104,853

Sales representative: $US126,255

Image Source: USA Today

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is known as a hip and healthy town with a hippy past and great views of the Flatirons. Boulder is one of the most celebrated towns in the US. Boulder regularly features as the best outdoor town, the brainiest city, one of the top cities for artists, and America’s Foodiest Town.

Boulder has the perfect mix of student life and post-graduate opportunities, making it an easy selection as our best college towns in the USA.

Top universities in Boulder are University of Colorado Boulder & Naropa University.

Here are the average salaries in Boulder:

Junior developer: $US69,013

Developer: $US90,688

Senior developer: $US123,027

IT Manager: $US105,123

Project Manager: $US102,168

Sales representative: $US107,925

Chicago, Illinois

QS Best Students Cities Ranking 2018: 40

Chicago is another fast-paced, high-rise economic hub. In 2017, Chicago was featured as one of the top 10 tech hubs in the world.

Although expensive, Chicago scores strongly across several indicators, including employer activity, reflecting the robust reputation of its institutions among graduate employers.

Over the last 3 to 5 years, there’s been a growing buzz in Chicago’s technology community. It’s a big city with a small town feel. More importantly, there is a unique motivation for disruptions in the culture of this city. There are a number of high-profile tech companies in and around Chicago: Salesforce, Google, CareerBuilder, Orbitz, Groupon, Redbox, Motorola, and many more. Many feel that Chicago could be the next Silicon Valley.

Top universities in Chicago are University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Loyola University Chicago.

Here are the average salaries in Chicago:

Junior developer: $US71,404

Developer: $US89,366

Senior developer: $US120,018

IT Manager: $US117,726

Project Manager: $US108,383

Sales representative: $US110,806

Dallas, Texas

Dallas has got the nation’s fourth-largest population is seventh in terms of the number of college students.

Ask most people what comes to mind when they think of Dallas, and they’ll probably say football, steaks, and JR Ewing. But lately, the answer has been a little different: “Disruption.”

The city’s pro-business environment, talented workforce, affordable real estate, and lack of state income taxes have always made it a magnet for traditional businesses like energy and finance.

Dallas is home to several world-renowned universities, 22 companies on the Fortune 500, 4 major sports franchises, and one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook & Salesforce have also got the presence in Dallas.

Additionally, Dallas is very start-up friendly and is the home to a burgeoning field of startups and fast-growing businesses.

Top universities in/around Dallas are University of Texas – Dallas, Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas at Dallas.

Here are the average salaries in Dallas:

Junior developer: $70,664

Developer: $84,525

Senior developer: $113,278

IT Manager: $121,326

Project Manager: $106,848

Sales representative: $112,605

Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs - Engineering, Big Data, IT and Analytics: Part 1

Denver, Colorado

Denver is widely considered as the Tech Mecca of the US. Over the past five years, software and IT employment grew 32% in the Denver metro area, outpacing nationwide tech growth by more than five points. Denver boasts the eighth-highest concentration of tech workers among major US cities. This rapid growth in employment points to Denver’s thriving technology industry, as startups and established organizations alike, are finding success in the Mile-High city.

For years, people have been calling the Denver-Boulder tech scene the next “Silicon Valley.”

Denver’s startup ethos is rooted in experimentation and boundary-pushing, where a healthy celebration of failure inspires new attempts to be successful. No wonder why Denver has earned the tag of City of E-commerce Entrepreneurs & Tech Startups.

Top universities in Denver include University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, Johnson & Wales University Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Junior developer: $68,748

Developer: $90,761

Senior developer: $122,929

IT Manager: $103,927

Project Manager: $102,013

Sales representative: $108,979

Austin, Texas

Austin is a city bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to personal freedom and a passion for unearthing new discoveries. The city boasts of a deep appreciation for all kinds of people and all kinds of dreams.

Austin is not overflown with venture capital firms, startups in Austin have to learn to become financially sound and independent early on. Hence, lack of easy funding has instilled in Austin entrepreneurs a work discipline that is based on impact and returns, which makes this city a great place to start a new business. As per Forbes Technology Council, Austin is one of the global contenders of being the biggest tech hub in the world.

Top Student Cities in the US Outside the Silicon Valley for Tech Jobs - Engineering, Big Data, IT and Analytics: Part 1

Tech companies like Dell, IBM, Intel, Apple, Samsung and National Instruments have established major operations here in Austin. Besides, Austin is also the home to UT Austin, one of the top universities in the world.


Texas is one of the states with a lot of migration of companies to Austin and Dallas and becoming one of the top states for businesses. Also, TT has thousands of International students so a lot of diversity.

Everything in Texas is “BIG” and “GRAND” and so is Texas Tech.  

The cost in Texas is low and has no state tax for any student who is looking for campus employment or post-graduation. The state is large and has tons of stuff to do from the Races, hunting, beaches, fishing, Mountains in Austin and much other stuff for everyone to engage with. Weather is warm, something International students and Indian students may like.



Key References: Business Insider and QS Top Universities.

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