Top Summer Schools in the US for Indian High School Students

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US:

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

With summer holidays approaching, it is a great time for high school students to “test drive” that university you’ve dreamt of attending. It is also the perfect time to explore an area of study that you’ve been contemplating taking up in college whether it is an artistic talent or a technical skill you’d like to develop further, summer schools are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of college life and academics.


Here is a list of some of the most competitive and best Summer School Programs in the US:


1. Brown University:


Many talented students are attracted to its summer programs because of the academic rigor and the chance to get a taste of life at an Ivy League university. There are five summer programs suited for upper-level high school students who want to prepare themselves for life at college and beyond.


The Brown Leadership Institute

The Brown Leadership Institute is a two-week residential program aiming to help students develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership. This institute also partners with the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship to provide a second and unique opportunity for those looking to hone their entrepreneurial and social leadership skills. Students spend a week in both institutes. Summer@Brown is a program offering multiple 1-4-week sessions that allow high school students to take non-credit liberal arts and science courses

                                              Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US


Location- Providence, Rhode Island

Fees- from $2,024 to $6,068 | College credit courses up to $11,000

To learn more about Brown’s Summer programs click here


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 


They do not offer a traditional program where students come and live on the campus. There are however 4 selective summer programs for students to choose from.


Research Science Institute (RSI)

This is an intensive six-week residential academic enrichment program for about 80 promising high school juniors who intend to pursue careers in science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The program is free of charge to participating students.


Women’s Technology Program

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

This is a four-week summer experience for 60 female high school students to explore engineering through hands-on classes (taught by female MIT graduate students), labs, and team-based projects in the summer after their junior year.


MIT Launch

MIT Launch is a four-week intensive program that teaches high school students entrepreneurial skills and mindset by starting real companies.

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

Tip: Apply early! According to MIT, “Early admissions candidates are able to find out their admissions status in advance of the regular admissions candidates. Also, applying early allows you to be compared against a smaller pool of candidates with a typically higher yield of acceptance.”


The Summer Science Program

This is a summer experience co-sponsored by MIT. It takes place in New Mexico and Colorado.


Location- Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fees- Range from free to $1500 per week

For more information, please see Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Center for Excellence in Education


3. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

 From art to science to business, the university offers a wide variety of academic and enriching options. Choose from engineering, computer programming, Nano-technology, research camps, Great Lakes exploration, girls code camp, architecture, and urban planning, and living art workshops.


 Michigan State University High School Honors Science/Mathematics/Engineering     Program (HSHSP)

HSHSP is a seven-week, intensive residential summer research program designed for motivated students to work on a research project under the mentorship of a university researcher.


Location- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fees- From none to $4,500

To learn more about UMich summer programs click here


4. Northwestern University


The College Preparation Program at Northwestern University has a variety of short intensive programs as well as long summer term courses in which high school students can enroll for college credit. Courses range from three-week intensives to four to eight weeks. Some of the programs are the College Bridge Program for debate, speech journalism, film and video production, and theater arts. The Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute is dedicated to junior and senior high school students who want to improve their writing and reporting skills. The Center for Talent Development offers rigorous acceleration opportunities for academically gifted and talented students. There are two three-week sessions and a five-week session available depending on the courses chosen.


Location- Evanston, Illinois

Fees- $5,102 for one course

To Learn more about the summer programs please click here


5. Stanford University


Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes focus on providing intensive academic experiences for high school students in environments that promote creativity and collaboration with other students and instructors. Students choose one specific course, and applications are reviewed for that course. About 1200 students attend each summer, but class sizes are kept at about 16. Subject areas include arts and humanities, business, computer science, engineering, legal studies, mathematics, social science, physical and biological science, and writing. Students can take up to five courses in the summer, gaining more exposure to the subjects that interest and challenge them.


 The Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR) 

During this 8-week summer internship program, high school juniors and seniors perform basic research with Stanford faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students and researchers on a medically-oriented project. High school students will gain valuable experience in biological sciences and medicine and understand how scientific research is performed.


Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC)

SUMaC offers two courses called Program I and Program II, with unique topics for each course. Students are enrolled in just one program during the summer, and the two programs allow students to potentially return for a second summer.


Program I: Abstract Algebra & Number Theory

Five motivating problems: constructibility in geometry, classification of patterns in two dimensions, error-correcting codes, cryptography, and the analysis of symmetry in structures

Program II: Algebraic Topology

                                                Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US


Location- Silicon Valley, California

Fees- Residential $6,500

For more information on Stanford’s summer school programs please click here


6. Harvard University


Harvard has two options for high school students. One is a two-week non-credit experience called the Pre-College Program, while the other is a seven-week Secondary School program that allows students to earn credit for classes taken. Pre-College Program is structured for curious high school students to get the full campus experience of living in the dorm and attending courses. During your two weeks at Harvard, you attend class for three hours a day and participate in college readiness workshops, team-building activities and a variety of social events.


The Secondary School Program

This is more of a full immersion into college life. There are over 200 courses for students to choose from for full college credit. Classes are attended with university undergraduates as well as other motivated high school students. This seven-week session allows for more freedom in structuring students’ days, giving them a taste of independence, they will have in college.


Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US


Location- Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fees- Pre-college Program $4,500 / Secondary School Program from $3,250-$7,600 + Housing $5,550 (includes 4 or 8 credit option)

For more information on Harvard summer school programs please click here


7. John Hopkins University


Johns Hopkins University offers two programs. 

The Discover Hopkins program

This runs during the same times as the two-week mini-terms of the Summer University program. Discover Hopkins are intensive programs designed to expose high school students to topics from different perspectives. The curriculum is comprised of classes, guest speakers, and guided field trips. Students can register for one course per session and they may enroll in up to three sessions. Johns Hopkins also offers two specialized summer programs. ESL programs help students refine their English skills and improve test scores. The Engineering Innovation program engages students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US


Location- Baltimore, Maryland

Fees-  Residential Summer University Program $3,500-$10,475 for two-seven credits / Discover Hopkins Program: Residential $3,500 / Commuter $875 per credit

For more information, please click here


8. University of Chicago


Students may choose from one of five High School Programs:

UChicago Immersion, Research in the Biological Sciences, Stones and Bones, Traveling Academy, or UChicago Arts and Sciences Summer.

These intensive three or four-week courses are taught at the college level and kept small, offering both experiential and seminar-style learning. In addition to engaging in classroom discussions, students use the latest lab equipment, dig for fossils, conduct research in Chicago neighborhoods, or work with some of the city’s celebrated theater professionals, depending on the course selected. Summer Quarter students enroll in courses from the regular curriculum of the University, experience undergraduate life firsthand, participate alongside University College students and visit undergraduates from other schools.

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

Location- Chicago, Illinois

Fees- from free programs to $4,364

To learn more about UChicago’s programs, please click here


9. Cornell University

Summer College at Cornell is three or six weeks of an Ivy League experience for motivated students. Participants can earn three to six credits while living, studying, and networking with other talented young men and women from over 40 countries. Students work with some of the best faculty in the world, explore majors and possible careers through personalized admissions counseling, attend college fairs and more. For students able to meet the requirements, choices are within the following fields: Arts, Media, Fashion, Business, Hotel Management, Leadership, Literature, Language, Engineers, Robotics, History, Government, Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Science, and more.



Location- Ithica, New York

Fees- range from cost-free/full-scholarship programs to more than $6,000

For more information, please click here


 10. Emory University


Emory offers two programs:

The Pre-College Program and the Emory Summer College.

Pre-College Program is a non-credit program, which offers high school students the opportunity to get a glimpse of academic and residential life on Emory’s campus. The program has two-week and three-week noncredit institutes during which students live together in a residence hall on campus or commute from home. The Summer College offers six-week courses for advanced high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit by attending courses alongside other undergraduates.


Location- Atlanta, Georgia

Fees-  Range from $2,789 non-credit commuter to $7,789 four-credit residential student

For more information, please click here


11. Carnegie Mellon


A student can choose from six options or an early admission program with multiple undergrad course choices.

Discover Carnegie Mellon

This consists of several pre-college programs that give students an idea of what college life is like both in and out of  the classroom. For rising high school juniors or seniors, the program allows you to participate in a choice of six courses as well as extracurricular activities and exploration. Courses include: Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, Music, National High School Game Academy.

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

The Advanced Placement/Early Admission

(AP/EA) program is for those students wanting to get a head start on their college degree. Whether the student eventually attends Carnegie Mellon or not, talented and motivated high school students can take university courses and earn college credits.


Location- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fees- Residential from $8000 to $9,000 / Commuter from $5,000

For more information, please click here


12. Columbia University


At the three-week Summer Immersion students choose from 60 possible courses in 12 subject areas. Each option provides in-depth examination of a particular subject. Courses are taught by members of the Columbia University community. Students come from 70 countries worldwide and over 45 states. A full schedule of extracurricular activities is included in the programming. From dance parties to movie and karaoke nights, to field games and cultural celebrations, students will connect with new friends and experience new opportunities. Midday breaks include college preparedness programs, special lectures, community outreach and awareness projects, and special interest clubs. Residential students are supervised by residential advisors who are available 24/7 to assist with any needs. Students must keep to a curfew and follow behavioral guidelines. College Credit Options: High achieving juniors and seniors in high school may enroll in college-level courses during the summer term and will receive college credit upon successful completion.

                                               Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US 

Location- New York

Fees- range from cost-free/full-scholarship programs to more than $6,000

For more information, please click here


13.Vanderbilt University


Gifted students and advanced learners in rising grades 7-12 who typically test at the 95th percentile and above in one or multiple areas of the ACT, SAT, or PSAT tests. This residential academic experience provides qualifying students with a taste of college life. As a VSA student, you will live on campus and take accelerated courses with Vanderbilt professors, lecturers, and graduate students. Outside the classroom there are fun and engaging recreational activities to ensure each student has a memorable experience.


 Location- Nashville, Tennesse

Fees- From $1400 to $ 3700 for residential programs

Please click here for more information


14. COSMOS (California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science)


COSMOS is an intensive 4-week summer residential program for students completing grades 8-12. Students apply to one of the four University of California’s COSMOS campuses — UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz.

Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US

Fees: In State: $3,745
Out of State: $6,000/ Financial Aid available

For more information, please click here 


Most Competitive Summer School Programs for Students in the US


Some other popular Summer School options in the US are:



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