Top Universities for Masters in Management

Before looking at the rankings let us discuss what is a Masters in Management (MiM) course? I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you are not familiar with this programme because it is a fairly new concept. It is basically a postgraduate programme that allows any graduate to gain knowledge in advanced general management. Originating in Europe, this programme can provide the theoretical groundwork you need before starting your career in various fields including Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, among others. Those pursuing this programme will graduate with either a Master of Science (M.Sc) or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

Many good B-schools of Europe offer a MiM programme, so let’s have a look at some of the top universities for Master in Management.

1. University of St Gallen, Switzerland

The University of St. Gallen has been ranked number 1 by Financial Times for eight consecutive years since 2011 in terms of top b-schools for a MiM degree. The “Master of Arts Strategy and International Management” at St. Gallen is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and sought-after courses. It is an 18-month long programme taught by an exceptional group of faculty comprised of doctorates. Most of these professors are from various different countries, which is quite reassuring.

This programme aims at graduates with a degree in BA, Economics, or any other equivalent degree. The best thing about this programme is that it has a strong focus on academic research and practical knowledge. It has a global-oriented curriculum consisting of the SIMagination Challenge and SIM International Projects will help you gain an international outlook through exposure to foreign cultures.

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2. HEC Paris, France

Situated in Paris, HEC has proved its value by consistently being ranked as the number 2 b-school to pursue a MiM degree from. It offers an 18-month programme which consists of a highly competitive set of students trying their luck at getting it. With its world-class reputation and a wide range of specializations on offer, it has proved that the brand name it has created over the years is well-deserved.

You will be glad to know that 96% of the students found employment within 3 months with an average starting salary of €63000. Also, the students are allowed to take an optional gap year after 1st year to professionally assess the industry in which they want to pursue their career.

3. London Business School (LBS), UK

London Business School is quite popular for its world-class MBA programme that has a long & rich history behind it. But the LBS MiM programme started in 2009 has also become a force to reckon at an amazing speed. It entered Financial time’s MiM top 10 rankings in 2014 and currently ranks 3rd  globally. The programme is 12-month long and designed in a way that balances the in-depth theory with practical experience.

This MiM programme offers a great fast-paced curriculum and is aimed at recent graduates who have less than two-year professional work experience. The school’s famous brand and a rich network of alumni attracts thousands of students to its MiM programme. You will be excited to know that 96% of the students found employment within the first few months with a mean salary of £39,206.

4. ESSEC Business School, Singapore and France

Well-known for its double degree partnership and strong apprenticeship program, ESSEC is one of the most sought-after schools according to the rankings provided by the FT Times. This highly competitive school offers an 18-month programme in MSc in Management in which students study one year from the French campus and another year from their Singapore campus.

This double degree partnership makes ESSEC MiM a great way to amalgamate the learnings of both the east and the west. Along with great learning opportunities, it also offers wonderful placement opportunities with a large number of big firms and companies. It has got an impressive placement rate of 98.2% within 6 months from graduation. The best thing about this b-school is its flexible curriculum that allows students to work for 6 months and study for the next six months or work part-time for 3 days and study for 2 days.

5. ESCP, Europe

Established in 1819, ESCP is the oldest business school in the world. It is known for its strict admission policies but also has an excellent reputation in terms of quality of education and the course curriculum. Its flagship 2-year Master in Management (Grande Ecole) programme allows students to attain up to 4 different international degrees without leaving the ESCP Europe campus. You get to study in multiple major European cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw.

The best thing about this b-school is that its MiM curriculum focuses on experiential learning. Also, similar to ESSEC business school, ESCP also has an excellent Apprenticeship Track that combines in-company work experience with academic coursework. So by the time a student completes his course, he will have at least 10 months of work experience through apprenticeship or internship.


Although still at its nascent stage, the MiM program is highly comprehensive and just the right way to kick-start your career. All these higher education institutions offer quality education due to which this program, as well as these institutions, have built a great reputation in providing the best possible courses to hone one’s skill-set. Students planning to study at one of these universities can easily get a student accommodation of their choice through University Living, a global student housing platform. You can visit their website or connect with their student housing team to select the best accommodation as per your choice.

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