Top Universities for Masters in Electrical-Electronics in Europe: Part 1

Electrical & Electronic Engineering is a fascinating field. It’s a career path that could make your time at university a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience. Just as the world needs its Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers, Electrical Engineering is something which we simply couldn’t do without. In a two-post series, Milind Singh will talk about the top universities for Masters in Electrical-Electronics in Europe.


For all of us, it is very important to study engineering in a good institution. There are numerous respectable technical universities and institutes across the globe with the highest standards. Now, why Europe? There are two major factors that make European universities great – a) international ratings and references, b) tradition.


An institution can be state of the art and can have the best professors, currying projects, research, access to funds, publications and producing work. On the other hand, there is the tradition. What means tradition on electrical engineering? Tradition means that famous engineers, researchers, professors have taught in the specific university. Famous experiments or machines have been tested at the lab. For example, to study at the same university where Ohm wrote his famous law.


Tradition is not irrelevant to ratings. Many universities with a long tradition are respectable to the int. ratings too. But not necessarily vice versa. Moreover, tradition comes from decades, even centuries ago. A modern university comes from yesterday. If we agree that a good university should combine tradition and international ratings you could find one in Europe.


Top Universities for Masters in Electrical-Electronics Engineering in Europe


Very recently, the European Commission has approved a microelectronics research plan. The ruling means that public authorities will be able to provide up to €1.75 billion (about $2 billion) to support research and innovation. This is expected to unlock an additional €6 billion (about $7 billion) in private investment and the overall project is due to be completed by 2024.



Top Universities for Masters in Electrical-Electronics Engineering in Europe: Part 1

By Milind Singh


RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University is the greatest school of advancement in Germany and a champion among the most popular in Europe. Reliably, different worldwide understudies and scientists go to the school to benefit by its astonishing courses and incredible workplaces, the two of which are an all-inclusive measurement.


RWTH Aachen University is in the process to wind up an organized, interdisciplinary specific school. The building point of convergence of the school is identified with the trademark sciences and prescription. on a very basic level associated with the focal regimens disciplines, Sociologies, Human articulations, and money related issues, in like manner make a critical response to the school’s teaching and research profile. With its two hundred six foundations in nine assets, RWTH Aachen is among the fundamental European sensible and ask about establishments. One hundred four courses of study are enrolled including ideal around eight thousand global understudies from one hundred and twenty countries.


Politecnico di Torino


The school is in Turin and is known worldwide for its courses in Engineering and Designing. Consolidating every one of the courses the school has around thirty thousand examining understudies, and around sixteen percent are remote. We offer thusly remarkable help organizations for general understudies, for instance, help for repayment and rational issues (home awards, medicinal inclusion, money related code), help with legitimate procedures, etymological center individuals and welcome activities. Our degrees are all around seen, and understudies can seek after degree courses at all measurement instructed in English or grasp times of focus abroad as a component of their course due to our associations with indisputably the most grandiose universities around the world.


Empowering practices are created and regulated by eleven divisions which similarly advance research practices in four full-scale regions: Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Management, and Mathematical Engineering, Civil, Environmental, Architecture and Design Engineering. In those fields, the University runs for frameworks organization with the socio-mild setting and at opening a new relationship with associations and multinationals (around 800 research statements for consistently). Here, the University gives space for work environments and research places for advancement in the association, permitting understudies the opportunity to get work understanding while still at college. General Motors, ST Microelectronics, Indesit, Avio, Pirelli, Prima Industrie and more are only a couple of cases of multinationals that today are encouraged here.


Other than offering a multicultural report condition, Politecnico di Torino is along these lines a veritable research school, where preparing and inquire about join to meet the certified needs of the area economy and those of the understudies. Understudies who are looking for an escalated guidance which is noteworthy to the dynamic market or who are enthusiastic about research and a multidisciplinary approach will be pulled in to what our school conveys to the table.


Other than offering a multicultural report condition, Politecnico di Torino is along these lines a certified research school, where preparing and inquire about join to meet the veritable needs of the area economy and those of the understudies. Understudies who are hunting down serious guidance which is huge to the dynamic market or who are enthusiastic about research and a multidisciplinary approach will be pulled in to what our school conveys to the table.




CentraleSupélec (CS) is a French association of research and propelled instruction in building and science. It was based upon 1 January 2015 as a result of a fundamental merger between two driving grandes écoles in France, Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec to outline a champion among the most regarded and explicit grandes écoles. It is a key building up an individual from the University of Paris-Saclay (a consortium of research schools in France), the T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) orchestrate and moreover the CESAER relationship of European planning schools.


The foundation passes on the CS science capability, managers and PhDs. CS handles 17 investigate divisions or gatherings offering a significant consistent territory covering all Engineering and System Sciences. Its investigation intends to add to major mechanical and societal troubles through the headway of data and its impact. 7 keys issues are directly centered around Health and Bio-Engineering, Energy, Communication structures, Environment and threats, Aeronautics and Transportation, Nano-Science, Business Systems. Among very nearly 400 experts, 300 also demonstrate the understudies, and as such passing on the best of their knowledge and capacity.


Chalmers University of Technology


The Chalmers University of Technology is an examination heightened school, always assessed as the best alluded to and the best-assumed school in Sweden, in yearly open diagrams. Chalmers moreover gets top scores on learning by understudies in the International Students Barometer.


With more than 70 nationalities addressed and 40 English educated two-year expert’s ventures Chalmers is an extremely powerful overall school. Out of 10 000 understudies, 1 000 are general pro’s understudies. Grounds life is welcoming, liberal and varying. The territory in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second most noteworthy city, on the great west float makes for unbelievable events, contemplates aside, paying little respect to whether you slant toward outside life or urban delights.


The learning atmosphere is liberal and easygoing, engaging self-ruling thinking and imagination in the treatment of astounding authentic issues with theoretical data – a productive circumstance for advancement. With this comes a genuine inventive soul, exemplified in the helper Chalmers Ventures. Its outstandingly situated business incubators are guaranteeing new musings finds their way to deal with business use.


The spirit of the Chalmers legacy is imparted in the vision – for a practical future. A fantasy, not to be valued by a picked few having some skill in practicality matters. Or maybe, the vision is immersing all activities at the school: ask about, guidance, utilization and regular day to day existence on two grounds. Courses watching out for characteristic issues and practicality has been composed in all ventures for more than three decades.


The Chalmers University of Technology conducts ask about in different forefront establishments, for instance, its ideal room, Onsala Space Observatory and AstaZero – the world’s first full-scale test condition for broad prosperity. Europe’s most prominent ever ask about action, the Graphene Flagship with a monetary arrangement of one billion Euros is made by Chalmers.


As a component of a huge duty regarding use, Chalmers has a fundamental relationship with generally prominent forefront associations, for instance, AstraZeneca Volvo, SKF and Ericsson.


The Chalmers University of Technology conducts ask about in different bleeding edge establishments, for instance, its immaculate room, Onsala Space Observatory and AstaZero – the world’s first full-scale test condition for broad prosperity. Europe’s most noteworthy ever investigate action, the Graphene Flagship with a monetary arrangement of € 1 billion, is created by Chalmers.


As a noteworthy part of a critical obligation regarding utilization, Chalmers has key associations with all around esteemed imaginative associations, for instance, Volvo, Ericsson, SKF and AstraZeneca. The close-by associates with industry and society depict the guidance and the investigation coordinated at the school, and it gives incredible calling opportunities to understudies.


Eindhoven University of Technology


The TU/e intends to be an examination-driven, the structure masterminded school of development, with the basic focus of outfitting youths with educational guidance inside the planning science and advancement zone. The basic endeavor is the planning of fashioners (at Master of Science level) having a sound intelligent introduce and significance of learning and what’s more, the essential capacities that will engage them to make viable callings in a broad assortment of fields and limits inside the system. The single main’s projects are proposed to fill in as a purpose behind further guidance at ace’s dimension. The TU/e also gets ready instructors (at PhD level), modelers and pros. Additionally, it gives post-scholastic undertakings and courses. In the examination field the TU/e needs to focus, inside the building science and advancement space, on the unequivocal zones in which it takes or can play a basic employment in the widespread consistent world, and in which it can make vital duties to the learning concentrated organizations and distinctive sections of the system with a high, or rapidly making, development compel.


KU Leuven


Today, it is Belgium’s most significant situated school and a standout amongst the most prepared and most celebrated universities in Europe. As a principle European research school and prime supporter of the League of European Research Universities, KU Leuven offers a wide variety of tasks in English. These tasks are supported by first class bury disciplinary research finished at both the school and its all-around acclaimed specialist’s offices. Displaying a wonderful central zone in the center of Europe, KU Leuven offers an overall undertaking, first-rate preparing, world-class research, and front-line progression.

Radiance in guidance and flawlessness in research go as one. KU Leuven’s examination programs are exploring based, which ensures that understudies get academic aptitudes while in like manner developing an essential and research-arranged perspective. Versatility and best in class advancement are basic to every examination program. A KU Leuven degree offers a gigantic high ground and is extraordinarily regarded the world over. The ECTS quality name guarantees that all credits gained at KU Leuven are direct and totally transferable.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a German school. Most of the courses in the college are identified with STEM. Add up to a number of understudies examining are around twenty-six thousand understudies. Their standard examines zones join information, essentialness, and convenience. It runs a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation which gives free direction and resources for understudies and graduated class attempting to start their own business.


Lund University


Lund University-Global understudies esteem the University due to its broad assortment of more than hundred overall degree programs, and furthermore, exchange and PhD inspects, and strong execution in the rankings. In the most recent QS Rankings, Lund University was ranked 92nd in the world. In isolated QS rankings which positions colleges dependent regarding the matters and specialization positioned the college exceptionally. Additionally, the college highlighted on a number of subject rankings like geography and biological sciences.


The University’s grounds are arranged in the dumbfounding, medieval school town of Lund. In perspective of its phenomenal mix of standard understudy affiliations, insightful social requests and understudy affiliations, Lund is considered by various people to be the best understudy city in Sweden. This huge number of understudy get-togethers


The National Technical University (NTUA)


The National Technical University is the most settled and most famous informative association of Greece in the field of development and has contributed unendingly to the country’s consistent, specific and financial enhancement. It is solidly associated with Greece’s fight for opportunity, mainstream government, and social progression.


The Sapienza University of Rome


The university standout amongst the most settled schools on earth, and the best performer in overall school rankings. Since its foundation, Sapienza has consistently accepted an important activity in Italian history and has been explicitly connected with key changes and progressions in people in general eye, monetary angles, and administrative issues.


Combining quite a while of custom with forefront instructional activities, research, and headway, Sapienza gives top quality preparing and research openings. The essential grounds are a certified city inside the city arranged in the center of Rome. Sapienza University is an excellent place for understudies and teachers from around the world to meet, exchange and develop new musings and techniques for understanding.


Sapienza has eleven Faculties, sixty-three Divisions and divergent research accentuation that drive a lot of enormity in antiquarianism, material science, and stargazing, and moreover humanities and social heritage, biological examinations, Nano development, cell and quality treatment, structure and flying.


TU Berlin


TU Berlin is a piece of the TU9, which is the association of nine of the greatest and most astounding German establishments of development. This enlistment mulls over understudy exchanges between a significant part of the planning schools.


The school’s educational activities are based on achieving four unequivocally described targets: developing a profile for the school, ensuring exceptional execution in research and teaching, outfitting graduates with incredible abilities and a forefront approach to manage school association. Strong commonplace, national and worldwide frameworks organization with associates in science and industry are a basic edge in these endeavors.


University College London


UCL is one of the world’s best multidisciplinary universities, with a worldwide reputation for the idea of its investigation and teaching. Overall students cosmetics just about an expansive part of our understudy masses and begin from more than one fifty nations, giving UCL its cosmopolitan air. We endeavor to embed an overall perspective in our training and there are various opportunities to mull over abroad for a term or a year—appr to consider abroad for a term or a year—approximately 25% of understudies put some time in another country as a noteworthy part of their degree program.


Bologna University


Bologna University has been students centered while pulling subtle figures from science and articulations of the human experience. Today it is a pioneer in the European Higher Education Area and mainstream for its greatness and blends with the city. Its preparation list is improved and specially fitted to the prerequisites of present-day society: more than two hundred-degree programs among its thirty-three Departments, eleven Schools, and more than eighty thousand understudies. A further five thousand are a plausibility for its PhDs and third cycle programs. The check of its graduated class, its all-around prominent teachers and its quality research give it a forceful edge, especially in the movement publicize.


Bologna is the best Italian school for the interest with FP7 reserves. Bologna has continually bolstered a various strategy, multi-disciplinary, research, and organization, multicultural setting it up, places assets into around the world. It has formed data associations with industry and open/private affiliations and is a focal point of worldwide frameworks. Of its worldwide and joint-degree programs, forty-nine are told in English.


Other than the 5 grounds (Bologna, Rimini, Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna), there is an abroad branch Buenos Aires arranging research, post-graduate getting ready and academic contact with South America. Past its close-by European associations, Bologna acknowledges the diverse worldwide relationship, with Australia, Africa, Aisa, and North America.


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Author Bio: Milind is from Electrical-Electronics background and an MSc International Business (MIB) Graduate from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Business School (France). Currently, he is Country Manager (India) for the French Business School, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci.

In the past, Milnd has worked with as Admission Counselor. Additionally, he also worked closely with prominent European Universities like Trinity College Dublin, EDHEC Business School, Cranfield, Frankfurt, HAN, Grenoble, EMLYON, Liverpool, Brunel, IESEG, SKEMA, Audencia, Montpellier, Toulouse Business School, Dublin City University, University College Cork, Maynooth, and Jonkoping University.

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