85 Best US Colleges Offering Maximum Financial Aid to International Undergrad Students

Being the home to 60 – 70% of the top 100 universities in the world, the US attracts several international students for undergraduate studies. Abroad education does cost money; especially if you are targeting the top colleges in the US. But, if you demonstrate merit and financial need, the US colleges do offer generous financial aid towards tuition and boarding fees. In this post, we will look at the top US colleges that offer maximum financial aid to international students at the undergraduate level.

The US College Admissions process is pretty competitive. On top of that, undergraduate education in the US is really expensive for international students. Then there are few top public colleges (for instance, UT Austin and UC Berkeley) that do not offer financial aid to the international students at all. The admission and financial aid allocations are quite complex. In this post, we will try to give you insights on admissions and financial aid at the top US colleges.


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Admission and Financial Aid Guide for Undergraduate Studies in the USA for 2019 – 2020


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Note: I have included those colleges that fall within the top 100 in the US and offer at least 30% of the total cost of attendance as financial aid to the international students.

Data has been aggregated after referring to respective college sites and other sites like US News, Peterson’s, Forbes,  Quora, PrepScholar, CollegeData, and IvyAchievement.

Data on fees and financial aid were aggregated in October 2018. Please refer to respective university websites for more accuracy. 

Top US Colleges Offering Generous Financial Aid to International Undergrad Students
Image Source: QS Top Universities

As you can see from the above table, undergraduate studies in the US is not as expensive as it appears for the deserving ones. In fact, private colleges can be cheaper than the public ones for international students for undergraduate studies in the US.


Apart from financial aid, there are also opportunities to reduce the study expenses through on-campus jobs, co-ops, and internships. If planned and executed well, an international student can manage a 4-year undergraduate degree withing USD $70,000.

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Featured Image Source: Stanford University

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