Looking Beyond Engineering and Medicine after 12th – The Unconventional Path

Identity Crisis!

Over Burdened with expectations!

& Peer Pressure.

These 3 phrases describe almost every child’s school life in India perfectly. The first 17 or 18 years of a school student is filled with tension, anxiety, much more than needed interest taking relatives, the race for good marks, and the most famous “Confusion”. Confusion about what to study and become in life after school!

By the time students finish their school life with Class 12 board exams and get to know about their forte, it’s already late. They’re put into a never-ending race. A race which starts with a very few limited tracks and everyone is already forced to finish and win in it.

If you’ll take science in boards you can take any stream later. You’re safe.

If you’ll take commerce you can either stay in commerce or take arts later. You’re somehow safe.

But, if you take the arts, then my friend! You’re already gone! You’ve nowhere to go in life.

Let’s accept this! We all have heard this in our school times. But, today we only know that this is only a half baked concept which actually doesn’t work in real life.


Too Much Hype around Engineering and Medicine

Students are made to believe that except “Engineering and Medical Studies” whatever is out there, is not good, was never good and will never be good. Hence, if a student fails in his/her boards or the entrance exams to these careers, he/she is broken completely from inside and is labeled as a failure. Even if the parents are supportive which matters the most, they think it’s their fault and is a result of their recklessness. Thus, resulting in some extreme measures which then come out in our newspapers every morning!

Unfortunately India tops the list in the numbers of Student Suicides as well.

But, life doesn’t start and end up with these two options only. Ever thought of exploring and taking paths less taken and the scope of career progress and exposure to the world? Let us take a look at some of the best alternative professions that were already there among us but we never get the chance to look at it.


Top Unconventional Career Paths after 12th in India



We always need someone who can help us in legal matters and who has knowledge about the constitution thus, securing our rights and representing us at the court of law. Lawyers do that. All over India, we need good lawyers. India is a country where a record number of cases are still pending due to the absence of quality lawyers and judges. If more and more students get into law then only we will be able to solve them.

Late. Ram Jethmalani, Retd. Justice Markandey Katju or Prashant Bhushan are some of the prime examples of lawyers who have not only dedicated their lives in their profession but also stood up to the unjust nature of the government and have placed their opinions that have been game-changer.

Read more about Law as a Career in India and Law Careers, Jobs, Salaries, and Top Colleges for Law in India and Abroad.



It is considered as the fourth pillar of society. Journalists have always been a key figure in showing the problems of society to the people’s representatives. They show the relevant matters which mean the most to us and are important and thus, need attention.

In India, from time to time, journalists have also exposed scams that have resulted in the removal of corrupt leaders, bureaucrats but also, sometimes governments. Not only that, a journalist like the late Kuldip Nayyar is a shining example, who not only stood up to the authoritarian dictatorship during the infamous Indian Emergency of the ’70s but was vocal about his views about the corruption in the policies of the governments during his time. Read more about Careers in Journalism in India and Abroad.

Some of the best examples from this profession include Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar, Monideepa Banerjee, and many more who’ve not only taken our society’s issues to our representatives but also showed us the truth and helped us in forming our opinions.


Chartered Accountant:

How does the 7th largest country in the world run? It’s simple, by our taxes. But, how do we file taxes? with the help of our chartered accountants or CA’s. In India, accountancy is a much more sought after profession for commerce students after their class 12 exams. They prepare for CA Entrance while they study their graduation as well.

No matter how big or how small the company is their entire financial spending is controlled and looked after a CA only. They also help individuals like us in paying our taxes correctly thus, helping in the development of our nation. They also come as very much helpful in giving us the best tax solutions. They not only keep a very important knowledge about the Tax System but also have a very important role in keeping our society accessible to being financially viable.

Read more about Chartered Accountancy (CA) Career in India.



Ever felt happy while seeing pictures of our parents and grandparents in their younger days? Or did you also smile while seeing yourself when you were too small and listening to the story associated with it? Well, thank a photographer. There are various genres in photography and India has a bright prospect in it.

Ram Rai is a prime example of excellence in Photography whom a lot of budding photographers idolize. From capturing moments which became a part of history in our world to covering events. Photography has always been financially viable.

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Pilots based on their respective field, be it defence or public aviation do control the flight operations. While being in the defence sector they do protect our skies as Fighter Pilot but, also, in the public aviation they ensure a smooth operation in handling the navigation of the aircraft. Respect, money, a better lifestyle and acknowledgement in the society does come with this profession. What else is missing? Nothing!

Read How to Become a Pilot in India.


Event Manager:

Event Management today has become a separate industry of its own with huge investments and big managements. We, during any event, be it managerial level, corporate level, or even in our family want to run our event absolutely smoothly without any hindrance or problems. But, sometimes we have very little or no knowledge about how to get the manpower to get it done or get an efficient photographer or get the video done.

Sometimes events also get cancelled due to very poor management or failing in getting the relevant permissions from the authorities. Here’s where an Event Manager steps in and gets the work done in one go! He/She is the boss of the operations and ensures a smooth running of the event thus saving you and your company/family from any embarrassment that too on time.

E365 Group from Kolkata is a prime example that brought the international band Poets of the fall to India for a live concert in 2012 which they also managed very efficiently. Thus making a case study about how to make something deemed as impossible possible.


Army Officer:

India has the 4th largest Army in the world. We have a history of winning all the battles with our hostile neighbor(s) which we have always won and saved ourselves. Be it the 1965 war, be it the 1971 war, be it the 1999 war. We know how to defend ourselves and win a battle. The much talked about Uri Surgical Strike & the cross border operations of Myanmar were executed entirely by our Indian Army.

Army has always come up and helped us, civilians, during the time of natural calamities as well. Be it the Uttarkhand Floods of 2013 or the Kashmir Floods in which thousands of people were saved and rescued by the Indian Army only. Abdul Hamid, Captain Vikram Batra, Lieutenant Colonel Ardeshir Tarapore are the names that remind us of the importance of the Army in our safe and independent existence.


Other Top Unconventional Careers after 12th



The list of alternatives but also “Respected and Successful” careers is endless. This is just a small peek into it. We just need to dig a little deep and select one for us. Obviously like every other career these professions also include exams, an initial struggle, and hard work but once you’ve learned the craft and are good with your experience, you will do good in life and the people who think of students who couldn’t crack an exam of engineering or medical as failures will start respecting you and your choice!

Of course, Engineering and Medical Professions are respected professions for a country like ours. They make our country and save our lives but failure in not becoming them is not the end of the road. There is an amazing possibility of success in our alternative careers too. Take the path less traveled and encourage others also who think that they’ve come to a dead end. More importantly, with the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020, it’s likely to see more students opting for unconventional careers after 12th.

Success is inevitable. Success is everywhere.


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