How to Survive Finals Week in University

Studying for final exams can be tough and challenging. To help you battle your stress, we have listed some simple recommendations on how to stay calm and productive during this overwhelming period and make the most out of each study session. So before you buy up all of the world’s coffee and pull an all-nighter after an all-nighter, take a look at our tips to deal with the finals season like a winner.

Know Your Schedule

Before dive into your finals, make sure to check your schedule on the institution’s website. It’s better to know what you’re going to deal with before harsh reality strikes without warning.

It may sound obvious, but taking your time to check your exams’ schedule will help you combat exam stress, get organized, and get the job done within the deadline.

Plan out Your Study Sessions

First, begin with reviewing your course materials and notes as soon as you can. If you start your preparation the week before the finals season, you will do yourself a real favor. Make certain to start studying for the first exams that you’re going to have, or the one that you feel like you have the weakest knowledge in. Create a list of priorities and work in accordance with it.

Plan out your study schedule to be able to review the whole scope of the course material at the most comfortable pace. To deal with or even avoid fatigue, ensure to set regular breaks between your study sessions. For instance, you can take a 15-minute break between 40-minute study sessions in order to recharge and have some rest. If you take your academic workload one step at a time, you won’t get tired or overwhelmed in the process. Create quizlets and notecards – they’re your best friends when it’s time to go into finals week.

Pick the Right Study Spot 

It’s no doubt, you can get a lot done at your apartment. However, the reality is that loads of college and university students report they get really distracted when they’re on their own. Try to study at your campus library, but keep in mind that the spot may get too packed during the finals season. Many undergrads tend to study best when there is food available at hand. Make sure to choose the place that is within walking distance and offers some nice and healthy snacks.

Contact Professionals

Whatever it is that you have to deal with, talking to professionals in your field of study may help you progress faster. Since the finals seasons is a tough period of time, you may find yourself thinking, “I have no idea how to do my essay” or “I need someone to explain what “an action group” is for my sociology class,” don’t hesitate approaching professional online experts. Online companies like are available twenty-four hours to deal with your questions and paper writing orders. Ensure to contact professionals to make the whole preparation process runs smoothly.

Create (Online) Study Groups

Studying with people in the same boat can help you boost your knowledge and understanding of the course, project, and academic materials. Get in touch with people from your class to ask them if they would like to study in a group. Since the world is in quarantine now, feel free to create an online group and meet on the web regularly. After all, it’s easier to understand college materials when many people make their little grey cells work at once. Someone might just say something about the material under study that you don’t understand, and all of a sudden, you see it clearly.


Many people report functioning well after three or four hours of sleep. However, the reality is that the majority of people need more time to rest. Even when it’s the finals season, make sure to keep away from all-nighters. If your body needs eight hours or more, ensure to provide them. Sooner than you know, you will start studying better. Don’t worry about the fact that you will have fewer hours to study. The hours that you still have will be worth much more!

Finally, don’t panic. Panicking affects both your college progress and your health. It’s not unusual for a college student to be nervous during the finals season, but make sure to stay focused on your tasks at hand. Meditate, take a deep breath, and relax knowing that you did your best to get ready for the most challenging period of your academic year.

Don’t be too pushy either. Keep it real. Take your mind off from the thoughts like “what if?” Switch from your unrealistic mindset to more result-oriented expectations.


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