Must Read Tactics to Remain Motivated During UPSC – IAS Preparation

As we all know, UPSC is one of the toughest and most popular competitive exams in India. In this post, we will look at the UPSC preparation tips and strategy, particularly for the IAS preparation.


IAS Exam


IAS Exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination), also known as Indian Administrative Service, is a national level competition exam conducted by UPSC annually to recruit candidates for civil services like IPS, IFS, IAAS, IRS, IDAS, CAPF-AF, and others. Nearly 2 lakh candidates appear for the Civil Services Exams every year.


Although regarded as one of the toughest exams in the country, with the right approach and strategy, an aspirant can crack the IAS examination in the very first attempt. Here are a few tips for the UPSC – IAS exam takers.


Must Read Tactics to Remain Motivated During UPSC – IAS Preparation


By Elite IAS Academy


Do you feel bored to lift up the UPSC books and study? Have you ever felt there is a big obstacle to complete UPSC syllabus? It is common that IAS aspirants feel less motivated and get stuck in between. In this blog article, we have covered the tips to get motivated and study well. It helps you to go ahead with full swing preparation. Be unstoppable! Work hard and consistently until you reach the final interview stage. It happens only when your motivation level is at a high level.


Tip #1


Only you can be your own motivator! Because nobody can push you towards success. This is proved to be the perfect quote for all the IAS aspirants. Put your maximum efforts and leave the rest to God. Can anyone study for you? Is it even possible? Not possible! It is necessary to pat yourself at the pack. Attain your goals without depending upon external push. Most importantly, stop postponing the study plan just because of boredom.


Tip #2


Break down the complex UPSC syllabus (for IAS Exam) into simple portions. Initially, you are with full of energy. As time goes, you might lose the focus. The best way to deal with this problem is by breaking down things. Set small and achievable targets during your preparation period. Make sure you achieve all of them without fail. In turn, it boosts your energy and confidence. Moreover, it reduces your fear of the UPSC exam. You will start to feel the exam is easy to crack.


Tip #3


Just love what you do! You will tend to enjoy the preparation journey only when you love it. Never force yourself to study. It does not bring you success. When you enjoy the IAS preparation, you feel less burdened. Choose the right optional subjects in which you are truly interested. Develop a deep interest in all the subjects you want to study. Your curiosity beats the boredom and also motivates you. Keep on moving further with the same curiosity and dream goals in mind.


Tip #4


Eliminate boredom. It kills your motivation. In the first place, pick up all the topics that bore you. Adopt a different learning strategy to prepare those topics. You might need creativity to study these boring topics. One solution is you can watch Online IAS Coaching videos instead of text reading materials. Explain these topics loudly to someone. UPSC syllabus might be complex in nature. But, you can overcome them through the innovative learning methodology. Never let the boring topics to demotivate you.


Tip #5


Recall your strengths. Many students feel incomplete during UPSC preparation. It happens due to the improper learning strategy. Are you aware of the strong points you possess? Extract them out of you! Know them properly. Most commonly, the preparation time can go up to one whole year. It is okay to feel low sometimes. At such a bad time, remember your strengths. This attitude builds your confidence and helps you to study well.


Tip #6


Measure your progress in the preparation on a regular basis. It is completely okay if you are feeling demotivated. Sometimes, it happens! When you feel depressed, go through the preparation progress record. When you witness positive points on the progress chart, you feel happy and encouraged. Grab the energy and move on with your preparation.


Tip #7


Do not forget to take a break. It is very much required to enhance your energy. You will need a good number of refreshment breaks. As a result, both your mind and body gets refreshed. It gives better direction to your UPSC preparation.


Tip #8


Be mentally prepared for the upcoming of any hurdles. So, you will not get depressed when you come across them. Always remember, there is no competition without the presence of obstacles. You are called a successful person if you overcome the obstacles and still attain your dream goals.


Tip #9


Make sure you study in a comfortable environment. UPSC preparation involves long hours of sitting in the same place. So, maintain your room neat and comfortable. You should have the right mood and motivation to study. Do you have good lighting and air conditioning place to study? Surround yourself with motivational elements without fail.


Tip #10


Keep your health in good condition. Be fit and fine with the help of a balanced diet. Also, do not forget about exercising regularly!  Imagine yourself to be an efficient civil administrative officer. It motivates you and pushes you towards the goal. However, avoid daydreaming!



Tip #11


Do not keep negative people in your close circle. They always intend to put you down and discourage. Such people exist on earth to doubt the caliber of potential aspirants. Just get away from such a group of people. At the same time, be grateful for all the people who helped you. It brings positive energy.


Tip #12


Utilize technology and bring change to your study routine. When you adapt to changes, it keeps you motivated throughout the day. There are few google chrome extensions you can use. An app called momentum allows you to perform only the single task at a time. There is another application known as Stay Focused. It helps you to avoid any kind of distractions.


Tip #13


Set up small jobs all along your preparation journey for a day. We call it as study rituals. It can be very simple jobs like cleaning up your bed, 5 minutes meditation, filling up a water bottle, and much more. Do it consistently before after every break. If possible, add some rewards if you successfully complete the study tasks as planned.


Do not forget to get a good sleep and give proper rest to your mind. You should be able to focus on studies continuously for long hours. It is possible only when you have taken satisfactory rest. Ultimately, plan your day well! Set time for refreshing activities that helps you enjoy and feel excited.


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