Walk The Ramp With Confidence – Perspective Of A Male Model

By Arijit Dutta, Managing Director Priya Entertainments Pvt Ltd & a regular ramp walker








It’s all about confidence. When you are confident, it reflects. It’s not just about swagger; it’s about knowing exactly what a show requires of you and showcasing that attitude.


When walking, don’t look down. Instead, look past the audience and focus on an imaginary spot. Don’t make eye contact or interact with the audience unless instructed to do so. Walk with your toes facing slightly outward. As you stride, your feet shouldn’t cross over each other in an “X,” like women’s feet do when they walk the runway. Instead, the classic male runway walk is a “V” formation, in which the toes point out slightly. Try not to point your toes out too much, or you might look like you’re waddling. The “V” formation broadens the body, emphasizes the upper torso, and gives the strut a slight swing while preserving masculinity. “The way you walk shows who you are!” It doesn’t matter if you are a professional fashion model or just walking towards your boss at a job interview: a powerful and confident walk makes you more attractive!



Take long, steady strides

Keep most of your weight on the balls of your feet. When your foot lands, try to place the ball of your foot down first, then land your heel. It might feel weird at first, but keep your weight balanced on the balls of your feet as you walk. Keeping most of your weight on the balls of your feet will make your stride more elegant. Simply a solid stance around shoulder width apart and take slow and long steps! Moving quick also conveys insecurity, controlled steps to show balance and control while you move towards your destination!



Let your arms swing naturally by your side

Take longer strides than you normally would. While your stride needs to be longer than your normal gait, you shouldn’t look awkward or like you’re on stilts. Practicing will help you make your stride longer but appear natural instead of clumsy. Keep your body upright, observe proper posture, make sure your arms aren’t flailing about too wildly, and keep your gait and your strides steady. A little swagger won’t hurt, but keep everything simple and in moderation.


Keep your facial expressions natural. As a man it’s all about looking strong and confident. Neither overly joyful nor depressed!  Animal technique where one copies the expression and body language of an animal.


Practice good posture

Walk tall with your body straight and your shoulders back (your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should make one straight line). Bend your knees a little and try to relax. You don’t want to look like a robot! Pose for a three to five second count. Often, there’s just a fine line that separates looking really sexy and attractive from being awkward and robotic. That’s where confidence comes in.  At the end of the runway, pose with your hand on your hip, one leg out, and the other foot forward ready to pivot. Stand still for three to five seconds, then use your pivot foot to turn back for your return walk. Your pose can vary, and you can work with your designer to create a pose that’s suitable for the show. If you nail your pose, photographers will have a better chance of getting a great shot that you can add to your portfolio. Even though all eyes are on you, you must walk with confidence. Be strong, purposeful, and naturally sexy. Keep your head up! The most important aspect! Your chin should always be leading your body. This will also make you appear a lot taller! Looking down on the other hand is a sign of closing down and avoiding what’s in front of you. So pick one point in front of you when you walk and focus on that point while you walk. Having a clear destination and not looking around will give you a purpose and help you with a more confident walk!


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