Want To Be The Next Radio Jockey

A person who hosts a talk show on the radio or takes control of the whole program is widely known as an RJ (radio jockey). The primary job or task of a radio jockey is to entertain the callers in the chat show. It includes evidently broadcasting by the radio and interconnect with the caller over telephone or email and online chat. The Radio Jockey must be talented to engross the audience/spectators with their voice and collection of words and should be efficient enough to place the content before the public matter.

Radio Jockey is an exhilarating, promising and exceptionally exciting career for music lovers. If you are actually attracted towards a radio jockey career, then it is very significant for you to have impulsive, pleasing, sociable temperament. A strong command over the language and good voice is a basic requirement if you want to pursue a career in this area. Other than this, to become a well-established radio jockey, you must also listen to renounced radio jockeys so you can apprehend their elegance and later progress with your own with rehearsal.

Being an RJ is not too hard. It just needs a desire, determination to be and most importantly the lucidity of mind.


Career Requirements

Degree Level Bachelor’s degree is ideal; public address anchors naturally only need a high school diploma
Degree Field Communications, broadcast journalism
Experience Experience as an RJ will be valued over education; employers expect RJs to have experience using broadcast equipment before hire
Key Skills Interpersonal, speaking, writing, and research skills, ability to be persistent; proficiency in using computers, editing and broadcast-related equipment
Salary $33,742 (2018 median salary for all radio jockeys)






How to Become a Successful Radio Jockey:

Here are a few points on how to apply and become a radio jockey:


  • Complete an undergraduate and a bachelor’s degree in the requisite field.
  • Undergo an internship
  • Attempt your hand at any local station for gaining experience that will help a lot in the future.
  • Expand your abilities by interacting with specialists in this field.
  • Built your reputation in a smaller market before making it large.







Best Courses Offered:



  • Certificate Course in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing (ABCD)
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ)
  • Certificate Course in Radio Production Programme
  • Diploma in Radio Jockeying (DRJ)
  • Diploma in Radio Management
  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (DRPM)
  • Diploma in Radio Station Operations and Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (PGDRM)



Colleges Offering These Courses:



  • Northpoint Centre of Learning, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Harkisan Mehta Institute Of Media, Research and Analysis (HMMRA) Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • ARM Academy of Radio Management, New Delhi, Delhi NC
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi, Delhi NCR
  • YWCA Institute of Mass Media Studies, New Delhi, Delhi NCR
  • The Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
  • Alis Academy of Radio and Television, Bhopal
  • RJ Institute of Radio Jockeying, Chandigarh



 Skills Required:



Nowadays to become an RJ is one of the topmost; in-demand career option for many youngsters. It has developed as a very trending career since the past decade. Only networking and playing sounds tracks does not make one a successful radio jockey. There are a few obligatory abilities, which one should possess. Some of them are-


  • Have a decent voice
  • Capability to modulate as per the circumstances
  • Perfect phrasing
  • Clear pronunciation
  • Language Fluency
  • Control the voice pitches
  • Good sense of humor
  • Creativity
  • Spontaneity
  • Good knowledge on music and things related to it
  • Down to earth nature
  • Approachability
  • Friendly



How to Apply and Become a Radio Jockey:


  1. Be creative:

Must possess a creative attitude. It is not intransigent science and mathematics where you need to cram the formulas and procedures, but the whole process and career revolve around your imaginative tactic. How and in what manner can you bring forward the novelty is the main part of being a radio jockey. If there will be no innovativeness, listeners will give your package a farewell.  Therefore, try to put in uniqueness each day, in whatever you do.



  1. Focused approach:

The next most important thing is to have an intensive style. It does not mean that you need to stick to one particular entity, but it means that you should be wholly concentrated on what you organize. As whatever you will do, must be presentable to the listeners.

The listeners will hear what you have organized, so make sure you do not befuddle and lose your listeners by differing from the path you have chosen.

Just focus on the link you will express in front of the microphone and for your viewers.



  1. Must have a good sense of humor:

An RJ should have a noble sense of humour since radio is listened by a maximum number of the people of our nation and it includes both countryside along with urban areas.

Most expressively, it is a listening device; people may get tired of listening to one individual the entire day, subsequently to make the notion exciting, it is vibrant to add some wit to your link. Alternatively, you are expected to lose your listeners.



  1. Knowledge and awareness is must:

An RJ should be up to date regarding the information, current affairs and the general awareness keeping in mind that most of the Indian population cater to radio for almost all sorts of information

If he or she will not have the appropriate statistics, then it may delude the listeners or you may even lose the reliability of your radio station.



  1. Good and fluent speaker:

Fluency in speaking is a major factor. An RJ must not fumble while talking. Clarity of speech and delivering the message should not be ignored.

Listeners of radio demand only good and fluent speakers. Consequently, emphasis and involvement in speaking is essential.



  1. Command over the languages:

One must possess perfect knowledge of languages like Punjabi, English, Hindi or any depending on the region where the radio station is positioned.



  1. Confidence is the key to succeed:

If you do not possess confidence, then you will never be able to place yourself in front of others. Therefore, be buoyant in whatever you do.



  1. One must be flexible and adaptable:

It means that if any emergency arises and you have to report instantly to your listeners, then you should have that ability to acclimatize yourself to that time in such a way that the listeners do not feel disconnected while heeding.

When listening, it generates a sort of friendly relation with the listener, subsequently to sustain that, be impulsive and quick-witted.



  1. Be original and have your own style:

Do not be artificial in front of the mic. This is because if you will be fake, it will not help you for too long but one day your station will lose credibility, authenticity as fake things does not last for long. So be realist, show what you are in actual. Do not be fake.



  1. Knowledge of all the technical instruments used in the radio station:

In a radio station, many instruments like mixers, CD players, headphone, microphone, faders etc. are used by the RJ’s to control the voice, pitch, modulation, to add effects, background music or the underlays.

So in order to control all those side by side, learn about the technical instruments that are used in the studio.






To be whatever you want to, there is a need of some enthusiasm, hard work and most importantly the attentiveness.You will not be able to give your best if you will not have any concern in a specific field to it. Therefore, to give your finest, the basic requirement is to execute in the preeminent style. For doing that, you must cosset in that drudgery and move in the depth of that grind. However, it is time taking but being an RJ is overall an exciting experience and one also gains a lot of knowledge. Hence, the one who loves making conversations and who expresses from the heart can be the star in this arena.

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