What Are Companies Looking For While Hiring Millennials

By Debasish Dutta, Managing Partner & CEO, Orange Corp, Global



Talent has always been in demand. But the new age has seen the surge of special skills that extend well beyond educational achievements, especially since expertise in a subject is now quite easily available. If a millennial wants to outshine his competitors there are some specific things to keep in mind, as these are the qualities that companies inevitably look for while hiring from the modern youth of 21st century.





There’s no point in being a jack of all trades in the corporate world, while you are welcome to be master of one or more. Point is, whatever be your subject, make sure that your knowledge in the field outshines others even if they have secured the same degree as you. For example, most students opt for engineering these days but not many have explored a specific domain within the field. If Artificial Intelligence interests you, go for it. Explore it in details, approaching the subject like a professional who means business. If coding or programming is your forte, explore the possibilities beyond your classwork and assessments. You may not be a complete expert on your own but that doesn’t matter. It is your enthusiasm and true interest in a subject that really draws admiration from companies, and employers are experienced enough to draw this little bit of information out of you within 5 mins.





Companies look for candidates with positive attitude, good implementer who are willing to say ‘yes’ to the tasks at hand but not with closed eyes or instead of those who might look for excuses to postpone the deadline. Corporate literally runs on guys like these, even though they may not have the best marks in whatever degrees they have. People who try to find a solution to every problem instead of finding a problem with every solution find themselves quickly climbing the ladder. Always keep in mind that companies try to hire future leaders who have the ability to lead from front even during tough times.This is a personality trait that is detected by experienced interviewers and one must really incorporate this attitude in his or her personality if the candidate is to convince the interviewer of his positivity.





Communication plays an immensely decisive role in evaluating a millennial’s candidacy. Even a job that requires least communication, like a programmer, it is still of utmost importance that the person is able to share his views and strategies clearly to his team and senior. You don’t need to an extrovert or extremely fluid in English to prove your communication skills. Sharing of ideas and the strength of confidence are reflected in how one chooses to present the problem and then offer a solution. This is like giving a small presentation with every idea, irrespective of whether you are communicating with junior or seniors or potential employers, keeping in mind that every thought sharing process has requirements for a progressive communication. Meaning, clarity is required in both thought and speech.




There are candidates who, in spite of being intelligent, make glaring mistakes in the tasks appointed to them. Employers have evaluated this characteristic for years because it doesn’t make sense why a top scorer or eligible candidate would be unwilling to work on the necessary details and ensure its correctness.Such candidates do not put full concentration in the task at hand and are easily distracted. If you are somewhat similar, be very sure to work on this trait because no company likes to hire a top scorer who gives disastrous output. An ideal candidate is he who puts full concentration in his work and remains focussed on the target. No research or evaluation is possible if you do not have the eye for details. Therefore, this is a very important characteristic that an employer looks for and cherishes, because not only this ensures a flawless job but also allows for the opportunity to evaluate a situation or assignment.


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