What Does It Take To Be A Successful And Champion Entrepreneur?

By Dr. Veni Nair – Assistant Director – ITM Business School


 Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the one’s you did.” Mark Twain.


The above saying by Mark twain may hold true for many, but not for champion entrepreneurs. Becoming an entrepreneur starts with knowing one’s strength and taking advantage of it. While studying the journeys of many successful entrepreneurs, one canobserve similar patterns of behaviour or characteristics.


Some of the most common behaviour characteristics running among all champion entrepreneurs are=


Passion- This makes the entrepreneur dream big and aim high. It is this passion that creates the fire in the belly and gives him the resilience when the going getstough.


Discipline- Unlike popular belief that creativity and discipline doesn’t go hand in hand, Entrepreneurs are disciplined and at the same time creative. They have razor-sharp focus towards their goals.


Flexible- Open mind to change is of utmost importance in the dynamic world that they are operate the businesses. Ideas are constantly generated to improve the business. Unless they are open to new ideas their business may become obsolete.


Continuous Learner- They have a thorough understanding of the entire business. They must acquire new knowledge to keep themselves updated. They are constant learners.


People Skills- They are excellent team players and exhibit strong leadership qualities. They know how to motivate the team for results.


Vision- They have a clear vision of their business. Everything they do has a purpose. They work towards their goal relentlessly.


Risk Taker- This is one quality that pushes them out of the comfort zone to explore new opportunities and leave the comfort of a salaried job to start their own.


Creativity- They think out of the box and come up with solutions for problems. They have highly innovative minds that require that they are contributing to something that will have a true impact on society.


Recently, Duke University found out the most sought after demographic and psychographic factors great entrepreneurs share.They listed the factors as  super smart in high school, some industry experience under the belt, married. They are motivated to build a company and create wealth.They are natural leaders. These entrepreneurs believe that the  future can be shaped by human action and right decision making They become problem solvers, trying to solve problems at various levels. These are the people that the world requires to make it a better place.






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