What is Bill Gate’s Biggest Weakness?

Ever wonder if a successful billionaire’s biggest weakness is.  Surprisingly, it is a common one for many managers.  Bill Gates during a Q&A with his wife Melinda and Lin-Manuel Miranda in New York City last month, revealed his biggest weakness has always been “dealing with the hiring issues, the management issues,” says Gates. “I always have to get other people to come in and help … build up the team.”

 And any area he’s not particularly passionate about could be considered a weakness, Gates adds: “Even areas like sales and accounting that weren’t as exciting to me as the engineering pieces — if it’s not exciting to you, you’re probably not going to be as good at it, so we brought a ton of people in on those things.”
I can tell you as a fellow entrepreneur that this is the biggest decision you can make given what is at stake.  Hire the wrong person and it can take months if not years to correct.  Hire the right person and it can pay dividends right away.  See video below for  more:
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