How Whizjuniors Helps School Kids to Learn Newest and Most Sought After Technology Courses


With cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning becoming more and more integral to business operations in the IT/ITES sector, the demand for professionals with evolved, tech-led skill-sets are increasing every day. Expertise in areas such as data compliance and cybersecurity are becoming much sought-after, given how critical data privacy and information security have become in the global business discourse. With rapid technological advancement paving the way for a high-growth, high-value jobs ecosystem, continuous learning is necessary to align with the definition of the new-age workforce.


Whizjuniors, a social gamified tech learning platform for school students is democratizing technology learning and making learning fun. The platform is introduced to students through their schools.


“The motto is to solve the problem of tomorrow, by making people realize that technology is what they need to know. Computer skills and entrepreneur skills are the major skills imparted currently through Whizjuniors platform,” informed Vidushi Daga, CEO, Clone Futura & WHIZ Juniors.



Whizjuniors is a creative computer skill imparting platform wherein 1.88 lac kids have learned to program and build games, apps, websites and more. Whizjuniors offers self-paced online courses for children to learn various computer courses at home, as well as an engaging computer science curriculum for schools. The newest and the most sought after courses like Python and Adobe are much in demand.


Features of Whizjuniors


  • Guided, Self-Paced Learning
  • Step-by-Step Success & DIY Projects
  • Interactive Approach
  • Engaging Puzzles
  • Independent Game-Building
  • Fun Challenges
  • Limitless Creativity


Partnership with UNESCO Center for Peace


One of the Whizjuniors students, Aahaan Phadnis, was the Global winner of the UNESCO Competition last year. He was honored for receiving the recognition and thanked Whizjuniors for his victory as he has learned all those Technology skills from His performance and determination caught the eye of the UNESCO’s director and that is where the journey of this collaboration began.


“That is exactly where they thought of partnering with an organization that has a mission which aligns with their mission and vision. Hence, this association with UNESCO happened,” shared Daga.


“We work as two separate organizations and have our own set of goals and aims to achieve. But there is that one thing that stays in common between the two organizations is the want of bettering the future of Children and the youth, who will ultimately lead the world. We have been continuously and fabulously working on the same and we strive to keep this association an everlasting one with UNESCO,” she added.


The idea behind the partnership is to give an opportunity and a global platform to more and more students by maintaining focus on the want of bettering the future of Children and the youth that is ultimately going to lead the world.


Fulfilling larger goals of education


The goals are-

To contribute in the global efforts to provide quality education for all


Mobilizing knowledge and policies for sustainable development


To help build inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication


Enhancing entrepreneurial and learning skills of young minds


According to Daga, they had seen many kids with ideas of entrepreneurship, ideas that they wanted to seed and water enough for it to grow bigger and louder.


“Our platform has given them the path to building their dreams. A student came up with the idea of GharkaKhana, wherein he supplies food to working professional that housewives make, hence reducing the consumption of junk, thus giving a tough competition to the current food delivery company. We are helping him build the idea through a website and an app,” she explained.


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