Why Career In Vedic Maths Is The Right Choice

Are you passionate about Mathematics? Do you love to teach students and make a difference?Do you wish to go global with your Maths Skills and teach students in New York or Singapore for that matter? Consider a career in Vedic Mathematics.


Vedic Maths is the World’s Fastest Mental Maths System originating in India. It was founded by an Indian Saint Tirthaji who went into meditation about 100 years ago in South India for eight long years and researched Vedic Mathematics. He authored a book in which he gave 16 Sutras or word formulas by which one can calculate faster and quicker compared to the traditional system.


Now these formulas have applications globally and students from grade III to XII and even competitive exam aspirants can benefit from the system. So as a teacher you may consider using them first for your own students and then slowly starting to spread the word in your community.


Fast emerging as a new option for students

Vedic Mathematics is emerging as a new option for students and teachers in India. Vedic Mathematics is the ancient system of Mathematics from the Vedic period. It is one of the world’s fastest math systems and students who study math see it as a blessing and they swear by it. A Student in today’s modern day has the option of using vedic math and acing his math scores. Such is the power of this age old system discovered by a saint from India in the early 20th century.


Math has become a phobia for students. Students dread Mathematics to an extent they hate it. Students contemplate suicide after a failure in Math which is considered one of the most difficult subjects to crack. There is little or no alternative to make math easier in the academic system. Students have no choice but to deal with it. In such a scenario Vedic Mathematics has emerged as an alternative which the students can take up to create an interest in Math and to make calculations easier. Vedic Maths fits in easily with the current academic system and any student can learn it.


Situation outside India is no different-in fact it grows worse. Countries like United States and United Kingdom lag behind South East Asian Countries in the field of Mathematics. Countries in the Middle east and Africa has a Math literacy rate of only 28% – this means 72% of all students who appear in a Math Exam – Fail.  This is an abysmal figure by any standards. Hence this situation presents itself as an opportunity in the field of Mathematics in these countries.


Figure: Nations Ranked based on the Average Mathematics Scores of 4th graders 2007

1          Hong Kong

2          Singapore

3          Chinese Taipei

4          Japan

5          Kazakhstan

6          Russia

7          England

8          Latvia

9          Netherlands

10        Lithuania

11        United States


(Please Note United States is at Number 11 and India did not participate in the study)


Source: TIMSS 2007 nces.ed.gov/timss


Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

The Government in these countries wants to increase their Math Literacy Rate to cope up in the fields of engineering, management and commerce. With a high number of students dropping Mathematics at high school level, countries after countries lag behind.  Also later there is a low number of teachers teaching Mathematics. So you have schools where no Math classes are held in reality.


Such a global scenario presents itself as an opportunity before a young mind looking for career alternatives. There is a huge demand globally of capable Math teachers who can change the world for the better. A Math teacher empowered with Vedic Mathematics skills is a killer combination. Students lack in Mental Math Skills and this teacher fills this gap and creates a better world.


Eligibility to study Vedic Math

Anyone with basic knowledge of Math up-to Grade 4 can study Vedic Mathematics.


Vedic Maths as a career

Vedic Mathematics as a career has beautiful prospects.

In this 21st century we are seeing India as an emerged super power whereas the United States and United Kingdom are fighting recession. There are job losses in these economies which mean parents have a difficult time dealing with their student’s education in these countries. Math tutoring services are one of the most expensive services availed by every parent. Math teachers charge upto US $ 99 ( INR Rs.4200)  per hour which adds upto a monthly spending of over US $ 1000 ( Rs.42,000) per child just on Math tutoring services. Obviously not every parent can afford that because of the recession.


Therefore Math tutoring services are now being outsourced to India. Maths teachers are in chronic short supply in Britain. Maths graduates are offered a golden handshake of 5,000 pounds when they enroll on postgraduate teacher training courses. In 2009, some 5,980 students graduated in maths in Britain. While in India, 690,000 students graduate with degrees in science and maths each year.


Therefore there is a demand and supply gap and Indian Graduates can make the best of it.


A Graduate can charge up-to 7-10 pounds an hour offering Math services. The tutors use an interactive whiteboard to conduct lessons. They communicate with pupils through a headset. Students can see their tutor’s face on the screen. Not only can the Indian Math graduate offer cheaper and reliable services but he can offer a better value proposition through Vedic Mathematics. This is where a country like India makes a global impact.


There are more opportunities in this field of Vedic Mathematics. Since this field is emerging a trainer in this field can get employment in the best of schools in India and abroad. One can also be an entrepreneur and start his own company offering services in the field. One can associate with schools and start regular training to the students in this field.


Math Support Services are needed in the education sector. The Indian Government has called for PPP ( Public Private Partnerships) between individuals and the academia. The Government has made it mandatory to set up Math Laboratories under the CBSE Board and have invited proposals from the society to make math interesting. Schools are looking for support services and alternative means to make Math interesting. The existing system of education has clearly failed. This is one of the reasons why Abacus has been made very popular in the country. It has been adopted by the Schools in partnerships with individuals. The same can be done with Vedic Mathematics.


Organizations offering Math Support services are much in demand in India and abroad because of fundamental supply gap of the Math Industry. This is where Vedic Mathematics makes a difference and adds value because it is the world’s fastest system of Mental Mathematics, it integrates with any curriculum globally and it is very simple to understand! Hence in the long term having a career in Vedic Mathematics is awarding and profitable.


Institutions in India offering Vedic Maths courses

The Vedic Maths Forum India offers teacher training courses on Vedic Mathematics. The same can be got online by enrolling at the website http://www.vedicmathsindia.org . Courses equip the teachers with fundamental knowledge of the system, inter-personal skills required to be a good teacher and the business prospects of the system. They are also trained in the various prevalent Math curriculums abroad . It also offers employment to people who want a career in it and places students in its various projects abroad.


Bright spark Education is a company based in Punjab who offers math tutoring services in London. They train teachers and recruit them in their company.


Magical Methods is an organization based in New Delhi which also offers Teachers Training courses. The teachers are made aware of the franchise system they offer and are given a business plan to pursue.


TutorVista is an online tutoring company geared towards students. It relies on a combination of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, instant messaging, a toll-free fax number (allowing review of printed materials), and an electronic blackboard. TutorVista’s operations are entirely located in Bangalore,India, but most of its market is abroad. The company provides 24/7 help to students in a variety of subjects.


Expert Speaks

We got in touch with a successful edu-preneur, who has taken his career in Vedic maths to a newer level of accomplishment.


Meet Gaurav Tekriwal, founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India.  Tekriwal feels you can do numerous things with such a powerful concept. “Students are struggling with Mathematics world-wide and you can actually start teaching them the concept. This teaching or transfer of skills can be done in many ways by Workshops, Seminars, Books, DTH (Direct to Home TV), Mobile Apps, Chatbots and Regular Classes in academic institutions. You can get really creative about the same and use the current technologies available to teach overseas as well,” he shared.


Tekriwal maintained that Vedic Maths just like Yoga is the new age cure for students studying Mathematics. “The system is so simple and easy that anyone can learn it and get interested in Mathematics. Because of the nature of the system you get rewarded soon and your word spreads in your community and soon you will find hundreds of students coming to you for learning this amazing system,” he added.


You need to have a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship when getting in this field. You would need to learn from Day 1 on job that how would you promote Vedic Maths. If you are dedicated and have the right skill sets you would soon be at the top of this field.

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