Why Community Service can be the answer to your Dream College

This summer, get started with community service and #SocialImpact

  • Are you a high schooler interested in social impact but confused about where to start your impact journey?
  • Are you looking to Field test your Social Impact Idea but not sure how?
  • Or are you looking to contribute and make friends who love the same causes as you do?
  • 1750+ Change Warriors from 15 countries have paved the way for Social Change and we believe you can be one too! 

Join TribesforGOOD’s Summer Programs on themes ranging from climate action, LGBTQIA+, Design Innovation, and more. Applications Open

Why Community Service & Social Impact Programs?

If you are applying to Ivy League Universities, you may have wondered – how universities decide on one student over another. What is happening in the admission space?

Students who are ranked 1 in 4 in academics are over 60% likely to be accepted. Even if you got a perfect SAT score and were valedictorian of your school, you would only be a 2 out of 4. So, how do you get a 1 rank? 

Along with an excellent academic record and test score, a community service project that sets you apart – perhaps your own non-profit, or a social impact project which helps your community, can immensely benefit your college application. Read 5 Impactful Community Service Themes for College Applications.

Ivy League Universities and Community Service: A deeper look

Let us take the case of Harvard University. Under the description of what Harvard looks for, in a potential student, growth and potential as important categories. It features questions like the following: 

  • Do you have initiative? Are you a self-starter? What motivates you?
  • How have you used your time?
  • Where will you be in one, five, or 25 years? Will you contribute something to those around you?

Having your own social impact project or a good track record of community service can greatly help you present yourself as a highly motivated individual who takes initiative, and cares truly for the people around you and your community and help you answer the above questions. Harvard equally emphasizes extracurricular activities, and a community project can be your arena where you show commitment and a variety of skills.

To take it a step further, apply for national or international level awards for the community work that you have done. Read how colleges look at volunteering and community service.

Step-by-Step Guidance on Community Service Work as High School Students

Step 1: Start with the Why?

Finding why you want to work on a cause is crucial, have concrete examples of why you feel compelled to work on this cause just like Aadi.

I want to spread my experience and knowledge in sciences with others (especially girls) and make them realize just how much you can do with science, it’s not only boring data collection but going out in the world and discovering something new.

– Aadi Raj Dewan, Grade 11, Step by Step School Noida

Aadi’s Story

community service for high school students

As he was nearing the completion of his schooling, TribesforGOOD’s Changewarrior Aadi Dewan found himself constantly wondering what he wanted to pursue in college, and what path to follow in his future. 

Aadi realized how many students have a strained relationship with science subjects. This knowledge motivated him to do something about it, which eventually resulted in Project Ripple.

Since Aadi lives in a large society, there are a large number of households who either come to the society every day or stay inside permanently, along with their family including children.

He realized that he found an audience that could benefit from basic science education. As a class topper himself, Aadi decided to pass on his knowledge by conducting free Maths and Science classes for the children of the staff members and household helps in his community.

He coordinated with the students through the society’s officials and managed to find a space for them to attend the classes. He taught the children (till class 8) free of any financial requirements, and the only thing they had to have were just a pen and a notebook. He was able to improve their educational base on science. 

Read Top 10 Community Service Ideas for High School Students.

Step 2: Identify themes that you strongly care about

summer projects for high school students around community service

At TribesforGOOD, we offer 10 cutting-edge themes from Climate Ambition and Sustainability, Design Innovation, Education & School Transformation/STEM & Economics, Human Trafficking & Gender-Based Violence, LGBTQIA+ & Mental Health, Inclusive Fintech & Financial Services, Food and Nutrition x Gender x Health and Diseases, Tech & Social Impact, Performing Arts and Research-led Social Impact Projects. 

Aryaa Mishra, a Grade 11 student from Delhi Public School, Noida, made an exceptional impact in the community through her venture @menstrulog, a youth-led initiative spreading awareness about dealing with Mental & Menstrual Health issues through Music.

Music has been life-changing for us in many ways and we don’t want anyone to go through their mental and menstrual perplexity alone. This is a passion-driven initiative, and we aspire to reach out to people across the globe. Even if we can help one person, we will accomplish our motto of reducing pain and spreading awareness”.

– Aarya Misha, Grade 11, DPS Noida

Step 3: Sign up for structured Summer Programs like TribesforGOOD

ProgramGradeDurationBatchOutcomeFee (INR)
Young Advocates5 – 81 Week (10 Hours)May 10 / Jun 10 / Jul 10Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
Newsletter creation
Online Fieldwork sessions
Podcast participation
10,000 + 18% GST
Global Challenges & Social Justice9 – 124 Weeks (25 Hours)Apr 1 / Apr 15 / May 1 / May 15 / Jun 1 / Jun 15 / Jul 1 / Jul 1525 hours certified for service
Letter orf Recommendation
Podcast Participation
26,000 + 18% GST
Reimagining Global Challenges (Advanced)10 – 126 Weeks (55 Hours)May 15 / Jun 15 / Jul 1555 hours of certified service
Get nominated for International Awards
Letter of Recommendation
Podcast participation
32,000 + 18% GST

About the Program

The Global Challenges and Social Justice Program provides students with a basic introduction to innovation and social entrepreneurship through expert-led workshops, learn-by-doing modules, and social impact projects, which will set them on a path to becoming a changemaker. Throughout the program, the students will be guided by an experienced professional or a mentor, who will help them break down their project into sizable parts.


  • Grade: 9-12  (13 years onwards)
  • Batch Starts: 1 April/ 15 April/ 1 May/ 15 May/ 1 June/ 15 June/ 1 July/ 15 July/ 1Aug
  • Duration: 4 weeks (3 classes per week) + 1-year long mentorship
  • Modality: Zoom classes 
  • Application process: Form+ Video Interview

Program Schedule

Students will be given pre-reads before the program starts. The group size is capped at 20. A few select students will be invited to participate in TribesforGOOD’s podcast and monthly newsletter.

Session 1Induction – The Big Why; Why work in Social Impact
Session 21. Introduction to the problem statement
2. Introduce NGO beneficiary/ Team – Overcome assumptions / Deepen Knowledge
3. SWOT/ Role Play Activities
Session 3Prep for virtual field-work on a theme of choice
Session 4Mock virtual field-work
Session 5Expert Sessions: NGO leadership team. Take the project to your neighborhood – Community project based on a theme
Session 6Field-Work -1 + reflections
Session 7Take the project to your neighborhood -Crowdsourcing Campaign/ Podcast
Session 8Project Updates/ Mentoring Sessions
Session 9Impact assessment: Pitching + Report Writing
Session 10Field-Work -2 + reflections
Session 11Mentor Hours – Future Scope
Session 12Graduation: Group Pitch like a Shark!

Stories of Change: Niharika

Niharika made an exceptional impact in the community by raising awareness about the inequalities faced by women from tribal backgrounds. Niharika also made a documentary titled “Maahtari”, on the gender-based struggles of tribal women in Chhattisgarh.

Volunteering and Community Service Summer Programs for High School Students 2023

Gender equality has always been a passion very close to my heart. Explicitly or indirectly, all genders have experienced some sort of inequality. However, I wanted to look beyond these inequalities that persist in an urban background and instead understand the stories of rural India, of marginalised communities who have been historically excluded from the Indian mainstream. While pondering about this thought, what instantly clicked with me was to perhaps interact with tribal women and understand their plight.

– Niharika Dwivedi, Grade 10, Pathways School, Noida

The impact that you can make

TribesforGOOD has since 2018, acted as a springboard for People with Passion. We have proudly helped students, professionals, and citizens like you, work on issues that matter the most and create impact. We believe in the power of experience. Our fieldwork programs have enabled 1750+ high school students to step into real-life actualities of the issues and create an impact in communities in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Looking for Community Service Experience?

Applications are open for the TribesforGOOD Programs 2023

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