Why Indian High School Students Should Opt for Summer Programs

Summer break is the time to learn new things and experience life, especially for high school students. Parents also get their well-deserved break during the summer to go on vacations with their kids or just to spend time with them. Gradually, with the competition rising, it is also important for a student to capture this opportunity for a new experience that will help them understand the future of their career and professional life better. It is also essential for a parent to make their child join a summer school program during this break to ensure not only a quality education experience but a better future for them.

Why Summer Programs are Beneficial for High School Students in India

Here are a few reasons why Indian high school students should go for summer programs:

Making Well-Informed Career Decisions:

By attending pre-college summer programs, you get a chance to study a subject and/or get hands-on experience beyond what your high school offers. Additionally, you get a firsthand feel for what college life is like, which may make transitioning to college easier when the time comes.

Indian kids have been traditionally opting for Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce, or Arts on the basis of grades, entrance exams, peer pressure, or just hype. At times, students opt for career paths after Class 12 solely on the basis of relatives’ recommendations or psychometric tests.

Career aptitude tests are good indicators. However, they are not always 100% reliable. More importantly, you don’t get to know whether you will like the subjects in college or not.

Summer programs provide an excellent chance to make well-informed career decisions in terms of interests and skillset.

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A New Experience:

School is fun and becomes almost a second home for students. Schools provide education but on a tight routine. Summer programs can give you the opportunity to break out from this tight routine and explore things you’re curious about in ways that you can’t in school or even through extracurricular activities during the academic year. They can likewise assist you with taking your work in a space to a higher level and explaining your particular areas of interest.

Get A Leg Up In College Admissions:

Colleges want to see that you are committed to extracurricular throughout the school year, but they also love it when you are making the work to grow and extend yourself over the summer. How you manage your time can assist you with standing apart from different candidates who have comparative grades. If you’re wondering whether you can add your summer program experience to your CV; yes, it counts. Extracurricular exercises can be either inside or beyond school, including in late spring.

Level Up And Stand Out:

Summer programs don’t only act as an extra-curricular you did in your holidays that you could add to your CV. It also changes a lot of things you learn and in the way you learn. You grow from such experiences; it can even change your whole perspective toward a certain subject or line of study. The transformations you experience through participation in such a program can give you an edge, especially if you describe your turning point somewhere in your application package. All in all, it’s not the simple reality of taking an interest that is important. It is the effect the program has on you.

Getting Involved in Community Work and Social Good

Volunteering and community work demonstrates a level of civic awareness and empathy for others, and it can reflect issues that you’re passionate about. Top colleges like to have students who are “good citizens” and want to do good.

Specialized summer programs around community service and social impact can help you not only with college admissions, but also with self-discovery and personal growth.

Various Types of Summer Programs

International Summer Programs:

There are many different kinds of summer programs both in India and globally. While the majority are academic, summer programs can also be in music, arts, drama, theatre and sports, and other subjects that aren’t included in the mainstream.

There are even programs that focus on building skills such as leadership, communication, and management. Generally, international summer programs take place in July and August. This is often a hurdle for students studying in the Indian system as the Indian summer vacation is during May and July.

Summer Programs in India:

Summer programs are relatively a new concept in India.

Since the year 2020 (after the Coronavirus pandemic), many summer school providers canceled their offline/residential summer programs. Some of the best summer programs like Symbiosis Summer School and Doon Summer School are not even happening in 2022. Check out the best summer programs for high school students in India.


A Summer Program is the secret to studying abroad that many students don’t know about. Instead of using those long summer months to lay back and chill, why not have an educating adventure instead?

Summer programs offer the same course credits as fall or spring semesters, but can be way shorter (some programs are as short as two weeks!), more affordable, and way cooler, as they usually offer more chances to learn outside the four dividers of a traditional classroom.

Choosing the perfect summer study abroad program is not an easy task.

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