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Canada is the current hotcake for many international students not only because of the country’s multicultural society and flexible immigration policies. Students target Canada because the Canadian education system is one of the best in the world. Since 2016, Canada has been consistently featuring among the top 5 countries with the best higher education systems in the world (Source: QS Top Universities). As per the report by the US News, Canada is the 3rd best country for education in the world in 2020.

The frequent mentions like the UK and USA fetched the top two spots. The next four spots are occupied by Germany, France, Australia, and Switzerland. Sweden, Japan, and the Netherlands grabbed the last three spots. Canada took the 3rd spot on the list for the second consecutive year. So, why is Canada one of the best countries for education? In this post, Trisha Som (from Leverage Edu) throws some light on the education system in Canada.

Why is Canadian Education System one of the Best in the World?

By Trisha Som (Leverage Edu)

The education system in Canadian is ranked among the best in the world. The best countries are ranked for education based on certain conceptualized global surveys that are based on the compilation of data from equally educationally developed countries where the system of public education is well developed, the people would consider attending universities and that provides the best quality education. For the quality of life, Canada is also ranked first place and overall it is considered as the third-best country in the world.

What do the Data Say?

The report also suggests that Canada is one of the best countries when considering its business environment and citizenship favourability. A report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that the education system in Canada is constantly climbing the ladder of success and rising up in the rankings. Although the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report among other things suggests improvements in math scores in Canada. As the debate goes on the overall performance in the education sector is quite challenging. Although Canada is being praised for its performances in the education sector, better performances and outcomes from the newcomers are needed.

There are plenty of reasons to study in Canada. In the whole world, Canada is one of the best countries as well as the safest one; Canada gives a unique life and living standards. Being in Canada and studying here one can have the best international standard of education from the best academic and educationists of the world. It is known for providing world-class education starting from kindergarten level to higher secondary levels. Educators are highly trained and most of them have international degrees, give broader perspectives.

In Canada, international students get a safe and friendly atmosphere and can have peace of mind and enjoy a high standard of living. Simultaneously the students can work in their leisure time. Pass out students have a bright future over here because of millions of job creations. The cost of living in Canada is also affordable. The tuition fees of almost all the universities are very low which results in students from all over the world come to this country. Being in Canada there are plenty of opportunities to experience the change in its climate, culture, and way of life.

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Scenic Study Environments

The beautiful and tranquil environment at universities in Canada is a major plus point for students as this gives them plenty of opportunities for not only pursuing curriculum studies but also extracurricular and self-help activities. If you want to write a book, work on creating some music, paint, or draw the landscape on your sheet, Canadian cities and country are a top choice. What’s more, you can also sign up for local writing workshops or artist retreats where you can learn from the experiences of others, interact, communicate and build strong relationships.

A Brewing Pot of Cultures

Canada attracts talent from all nooks and corners of the world and because it affords special emphasis on multiculturalism, incoming students find it at home while pursuing their courses at Canadian universities. With encouraging professors, friendly communities, and students from diverse communities, you interact and get to know many different cultures and customs. Further, it aids you in developing your ideas, how to better interpret your own beliefs. Studying abroad is a difficult journey, no doubt, but when amidst such a unique environment, you have all the tools to make it the best experience of your life.

Multilingual Campus, City, and Country

Canada has two official languages, French and English. In that respect, students can take advantage of learning French through vernacular means. Though studies can generally be undertaken in both languages, by regularly interacting with your friends, colleagues, your local shops, neighbors, you can learn an additional language, in most cases, French. In particular, the province of Quebec is considered the hub of French natives.

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Places of Study

The University of Toronto is known for contributing to the world economy with amazing concepts. It is the best and most talked about institute of research in Canada. The university pays much attention to make lifelong connections with international universities and companies that are beneficial to the students.  University de Montreal is a very popular university that is ranked 5th in the whole world. Languages such as English and French are used as a mode of communication.

McGill University is a very renowned university that brings in several students every year to complete their PhD. Students love to interact and participate in these programs organized by these universities where scholars and innovators come from all over the world.

Queen’s University in Kingston is again a renowned university that brings new ideas and concepts to the world.  Calgary University is one with innovative plans for this generation. This university in Canada keeps in mind providing the students with the newest form of technology to learn and teach. Western Ontario University also focuses on providing new technologies and amenities to students for analysis and research.

The University of Waterloo can be said as just the other name of innovation, it is always the first to bring and introduce something new. The  University of British Columbia is best for providing students with the best research and analysis support with excellent faculty. McMaster University in Hamilton is a world-class center for public research and has fed inquiry and curiosity over a century. The University of Alberta is famous for its excellent performance in the fields of science, arts as well as social science subjects.

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Author Bio: Trisha Som is a graduate of economics who writes on issues of finance, business, and management. Her work has been frequently been published on numerous online portals.

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