Online Service Platforms – Boon or Bane

Throughout the past centuries, man has been a witness to the various developments made by humanity. The last two decades have seen the growth of the online mode of work. The world has now turned into a global village with the help of technologies and web advancements. Everything a person needs is just a click away, be it ordering food at online ordering platforms such or Swiggy or Zomato or be it searching about proper educational colleges or universities online in platforms such as GetMyUni. It has helped people all over the world to connect more intimately. People now have access to almost everything just from their mobile phones, be it international news, ordering food or medicines or even information about courses and colleges.

Various startups have come up, which has made it easy for the masses to avail anything available in the online mode. Consumers now have become experienced in how to buy materials online, be it clothes or any other material. In such cases, the only they trust are the ratings and comments given by other customers. I had made purchasing items and deciding upon essential things in their life, a comparatively more straightforward step than before. If we take examples of the educational platforms, for students to get to know about a particular college in detail, be it anywhere in India, they had to go to the college and see for themselves and talk to other students studying there and only then they could get to know how good the college is.

Why is it Important?

But, educational websites such as GetMyUni brings all this information about different streams and different colleges and universities under one website, where hundreds of students have put up their personal reviews about their college. It makes it easier for students and their parents to choose from more options and compare the colleges amongst themselves. They get to compare the colleges and universities depending upon various parameters such as fees, quality of courses, extracurricular activities and future scope. The reviews given by thousands of students and the career counsellors provided along with such websites help the students to choose the course they are best suited for along with choosing the best college according to their requirements.

How is it Different?

Online platforms like GetMyUni, provide a bias-free online boutique to students from all over the country who want to go forward with their dreams and choose the best educational institute for themselves. It is a Times educational startup which is internet backed and works towards the motto they started with, to help students choose the right course and the right college for the type of education they want by providing them with all the necessary information about various colleges and universities and also about entrance exams to various courses and boards along with the data points, student ratings, reviews and forums which help in a clear view of the college. GetMyUni claims to have over 10,000 colleges listed and over 45,000 student-written bias-free reviews on its platform which have only increased since the start of the company. All the reviews and ratings are verified, making the website a high-quality one, ready for the go-to college students to take information from. The company keeps on working towards their one goal, which is to make this online educational website the best college search destination for the students and the parents from where they can doubt freely take up suggestions. Even now, a lot of students get misguided by the various offline college consultants who market the college details according to their own needs, and the student’s faith gets compromised. An appropriate portal promises and assures the students to provide them with glitch-free information so that the student can have a free choice of his or her college or university depending upon his background, academic marks, abilities and needs. All the online educational websites such as GetMyUni does is providing their customer with the best available set of recommendations depending upon the candidate’s own choice and needs. Education and the quality of education served is the only concerning thing for most of the students now, and such online websites make that much easier for the general masses.

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