Why UK is the best location for overseas students?

Are you planning to study abroad in the UK next year? The United Kingdom is one of the most visited regions in the world, with a stealthy population that is made up of a recorded 2.3 million students in 2018. If you’re seriously considering moving to the UK to study and expand your horizons, you should take a look at the following benefits which will offer reassurance on your big move.


Why the UK is the best location for overseas students?

By Heather Jones


World-renowned education


The UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including the well-known Oxford and Cambridge universities, along with many other esteemed institutions. Across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland you will find an array of universities that offer a combined number of 50,000 topics that cover 25 different subject areas – so there is definitely something for everyone.


Obtaining a degree from a UK-based university will help you stand out as a graduate prospect, as UK degree qualifications are recognized worldwide, so after university, you could get a job anywhere in the world. You will also benefit from living in an English-speaking country, as many universities offer English language courses which allow you to develop your skills in the world’s second most spoken language.


Reasonable tuition fees


In comparison to countries like the USA and Australia, the UK has reasonably priced tuition fees which are set at £9,250 per year for students in the EU, so everybody in Europe has an equal opportunity to attend university.


There are some funding options for overseas students such as scholarships that are awarded to those who have showcased their knowledge or talent in an exceptional way and may receive full or partial coverage of their tuition fees. This is an excellent system for awarding those who work hard and are committed to their studies, and also opens doors for students who otherwise could not afford to attend university.


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Cultural experiences


Many people assume that living in England is all about drinking tea and staying out of the rain, however across the UK there are many different cultures that students can experience.


If you decide to study in London, you will experience the vast culture and history across the city, which comes in the form of museums, palaces, theatres, music venues and more which people all over the world come together to enjoy.


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There is plenty to do in the cosmopolitan cities in the UK such as Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh, although some prefer the quieter countries. There are plenty of great countryside university campuses including Bath, Chester, Leicester and more which all offer a more rural feel. While many people prefer the hustle and bustle of city universities, quieter institutions provide a more raw and historical experience for students. However, in some towns and cities, you can find a mixture of the two, as the UK is known for its contrasting cultures, where you can find world heritage site wonders right next to contemporary skyscrapers.


Growing employment opportunities


By becoming a UK student, you can obtain a visa that enables you to benefit from thousands of job opportunities on your doorstep. This is ideal for funding your lifestyle while you study, as a student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours part-time where you will be paid the legally-required minimum wage. You could also consider seeking out an internship opportunity to complement your degree. For example, you may be interested in studying fashion in London, where you will have access to some of the best brands in the world.


After university, you may decide to stay in the UK and start your career with new regulations allowing international students to remain in the UK for up to two years after graduation. You can now make the most of these new rules by seeking opportunities in major cities like Manchester, which has some of the best digital and creative companies in the world. Here, you can find openings in the BBC and ITV, as well as many upcoming start-ups in the reputable MediaCity district.


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High-quality accommodation


One of the most important things you need to consider when moving abroad is where you’re going to live. In the UK, there are thousands of properties available including student halls, private apartments, and purpose-built student accommodation, offering something for everyone.


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PBSAs are one of the most popular options for overseas students who are looking for private accommodation which caters to the student lifestyle. For example, RW Invest offers all students the chance to live in their luxury apartments which are just a stone’s throw away from city-center universities based in Liverpool and Leicester. These feature luxury amenities such as gym facilities and a concierge service, which will enable you to get a taste of the high life for affordable prices.





Affordable lifestyle


Another advantage of studying abroad in the UK is a low-cost lifestyle, which allows students to enjoy the university experience. While areas like London can be more costly for students, you can take advantage of student perks on sites like Student beans or UNiDAYs, where you can find massive discounts on clothes, restaurants, bars and more.


In comparison to other European countries, it is one of the most affordable locations, especially in significant university cities like Liverpool and Nottingham, where you can find some of the cheapest student nights out in the world. This will enable you to keep your living costs down, so you can enjoy all the trappings of student life without worrying too much about your finances.



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