Why Volunteering Is An Integral Part Of Development Of A Student

Subhojit Roy, Co founder Connections PR & Rotarian





“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more,” said H. Jackson Brown Jr.


This gives a different perspective and purpose of education. Knowledge from education has the power to change the society around us and so is the need to imbibe the concept of social welfare among the students right from the beginning as that is the development phase of an individual.


Formal Education is mostly theoretical knowledge without much of practical knowledge. Applying the gained knowledge for the development of the society helps in the understanding as well being aware of social issues affecting us.


The idea is to give back and help those are the have not’s in society. Most people want to volunteer to improve situations or help people. Majority of students who volunteer are motivated by a desire to improve things or help people. Those who volunteer at school get an opportunity to better their teaching skills, become better leaders and develop a sense of pride in contributing to students’ success. It also helps build leadership skills in students.


Volunteering helps the students prepare for the college and required volunteering helps students to gain professional experience.


The home and the educational institution of a student are the places where he imbibes the spirit of social-service. Modern education systems globally lay a lot of experience on social service as an important part of the school activities.


Student life is the most appropriate time for social service as those formative years strengthens the character of the indivdal.


How it helps?


  • Students individually or in a group can alleviate the sufferings of the distressed.


  • A group of students can volunteer at the times of natural disasters like floods, cyclone, famine and earthquake.


  • Students are the enlightened people. So, they can remove superstition, blind faith, ignorance of the illiterate.


  • Volunteer for literacy programs.


  • Students help in creating awareness on health/ disease issues.


  • They can mobilise and lead eco-conservation, tree plantation campaigns.


  • Volunteering helps the mindset become generous, kind compassionate.


It’s a powerful networking tool

It helps build networking with people who are on the lookout for candidates for jobs or other opportunities.

It helps gain invaluable work experience

Employers love to see volunteering on the resume and it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Builds a sense of purpose

Volunteering engages and gives a sense of purpose.

Making a difference

Volunteering helps decision making ability improves the environment around you.

Feel good factor

Volunteering is often enormously valuable for the local community.

Finding opportunities

Volunteering helps gain skills increasing output capability


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